Re-member the Glory

I lay two pieces of wood into the stove.  The fire has gone out during the night.  All that is left is a small bed of lightly glowing coals.  I sit before the glass and wait for the flame to appear.

While I knelt before the stove waiting, I pondered the will of man to produce obedience.  All the while I watched for the flame to appear.  Then it struck me.

If I allow the power of God within me to dwindle to warm coals, it will take some time to rekindle the flame.  But if I am not lazy, I will get up in the night and add what is necessary to keep the fire burning hot on cold nights.  I do not need to lay shivering under the slim covers of a warm room.

How shall I continue the flame?  Do not be lazy.  Get up and pray.  Go to the Word, that you might Re-member the glory which fades with neglect.  Get your will assembled before the Lord and consider His desire.  Refine dedication to godliness.  Be diligent in the things that stoke the raging flame of the Gospel within.

Time steals what is useful by consuming what is provided.  Recapture, then, what is useful.  Add fuel to the holy fire that brings life.