Why Such Choices?

Why does someone say there is no God? Why does someone believe they cannot be saved, even though the testimony of the Gospel says otherwise?

Why does someone continue to trust their own strength, even though they have seen themselves fail miserably time after time, and have no hope that that will change? Instead of looking up to God and asking for help, in everything, they resign themselves to failure.  

Scarred through and through, they continue to lead a helpless and hopeless life.  


I don’t have a PhD in psychology. I don’t even have a Masters of anything. But I’m going to take a stab at the answer with one word, and I am absolutely sure I’m right.  



Proud and Righteous

If a man walks out of this life proud, thinking he is righteous, he is a liar. Humiliation will take its pound of flesh.  

We might fool others. And we may allow our imagination to fool ourselves. But you will not fool truth and purity.  

We can play games in the dark. But the Light will shine straight through our souls. What we are, what we have done, and what we think about ourselves, will be utterly blatant.  

Let’s be real. That moment of unveiling is only a few minutes away.  Gain humility by truth here and now, letting humiliation show our weaknesses, or be humiliated for eternity.  

This is probably better said by 1 million other people. But it’s never so clearly spoken as when we hear it and obey.  

Define Accomplishment

They say:
I’m a good dancer.
I know how to make lots of money.
I can do cartwheels.
I know how to drive fast.
I know all the fashions.
I know why everything works.
I can predict a storm.
I know human nature.

They say, an endless bevy of useless accomplishments.  For certainly age and death will come to take them all away.

Can they say:
I know how to dance with the Living God in the Gospel of His Holy and Righteous Son.
I know how to trust that God is in control, no matter what comes to me, no matter my expectations, no matter my understanding.

Can they say: death and old age cannot rip away from me the hope that is displayed in every corner of my life!

Can they say they see Christ in you?

Love Wins


A new billboard scars the land of man.  “LOVE WINS”.

I was in the room while the news spoke of this.  They showed an old man with a white beard saying that they chose this message because it is not offensive to either side.

With what control I could use, I restrained my voice as I muttered, “Define love, son.”  Love honors what is Holy.  It is the lust of man that renders Holy as if it were some evil thing.  It is the “love of man” that obscures the Love of God.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7New International Version (NIV)

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

So I have some questions about this:

Is it love to demand your own way at the insult of others?

Is it love to redefine a great volume of words so that they match your ideology?

Is it love to force your preference of sexual experience on others, simply because you think you have “rights”?

Hey folks.  Listen to this.  “God is Love”.  Man is, by his nature, an offence to the Love of God.  Are we exempt from offence because we nullify the Love of God; the Holy One before whom NO evil will ever stand?

You think you’ve come up with another victory because you think you can use the word love to uphold your selfish choices.  You think, “Surely, they will respect this message.  ‘Love Wins” can’t possibly upset anyone.”  Have you considered the Only One who matters?  Have you consulted His eternal wisdom as you make your plans to retain your sins?  God is Sovereign.  Why do you allow yourself to “guess” about what offends Him?  All the while, the Bible stands ready to be read with understanding.

But this is your day to do as you please.  I, and many others, stand to warn:  The day is soon coming when all Man will be silenced.  God will have His Holy Day to do as pleases Him.  No longer will there be a redefinition of words.  He will speak with eternal clarity.  He will not hide behind crafty words.  Who will be able to bear what He will say?

So much to say.   Who will bother to listen?

Dear Active Atheist

Dear Mr and Mrs Atheist:

I have been told that you cannot believe there is a God.  The word “cannot” is not possibly true.  For when it comes to what people want, they seem to find a lot of “can”.

But let’s put initiative behind us, shall we?

I understand that the thrust of active atheism, is to rid the earth of the foolishness of believing there is a God.  Let’s all agree there’s a whole lot of believin going on right now.  So you have a whole lot of work to do in a very short time.

But I write this to take a look at the uselessness of active atheism. 

If an atheist lives to be 90, he may infect a few with what he calls common sense or reality.  But those few he infects may or may not become common cohorts in the man’s cause.  In fact, according to statistics of human behavior, anyone who joins a group is very unlikely to strive toward leadership or active involvement.  By whatever means, they were compelled simply to join.

Let’s assume he converts three or four in his life.  What has he really accomplished?  More than likely the enthusiasm of his converts will fade away.  They will likely go get jobs and raise a family.  I would bet they won’t even remember the man’s name who converted them.  So what has the active atheist accomplished?

Well maybe he tore down the faith of a few religious people.  But its not possible for him to make much of a dent in the religions of the world.  So what has he really accomplished?

Perhaps he’s made a name for himself in the annals of exemplary atheists.  We both know there is no Hall of Fame sporting such a sign out front.

He can say he did it for the good of humanity.  But I’ve already established he’s done virtually nothing.  But in his mind, he is important.

Does anyone know the name of the man who lived 1.2 miles west of Podunk Egypt during the reign of King Ramses the second?  You might know the road I’m talking about; the road that Pestle Smitak lived on.

Perhaps that’s too distant a time.

Does anyone know the name of the family who lived six houses down from Charles Schwab in 1987?  What is the name of the examiner who tested you when you got your driver’s license?  Do you really think you will gain popularity when you are dead?

My aim here is not to insult you.  I’m not trying to make fun of you.  I’m only trying to plant a seed of doubt in your foolish mind.  Just like a seed that falls between the cracks in the sidewalk: no one saw it fall and no one remembers it until the grass sprouts up.  What I’m busily doing to you, active atheist, is the very same thing you do to people who have hope in their faith.

The visible difference here is that I offer you eternal life in Christ Jesus.  The only thing you have to offer is a hopeless useless existence and then,  “Poof“!  You die and fade away.  Christ is very willing to extend eternal life and notoriety to you right now!

By His Grace

Making God Proud

There is a saying among men that is worthy of inspection.  Anything that’s worthy is simply worthy.  Come on, let’s get after it.

“Be the kind of man of which God can be proud.”

On the surface it sounds pretty good.  It’s inspirational.  It provokes a never-ending stream of good behavior.  As far as I know, it’s grammatically correct.   But it is also seriously wrong.

A mother may be proud of her ugly and inept son.  But her pride is not due to the fact that he is a supreme representation of humanity.  She is proud of her responsibility.  She is proud of her gift from God.  Frankly, she is proud of God.

God is no respecter of any man.  To say that he is proud of any man, can be considered pure folly.  This is the same God who said all our righteous deeds are as filthy rags (let the reader understand the meaning of the words “filthy rags”).

What can a man possibly do that would make God proud of him?  Every righteous deed we do is as if under duress.  For every man will readily tell you that if he does not behave he will be punished.

There is One of whom God is proud.  His name is Jesus.  As we obey and praise God’s Holy Son, the Pride God has for him is enhanced.  Let us then, revamp the saying. 

“Let us be the kind of men who honor the One who has roused God’s pride.”

By His Grace