Ready or Not?

I am not speaking of the floor of your house, The dust on the sills, or your belongings scattered about. I will speak of your soul. I will speak of my soul.  

How sweet would it be if “Someone” were to open your front door unannounced and walk in with blazing piercing eyes, finding nothing to judge or correct?

Disregard the things of this world in your house that are tossed about it a disorderly fashion. But look to your heart, your intent, your belief, your understanding, and your love for Jesus.  

Are you confident that you will receive a smile? Isn’t it right that we should be prepared for such a visit? Doesn’t he have exclusive privilege to walk in on everyone of his servants whenever it pleases him to do so? And don’t we have an obligation to be prepared for the Master?

Take Your Rightful Place

There is a place where a child has learned enough.  From that place he is expected to do the things of an adult.  

It is not appropriate for someone who has learned what is required of an adult to go back to his childhood and claim ignorance.  It is no longer ignorance, it is rebellion.    But isn’t the world teaming with such individuals?  And isn’t there a lot of childish behavior among the Church of Christ?

Yes.  The same is true with the things of God.  One who has newly encountered the things of holiness does not have the same expectations placed on him as the one who is well-versed in the things of God.  And just like the child, ignorance can be no excuse when there are so very many possibilities to learn.  

But when the time is right, God will expect of us the things appropriate to the understanding we have achieved.  Provided that the Christian applies himself to learn.  

Be childlike in your faith.  Be responsible with what you have been given.   See how a family is ashamed when one of its members refuses maturity.   Let us not be a shameful member of Christ’s bride.