Children, the child like faith


1 Corinthians 14:20
“Brothers and sisters, stop thinking like children. In regard to evil be infants, but in your thinking be adults.”

Matthew 18: 3
“And he said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Revelation 5: 9
“And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and people and nation.”

To our God belongs The Glory which surpasses the glory of all.  He is found worthy of all that is best.  And those He has cared to love will grant Him all.  His name is Jesus.  His name is resoundingly wonderful.  Who can speak the full name of God’s lovely Son?

Strive to Remember: A Moment Continuum.

I have a scar on my wrist.  It’s small now.  But I remember how it came to be.  What I don’t remember about it was the measure of surprise and pain at its arrival.

I had hired on to catch chickens one night.   They warned me about the claw on the rooster’s leg.  And I understood what they meant.  But what they couldn’t help me understand was how fast and empty of pity he would be.

It was quick and bloody.  But time passed anyway.  This scar remains to remind.  And, after 40+ years, I remember.

Sins have left their marks also.  Most of them don’t make themselves available to the senses.  But they have a way of reminding.

Lots of failures came and went.  Lots of victories have come and gone.  But there is a singular “moment continuum” which we should strive to remember.  That day when Jesus appeared.

Like the man of the tombs, I have been rescued from unseen forces.  I listened to evil and followed hard after it.  In fact I had become quite evil.  Even among evil men I held my own.

But Jesus passed by one day.  Chains were broken.  Clothing was issued.  Words of peace and righteousness were exchanged.  And those who knew me saw a new man appear.

I tried to go with Him.  But I couldn’t keep pace as a result of the scars.  So I strive to remember that “moment continuum” .

He was near and caused a holy change.
He is near and fans the flames.
And He has promised to take me into His kingdom.
So I do what comes as natural as once did sin;
“I strive to remember that ‘moment continuum'”.

You Go, Chick-fil-A!


Chick-fil-A (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Long before the first micro shaft of darkness splintered from brilliant light, God had set down His laws.  Before the first Angel was created God’s laws were.  Long after the last micro shaft of darkness is ripped from brilliant light, God’s laws will remain.

I write this because I saw a headline about Chick-fil-a this morning.  It seems men and women intend to enter those restaurants and make a mockery of God’s law in full public view.  I have written a volume of warnings, encouragements, and stories to explain the Gospel.  But I realize that none of it will have any effect on such people.  They don’t recognize the Holy Authority of God’s words.  Why, then, should I expect any of mine will bother them in a positive manner?

Endure well, you righteous of God.  Hold your head up as you see the wickedness of man increase.  Lot was in a similar condition in his day.  And all the holy prophets saw utter wickedness abound all around them.  These men also heard God’s proclamation that His law will break through this wickedness.  And that promise was kept in their heart even unto death.

For now wicked men contrive all manner of wicked things to do with their day and night.  And they will act this way untill God sends His Son Jesus to put a stop to it all.  Men think this way of life will go on forever.  They act as if there is no place of division between what is wicked and what is righteous.


Choosers and Pickers

Vehicle with its left directional signal activ...

Vehicle with its left directional signal activated. Front and side turn signals are visibly illuminated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people go to the store to shop for specific items.  They never leave with anything they didn’t plan to purchase before they arrived.  There aren’t many of these kind of people however.  Most people go to the store for one or two items in mind.  But in the course of shopping they are enticed into purchases they didn’t plan on.  They let themselves be directed by marketing.  Regardless our integrity as we go shopping we are, none-the-less, choosers.

The same is true in every aspect of life.  Do we choose to go to bed when we know we should?  Or do we stay up too late to face the next day rested?  Do we speak words that we know shouldn’t be spoken, or do we let it fly as our whimsical heart desires?   When we do our jobs, do we give it all that is true or do we only do enough to get by unnoticed.  Do we strive to fit in with the crowd or do we hate socially proper etiquette enough to do what is right, regardless how they taunt us to be like everyone else?

