A Bear of a Time

Psychology only tells you what’s wrong.  It may or may not be able to identify how the wrong got there.  But it has no strength to help you defeat what’s wrong inside of you.

You’re in the woods.  You see the grizzly bear.  You know he sees you.  You know you’re about to die.  What good does all that knowledge have, if you can’t destroy the grizzly bear?  You need a gun, not knowledge.

Christ is the power to overcome your troubles.  He not only knows what’s wrong, and knows how it got there, he knows how to fix you from the inside out. 

Turning to psychology won’t help you.  Turning to religion won’t help you.  Turning to pacifiers of every sort, won’t help you.  Turning to the Living God’s Holy Son in prayer can help you.

By His Grace

The power

The world says, “We are many.  There is nothing we cannot accomplish.”  The church has heard them say this.  Mistakenly, they have taken these words to them themselves.  Instead of relying on the power of God, they have turned to the strength of numbers.  And the work of Christ has suffered horrible loss.

The church has failed to learn or remember that the kingdom of God is not to be quantified.  The kingdom of God is the power of Christ in His Holy Spirit.  And the strength of righteousness is manifested in every believer.  God does not look for numbers.  He looks for faith and faithfulness.

How many times has God done wonderous things through one man?  All the while, in that man’s time, there were hundreds and thousands of believers.  With a few, God has crushed vast numbers of enemy.

How is it we have not learned?  When the world makes boasts, their words are not for the church.  Yet, even now, Psychology, sociology, politics and various other sinful teachings have crept in among us.  Why do we make the same mistakes in every generation?

The Wings of the “I”

Psychology SymbolYou read our books.  You watched us worship.  You listened to how we talk.  And you watched and mimicked us as we lead our lives.  You said to yourself, “I will become like they are.  I will do and speak the same as they.  Then I will surely have what they have.

You made a science out of relationships.  You analyzed the mind of men and used our teachings to create what you call “normal”.  You said that if men were to follow your teachings they would be good men.

But there is something you have not appropriated to yourself.  You do not have the Lord Jesus among you.  You do not have the prayer of The Faith walking with you during the morning, noon, and night.  You do not have the hope of eternal life.  For you it is enough that you have a working society.  But how long can you possibly think your society will work?

What you have is a mirror of what you perceive in Christians.  It is a reflection.  It is not real.