Ancient Obscurity 

What is ancient? If something is ancient is it useless? If a people are considered ancient are they also useless?

This generation:

Enjoys peanut butter,

Knows nothing about the personal life of George Washington Carver.  (or the Aztecs for that matter.)

Enjoys peaceful civility,

Knows nothing about Moses.  

Has a firestorm of social trouble,

Knows nothing about Adam and Eve.  

Considers themselves far advanced above every other civilization,

Knows nothing about the Living God who provided all Good things.  

Is taught that the body is the proper center of man’s attention,

Knows zilch about Christ Jesus.  

In your estimation are these things too harsh to write? Prove the value of these words yourself. Make it a point to start a conversation with millennials. What I’ve written here is extremely kind.  

What’s the point of bringing this up? Whose job is it to step out of what is called ancient and prove to the millennial’s that we are viable human beings? Perhaps in conversation we could bring up the usefulness of the generations past.  

I realize that this writing may be completely useless in itself; being of ancient intent.  



No one digs a grave for the broken rotting tree. 

Exposing its inward parts, it lays exposed for all to see.

Though it gave shelter and shade, and a break from the troubling winds, dignity in its trouble escapes its mortal grasp.

Gone unnoticed all its hundred years, it goes unnoticed by the caring hands of its benefactors.

How long has this been true for man?  Like a cow shot among the herd, the rest go about eating and drinking as if their fellow had never been.

Are we but animals?  Are we not designed to live in God’s image?

Then where is mercy?  Where is godly compassion?  Where is patience among the days expectations?  Where is dignity if we gather it only for ourselves?

Is this indeed, what Christ showed us?

Shall we honor a man only to cover him in dirt?  Or at best, shall we attribute sayings to the things he did among us?  Or will he carry testimony that a few cared deeply?  Deeply enough to give what no one can take.

Dignity is a living cause.  Many take it upon themselves to receive such from others.  But you cannot snatch dignity from the air.  If it is contrived it is apparent and useless.  Dignity must be given, and that by humble hands.

Rights and Obligations

I have no right to ask anyone to love me.  For wouldn’t that put the burden of expectations squarely on their small shoulders? 

I have no right to ask anyone to respect what I think or what I do.  For wouldn’t that nullify their own opinion?

It is better to give love without being asked.

It is better to respect without expectation of return.

For if we do not give we freely, will be miserably surprised at the response.  Duress has a price.

The Dispassionate Objective of Death

I watch men live.  What am I seeing as I watch us?  I see men prosper in the way of man.

They work to gather food, shelter, prosperity of social standing, and some semblance of “worth”.  They create some form of religion for themselves, individually and corporate.  But do I see them prosper against death?  No.  I see death approach them regardless their toil.

Death has no regard for the diligent work they have done.  Death, not only has no respect for the things of man’s toil, it has no ability to recognize anything but demise.

Rust does not make any apology to metal as it reduces it back to the place from which it was taken.  And the flakes of dust rust causes, fall back to the earth without the slightest acknowledgment of metal’s history or accomplishment.  As it is with rust, so it is with death.  As it is with wickedness, so it is with the best “righteousness” of man’s intent.

Do you think you have become something because you have learned to prosper in the ways of man?  Frankly, you have no more right to consider your prosperity as “something”, any more than death recognizes any righteousness within you.

If you want to be something, appeal to the Holy One, Jesus The Christ of the Living God.  Only in Him will you find any lasting profit.  For He alone has hold of the two keys; the key of Life, and the key of Death.  Only in Jesus will you find direction to do and desire eternally good things.  Without Him, you can’t even read the Bible with any effective impact toward righteousness.

He has spoken a singular truth among us: “Without me you can do nothing”.  The longer I live, and the longer I witness the “doings” of man, the more vibrant the truth of that saying becomes.

Seek Him and learn what fullness of that saying you can.  Only then will you begin to do more than simply provide sustenance until death comes to claim what is rightfully his.  The fullness of what I am saying cannot be understood without His presence.

Holy respect

God is no respecter of man.  This is understood to mean he does not respect a man’s position in this world .  But God does not respect the wisdom for works of man either.

Even if a man were to gain respect of all men for his great wisdom and crafty ability, he is not right to expect a warm celebration when he appears at the judgment of God.

