What Do You Rxpect?

The religion of the world worships in a temple.  It lay on the sand of ignorance, but temple was built with two materials. One material is expectations. The other material is assuming.  

Here’s the question. Is the temple made of expectations or is it the foundation? Or is the temple made of assuming and the foundation is expectations?

This is not a “chicken or egg” debate. I am personally very curious about the matter. 

Because if the foundation of world religion is expectations, I simply close my ears. But if the foundation is built on assuming, then I can expect that everything I am will be dragged through the mud of suspicion long before I am excepted on any level.

Don’t think the Christian Church is exempt from this trouble.

P. S.  

Expectations are often written down as rules and regulations.

Assuming is a pure derivative of opinion.

Zachariah chapter 7

If you ask The Lord a question, regardless how seemingly legitimate, are you able to understand the answer? If you understand the answer are you willing or able to give it room in your heart?

Does our will lean toward the will of the Living God in Jesus, or have we created our own religion full of self-sacrifice?

Are we then dis-heartened by God’s refusal to answer? Are we surprised that our religion of self-sacrifice is not acceptable before the Living God?

Consider the value of the sacrifice of Christ against anything you can do. Bottom line, who’s sacrifice is saving you?   Consider how far you intend to go.  Consider what your eternity looks like.  Consider what your version of paradise must be.  

Here is a more poignant question: “Who then is your God”?

Frustrating EpitomeĀ 

The words of Christ are so beautiful, perfect and pristine, they rise immeasurably above the things of Man.  

How frustrating to see the beauty and not be able to paint the picture with my life.  

Add to that frustration the compelling urge to share His words in the world that talks about everything but what belongs to God.  

Encourage one another to Leap, while no one can do much more than crawl. Encourage one another to fly, while no one can do much more than look up.  

It takes the Spirit of God to do the things of Christ. It takes the Spirit of God to speak of the things of God. As often as we look at his beautiful face, our lips will betray the frightful (yet willful) silence of Man.  

Frustration will abound, that’s inevitable. Which gives me reason to remember and be in awe at the patience of the Living God.  

Do You Worship Chaos?

Thought process:  Warning, the following may be tough on your brain.  

Sitting all night in Chicago. Yeah in Chicago. The O’Hare oasis as a matter fact. The Lord brought me to a parking spot just before rush-hour. Unless you’ve tried to do that with a 53ft trailer, you have no idea what a miracle it is. Thank you Lord Jesus.  

Why would anyone seriously choose to live here. I break it down to the elemental things, it has to do with distractions. They prefer a busily entertained life to following cows around in the pasture.  

Warning leap of thought:

God is not a distraction.  

(That would be the reason why most of the billboards around Chicago have to do with sex, luxury, gambling or alcohol. Oh yeah, there is the occasional “make you feel guilty” billboard. Hospitals, oh yeah, hospitals are a Big thing. And I can’t leave out the governmental mandates to be happy. Apparently God’s not allowed to be the God of Chicago. It beats me to death to figure out how a city, that has to be so well organized, can worship chaos.)

He himself, in Jesus, is life. Religions are distractions. But Jesus is the center of every religion.  (just leaping from one rock of thought to another.  Following me this morning takes a little bit of agility.)

This is not to say that every religion recognizes or worships the living God’s holy son. But Jesus provides life. Man’s interpretation of Christ’s sustaining is called religion.  

A thought I had earlier:

You can tell someone that Jesus is the son of the living God. They might nod, meaning they understand. But learn to spend quality and dedicated time in prayer with him and the meaing changes exponentially.  He is no longer just an invisible figurehead, he becomes the source of your very life. Gladly our personal religion gets tossed out the window. In its place comes a living faith.  

(here’s a bit of a rub for you: The living faith I’m talking about is not based on opinion. It is based on the words of the Bible and constantly compared to those holy words. If it weren’t, it would be no different than any other religion; filled with opinions of Man.)

There are fanatics of every distraction, from religions about God to football šŸˆ šŸ™ƒ, and every conceivable aspect of life in between. But the true fanatics of Jesus know what I’m talking about. Once he touches your soul personally, you never forget it. You don’t have to memorize a personal religion anymore. You’ve arrived at the place that surpasses them all.  

Sorry if this is disjointed. I didn’t intend to write a 300 page book. But to explain all this would surely take at least 300 pages. The mind can put things together in a much smaller space.  

Happy assembling.  

Is Repetition Valuable

In our personal religion (that is to say, out response to what we know of God) there is an element of repetition. This repetition is necessary, by virtue of our state of affairs. But do we have room to receive something vastly beyond our petty repetition?  

By the use of the word petty, I don’t mean that we are being childish (or even foolish and useless) in our repetition.  

What I mean is that the way we perceive things is always shrouded by chaos and death. We may be doing well with what we have; those things we really understand correctly. But I’m convinced there’s something greatly more, and I’m convinced that it’s right to be so convinced.  

I guess the question is this, “Is our religion designed so that we can be heard in Heaven? Or is it designed to hear what comes from the God who is absolutely life?” If our religion doesn’t give birth to the second, can it really be valuable?

“Fill Er Up”

ā€‹There was a man who was in the habit of filling the tank on his car with just enough gasoline to get where he wanted to go.  He was careful to calculate.  And for years he was successful.

Then the day came, that inevitable day.  He waited for an hour in Sub-Zero temperatures while the road was cleared so he could proceed.  He ended up 9 miles from his next refueling.  He froze to death as his car laying in the ditch alongside an empty road.

He had a good idea as long as things stayed stable.  But it would be impossible to call his habits wise.  What, inside his pee size brain, told him this world was stable enough to act like that?

God calls every single human being to honor his Holy Son and become a servant of Eternal truth and life.  I don’t say this to judge but it is a proper question.  How many people fill their soul with just enough God to get through the day with some form of prosperity?

There is coming a day for every person, and likely more than one, where their personal religion will not suffice.  God is life.  How much Life do you carry with you?