The river of will from God does not cease to flow simply because the man to whom it was sent says “no”.  Without judgment, it moves on to find another.  God’s intent will be done.  

But what loss is there to the many who said no?   Name it.  

Those who said “no”, do not know what profit they might have received.  How can they know the immense loss they keep from the lack of exchange?

Living Mystery

Billions of things I can’t explain or understand.  But the most mysterious are those things that are in our hand.

I look at myself, I look around at all the people, I listen to my heart, I listen to the fears of others.  The mystery rises up when I look at those who call themselves Christians (even in myself).

Someone needs to explain to me why those who believe in the love of God in Christ to save us, fear so many things.  We fear sickness.  But didn’t he sustain his people for forty years in the wilderness?  Curiously, they perished for their unbelief, yet we seem to carry on their tradition.

We fear economic loss.  But didn’t he command Peter to go catch a fish, that he may pay the tax?  And didn’t the widow of Zarephath find that she had plenty to eat for her and her son while she gave residence to the Prophet?

We fear our sins and failings of the past.  Yet a single drop of the Holy Lord’s blood heals the sins of billions.  How much more his dead body?  And didn’t he say that as far as the east is from the west our sins are cast from the memory of the Living God?

What is the power of Christ if those who say they believe refuse to receive?

Yes, of all the things I can’t understand, the greatest lay our unwillingness to believe.  It is as if we say, “You will get no glory from me!”

How Far is Too Far?

Who is the Christ?  He is the absolute of everything good.  He is the absolute end of everything wicked or ungodly.  He is the very Living Word of the Living God.

Every word of God continues forever, for the Sovereign God is Living purity.  But God has sent his Living word among us that he may cease for the sake of his enemy’s lives; that God Himself may become the sacrifice. 

How great, earnest and eternal is the Living God’s pledge to save our souls?

Considering this I am struck by our lack of confidence.  Though it is eternally impossible for God to lie, and though he has sealed his intent in his own blood, somehow most people just can’t believe it.  No matter what they hear they want their own righteousness.  To those, I must say: what you want is an absolute impossibility.  Nothing that is unrighteous can, all of a sudden, become righteous by itself.  And all it takes is one tiny misstep or mistake.

Others have believed the message, but they find themselves doubting with a horrifying frequency.  They lack the courage to trust the word of the Living God.  They do not trust him enough to give him the entirety of their life.  To these God’s Living Word remains a nice religion, perhaps even a means of socially acceptable behavior.

How is the second group any different than the first?  First is to proud, the second is filled with cowardice.  What should either Group expect to hear on the day when they see the face of the Living God’s Holy and Righteous Word? 

Can it be said that by their lives they have called the Sovereign God a liar?

It is not for me to judge.  It is not for me to condemn or extend ungodly mercy.  I have only presented the argument and asked the question.

Backed Against the Wall

It is said that if you back a coward into a corner with threats of death, he may well leap out against you with an excellent strength.   I believe there is a place where this has truth.   But I believe there is also a place with this might be true with a “man” of peace.  You can back him against his beliefs only so far.  Until you can back up no farther.

There is a place where the average man will not succumb to any pressure anymore.  Do you know the place in yourself  that I’m talking about?  Have you been pushed back to what you refuse to doubt?

We stand in this world and testify of Christ.  And if we are bold we will step away from the foundations of our belief into the realm of pure faith.  While we are extended like that, there is a possibility that we could be pushed back to the things we refuse to doubt.  And I’ll admit, sometimes we have extended ourselves way too far.  Being pushed back is simply a natural restraint.

But what is the extent of a Christian’s firm beliefs?  How far will they extend from himself that he may walk to the edge and push farther in pure faith?  How much of God’s promise are we willing to believe without doubt and without wavering?

How far could we be reaching out now?  What is not being done that could be?  What are we denying The Lord?

Our reaching out is stymied by doubt.  Is it possible to consider that a favorable response to his glorious grace?

Lots of questions.  Every man holds a different answer.

Stunningly Cheap Luxury

I am struck afresh, by the message of the Gospel.  Who is Man, in the fabric of eternity, that God would give us eternal life?  Something so perfectly vast, yet for a simple price; simply believe.

Yet, look at the cost of that price.  The great majority refuses to believe.  It is evidently too high a price to ask.

Again, I come to the conclusion that if God does not reveal faith to us, we cannot have it. 

What does it take to procure faith from God?  Read or hear the Gospel and respond with humility.

What an absolutely surprising cost.  How absolutely surprising to see how few can afford it.

By His Grace

Damaging Judgments of Memory

There was a fountain in the town square that used to be connected to an underground stream laced with sulfur.  When the fountain had been built the water was clean.  But over time a pocket of sulfur was released by the flow.

The people in the village knew to avoid the water in the fountain, and it’s no surprise they considered it a filthy thing.  It was obvious this was not a place of nourishment.

But for some unexplained reason, one day the water in the fountain ran clean.  For years the people in the village avoided the fountain, not caring that the water was pure.  They couldn’t forget what the fountain used to contain.

Instead of enjoying their newfound convenience, they would walk nearly a quarter mile to the fresh flowing spring outside the village to get their water.  By habit and a memory of insult, they refused to drink the water of the fountain.

Do we judge the value of a man by what he used to be?  Or are we diligent enough to take a look at what he has become?

By His Grace