God respects only what is true and faultless.  God alone is true and faultless.  Therefore we can conclude that God respects only himself, and rightly so for he is life.

To whatever measure a man contains the righteous truth of God, he can be sure he has the respect of the Sovereign Lord.  Whatever is not of God within a man will be burnt away and utterly destroyed when he appears before the Most High.  What remains cannot be shaken.  For what remains is God.

The Apostle Peter warned us, “If it is hard for the righteous to be saved what will become of the ungodly and the sinner?” 

We have only one life to prepare to meet the Holy Lord.  Therefore we are encouraged by these words to strive all the harder.  Put away from ourselves the filth of this world.  Allow the Lord Jesus to dress you in what is his Father.  Only then can you rightly expect a warm welcome.

By His Grace

Restraint for the Sake of Christ is Better.

Saint Paul with a Scroll and a Sword.

Saint Paul with a Scroll and a Sword. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Traveling around last night I got to listen to a Christian AM station for a while.  It was a “Bible answer man” show.  They were talking about two men who had married each other and had two children in their house.  These two men attended a Methodist Church in which the caller also was a member.  And the question was, “What should we do  with these men?”  Their presence among the congregation was beginning to cause some serious divisions.  And something was about to be brought up regarding them.

The host bantered the Scriptures which dealt with the issue of homosexuality.  And settled on the remembrance that we are commanded to love without judging.  In the end, the caller was quite sure this situation wasn’t going to end well for the congregation.  It seems that these men are quite likeable.  So there was certainly going to be a split in the congregation as the problem was dealt with.  The host mentioned that “likeable” has nothing to do with salvation from sin.

I drove for the next hour talking the issue over out loud.  And fell on the following:

One sin is not any worse than another.  Though there are severities of involvement to be considered.  A man might fall into a sin once in a while (that besetting sin).  But another might be completely immersed in that same sin.  Now there is a difference in that, obviously.  The deeper we are caught in a sin the harder it will be to wrench ourselves from it.

These men are so immersed in their sin that they have chosen to make it entirely public, even to the point of raising two boys.  Now their sin is marked on absolutely everything they are.  To break with this is going to be a horrendous problem.

That said, I came to the conclusion that these men were doing something rather different from most who practise homosexuality.  They had come to present themselves to the body of Christ as if there were nothing wrong with their chosen sin.  They expected full acceptance regardless their standing with Christ.  Everyone in the congregation would surely know that they were having sexual intercourse together.  After all, isn’t that what homosexuality means?

Now I set their situation against another sin to see what people would do.  What if I were completely immersed in porn?  What if I decided that the Church had to accept me like that and not require that I lay that sin away from me?  What if I, like those men, paraded my sin before them?  Suppose I wore a t-shirt to Church which had the faces of a number of my favorite pornstars on it.  Do you think I would be asked to cover it up, or go home and change it?  Why?  If those two men can appear in person and flaunt their sin before the entire congregation, why can’t I go there and flaunt porn?  And if I were a “likeable” sort, do you think it would make a difference?

There is a distinct difference between being caught in a sin and flaunting it.  If those men really served Christ they would at least be aware of offending others with their sins.  As it is they are a division as they walk into the midst of these people.  How is that Christ like?  It would be better for them to remain separate as they worship God.  Then they would not be the cause of such a difficult choice, as the Church comes to the point where they need to make some decision regarding their presence.

I won’t go into the Church leader’s failure to preach a fine enough line to have hindered this problem in the first place.  Now that it is a problem among them, they’re going to have to deal with it.  I conclude that the congregation will experience a horrible split as they deal with these men.

It would be better for all of them (provided the men really want to worship the Living and Holy God) if these men would stay home and study the Bible, pray, and seek the face of God.  As it is they are also guilty now of causing division in the Body of Christ.  I remembered that the Apostle Paul said that if eating meat offended his brother he would eat meat no more.  If that is how crucial Paul saw an individual’s responsibility toward unity in Christ, what of these men?

I don’t condemn them for their sins.  I simply point out that flaunting our sins in the Body of Christ is the worst thing we can do.  Obviously, these men don’t consider their “brothers” in Christ to be more important than their flaunting of sin in their faces.  Along with the aboration of homosexuality, they now count to themselves the destruction of unity in the Body of Christ.  And all this for the sake of selfish gain.