God has set us here to choose between His ways, our ways, and the ways of His enemy.  He says plainly that to choose any way but His is to be His enemy.  And, sadly, we all seem to choose to be His enemy far too often.  There is grace to cover our foolish and ignorant ways.  But we are encouraged to cease relying on grace alone to live out our lives in a willing obedience to His ways.  He tells us  “Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you.”  (Psalm 32:9)  But He allows us to choose our attitudes.

People build their own version of God’s commands.  And some rely on a strict code of obedience in their lives.  Our choices are laid out clearly enough, however.  Do we obey because we agree that Good is good?  Or do we obey because we fear punishment?  Perhaps we don’t even try to obey God because we simply don’t agree that His way is perfectly good and right.

Most drivers will turn on the turn signal long enough for one blink.  And they do this after they have begun to make their change of direction.  This isn’t obedience to the spirit of the law.  This is simply a nod toward the law.  The turn signal is there to tell others what you intend to do.  It is a warning for them that you’re about to make a change in the direction of your travel.  Look at how you treat this law.  Do you care about the others around you enough to develop a habit of use?   Or are you simply trying to avoid a ticket?  Turn on the signal a while before you make any moves, then you have obeyed the spirit of the law.

In the same way, we obey God’s commands so that we don’t hurt anyone.  We don’t obey so that we will receive praise.  We don’t obey so that we will gain eternal life.  We are to live out our lives in such a manner as to avoid harm to anyone, even God or ourselves.  Obedience is a choice we make every second of every day, and that for eternity.  We are to develop an attitude that looks for things in our lives that injure others (regardless how slight the offence).

Grace is provided as we seek His ways.  Grace is extended to all who turn from their selfish ways and seek the inclusive and harmless ways of God.  We show Him we care about what is good.  And He responds with the strength, wisdom, knowledge, and desire to serve what is pure and truly eternal.

Some people pick God’s things and ways apart, looking for the parts of it that make them look good or cause them happiness.  God says, take it all and apply everything you can.  What you lack I will supply with generosity.  We are all choosers.  Let’s not be a picker.

The Great Cloud of Witnesses


Glory (Photo credit: mr lynch)

I do not worship you.  For I stand where you stood.  You work is done.  And I will soon join you to witness the work of our God.  You are the great cloud of witness which surround us in true light.  For now you sleep a “waiting”, even as now we endure a light which is the greyness of dawning.

We will meet together in a place designed by the One who called us all.  And there we will announce with one voice all the Glories that belong to our Lord Jesus.  Without eyes I see you.  Without knowing your face, I know you.  For the same Spirit of God will bring us to the same place of worship, praise, and honor to the One who causes our dry bones to live eternally.

Glory to the One who has spoken all promises of hope!  Even Glory to Jesus, The Worthy One of the Living God.  Amen

The Colors of Colorless Night

A close up side view of a (Nycticebus pygmaeus...

A close up side view of a (Nycticebus pygmaeus) at the in . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah the night; the dawn before light.

All is still. Or is it so?

It’s man who sleeps; greed repressed.

But teaming with colors, this silhouette place.

With noises to faint to see.

The creatures of innocence move about,

While You fulfill their every need.

The bat soars by; by inches past my head.

No noise is made my ears can hear.

No man is as spry as he.

The best among us is clumsy and lame.

While this little creature roars silent through the night.

What marvelous things dance for You while we sleep.

What beauty is in Your hand.

Dogs bark at things they know nothing about.

Panic fills their bones.

All night long they warn of what is no threat.

So much like the youngest of man.

A snap appears to my listening ear.

A creature is moving near.

Which one is this who announces his presence;

All the while he strives to blend in?

Yet caught by noise he slips on by.

And all I can testify,

Is that here he was and now is there.

Another noise is made other somewhere.

I rose to pray, to seek Your face,

While my brothers relax their grip.

I did not suppose that I would find,

Color midst the colorless night.

Glory to You for You are life continually.

Sleep never covers Your eyes.

Sustain is Your name, providing life to all things.

And even the darkness does not hide.

Once again I am struck by the awesome value of God.

While we sleep He dresses what is.