Futile Response

The eyes of a man see the things of a man. And from his perspective he is locked forever.  

He will live and breathe, move and die, locked in a futile perspective of hopeless wasting. All the perspective of man can give us is its end result, death. And don’t we see the futility of that perspective being played out as people trying to grapple with the results of the election.  

From gloating to riots, the perspective of man seeks violence.  

All the while, the Mercy of God whispers, “Come to me and see these things from my point of view”.  

Who will stop long enough in the morning to listen to the whisper? Who will let the grace of God massage their mind and heart? The answer is obvious as you see people dance in futility all day long; not many.  

Jesus, the Christ of God, offers release from futility. To know about it is not the same as receiving it. Please take the time to think that through.  

By His Grace.  

The Advocates of Destruction

The Liberal International, a global federation...

The Liberal International, a global federation of liberal political parties and institutions, was founded in 1947. It represents one attempt in a long tradition of liberals trying to establish cross-cultural and transnational connections through global organizations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In order to see the world through the eyes of a corrupt leader you need to discount two things:  The judgment to come and God’s ability to read even the thoughts of every man.

I wonder at the remarks that come from the liberals sometimes.  I wonder what kind of planet they think they live on.  Perhaps science fiction has played a larger role in their formation than reality itself.  None of the down-to-earth ideas that “regular” people live their life by seem to apply to them.

They advocate eating only healthy food.  Who can afford it today?  They advocate doing away with traditional energy.  Again, who can afford it?  They advocate doing away with religion.  Who can afford it?  They advocate spending to solve debt.  Who can afford it?  They advocate protection to environment and animals at the expense of humanity.  Who can afford that?  They advocate tolerance of every idea while they demean conservative values.  Who can afford that?  They advocate that truth is subjective while they subject everyone to their way of thinking.  Who can afford that?

If given full rein, they would spend themselves into starvation, over population, utter wickedness, and eternal death.  Who can afford that?

Who is Your Neighbor?

Nancy Pelosi Signs Unemployment Extension BIll

Image by TalkMediaNews via Flickr

I think about Nancy Pelosi and shiver at the thought of spending eternity with her as my next door neighbor.  Ok…. so I spilled my guts about what I think of her.  Now don’t get the gun out just yet.  I got a bit more to say.

I was more a fool than she for many decades.  At least she works for a living.  I spent a whole lot of time drinking and being unemployed.  So she’s got it over me in that arena.  The Lord came to me and taught me to do a better job at taking a stab at righteousness.  She can endure the same thing from Him.  So I shouldn’t be quite so quick to judge her.

Besides, who would want to live eternally with me as their neighbor?  I sure wouldn’t!

Truth or Dare: Liberals, Moderates, and Conservatives

Crosswalk button ne.

Image via Wikipedia

In the world of politics the title of this post is true.  Those are three categories we could all identify in some fashion.  This is also true in the world of social norms.  Some people will cross the road regardless where the cross walk is.  And they don’t pay much attention to traffic (as long as they think they won’t get hit).  Others will only cross the road if they think it’s something others do rather often.  They check both ways for safety sake.  They consider where they are and try to remember if they’ve seen a dead person on the road where they’re thinking of walking across.  Then there are those who will always use the cross walk, waiting patiently for the lights to change.

Christianity is no different.  There are those who will water down the Bible so that they feel good about themselves regardless what the Scripture says.  They say to themselves (and to God), “My intentions are good.  God will understand my limitations and greet me with joy come the day of judgment”.

There are those who watch the political and social landscape of the Church and adapt themselves to whatever wind of change or norm they perceive about them.  They neither study the Scripture for themselves, nor allow their ears to hear truth.  They’re far more interested in “fitting in”.

Then we find those who have understood their personal responsibility.  They understand that they will be held accountable for every written Word of God.  And they study with diligence.  They encounter a truth and, regardless the social or political makeup of the Church, will strive to adapt their mind and actions to accommodate the demands of God. 

Liberal, moderate, conservative, which are you? 

By His Grace.