When “Impossible” Arrives

The Lord will move a mountain for the one who is ever thirsty.  

Though he is in the desert of deprivation, God will bring the streams of heaven to encompass his encampment.  

Every day the man’s feet took him where he did not want to go, until the man thought he had no choice.  

Every day the man cried out for help.  


The Lord has heard his prayer.  

With the strength of his great sacrifice, the mountain is moved to the man.  

“This far you shall come and no more. See, I have set a restraining upon you; as a man will halter horse, so I have blessed you with restraint.”

Victory comes when the man least expects.  

Only let him continue to call for help.  

Let him prove his desire to betray his own flesh.  

Even as his flesh betrayed him.  

God will move when the wisdom of heaven allows.  

When his strength has arrived, all is well.  

Now he worships like the 10th leper.  

The impossible has come like warm clothing in the winter.  

Believe and live.  

Dogs or Brothers

The dog is an amazing creature.  No better friend on earth can be had than a faithful and obedient canine.   They are a great source of joy and comfort to their owner.  A well trained dog will do anything to please its master.

But a dog is a dog.  It will eat it’s own vomit.  Often the dog will even eat its own feces. 

It cannot be trusted to make business deals. 

It has no concept of a clean the floor or carpet.  You will never see a dog naturally wipe its feet before it comes in the house.

Its welfare must be constantly maintained.  And it requires a rather watchful eye over its habits. 

Once it has developed a taste for blood, the dog is either to be destroyed or heavily restrained for the rest of its life. 

Stray dogs are no companion for the children.  They are unpredictable and dangerous.

Most dogs have a hard time understanding friend or foe in regard to those who come to visit its master.

The dog will understand certain commands.  But it does not fully understand the language of man.  It might pick up on our habits, but it doesn’t understand the reason for them.

A dog will be loyal to its own detriment.  It can love with a fully open heart.  It’s always glad to see its master.  And the only time it makes any judgment regarding its master, is in the matter of food.

Think of all the things that dogs are by their very nature.  Then consider Man.

Look at all the things that men do.  Unless we are specifically trained by God, we have no stability or faithfulness within us.  Take all the things I have said about dogs and apply them to Man.

Some dogs must be killed because they are a threat.  Some dogs are fit only to be restrained outside.  Some dogs are companions on the couch.  But they are still dogs.

Christ has come to transform us from potential pets to brothers. 

A brother understands the language of his father and siblings.  He is able to differentiate between the things of carnal behavior and those of responsibilities in the family.

It’s good to consider the following.  Have we allowed ourselves to become good and restrained pets?  Or have we sought the full transformation into the family of God as brothers of Christ?

Are we busily over coming sin by the power of Christ presence?  Or are we seeking release from the triggers that give temptation its strength?  Isn’t the latter like being placed on a leash?

I did not write this to shake the faith of anyone.  But consider what it would be if, instead of trying to be rid of temptation, we were to embrace the power of Christ to overcome it.  There’s a distinct difference between the brothers of the household and the pets.

There’s a great deal more to say about this.  What I’ve written is a good start.

Broad vs Narrow

It is easier to set a man against the entire world than to set him in opposition against himself.  (Paraphrase from Matthew Henry’s commentary regarding the narrow way)

The social, religious, and political activist finds it easy to point his finger at the nature of things around him.  All the while the truth of Christ points its finger at the nature of things within the man.

This is the difference between living our life in the broad way which leads to hell and destruction, and the narrow way which leads to life. 

The only one who has a right to speak against the nature of wickedness, is the one who is enduring a holy chastening of his own.  As the Lord makes the man accomplish, he also endows the man with rights and expectations.

How few are willing to endure the Holy Judgment of God’s expectations daily?  How many simply ignore God’s direction without examination?

Endure the Holy Fire of God now, or endure it forever then.  That’s our choice isn’t it?  Join the vast crowd and die unchanged.  Or submit yourself to the Eternal Holiness of the Eternal Living God.  Remain free to make your own choices, or submit all your choices to the One who lives forever.

Matthew 7: 13, 14

By His Grace


Let it be known, especially to my own flesh, I don’t want peace.  Everyone is speaking “Peace, Peace”!  Haven’t I learned, yes I have, that where the people gather to celebrate, an abhorrent sound of unholy desire is heard.

I want war.  I want to be embroiled in the war against wickedness within me.  I want to bring the smell of battle to every person I meet.  I want to enter the Holy War which stood active and vibrant when the Holy Son of God walked among us.

I don’t want to forget the demons that plague this unholy world’s unholy people.  I don’t want to turn my eyes from the tragedy of neglect, brought on by a useless people.  I don’t want to miss a whisper of hatred the world seethes toward the Living God’s Holy Son.

Let all this propel me into the place He desires.  Let the Holy Wisdom of God set me ablaze with understanding, according to His Holy Will and purpose.  Let the hatred of this place besiege me.  Let this excellence in desire cover me; let it not be a momentary lapse, as if a restraint.  But let me fall into the slice between heaven and earth that is called “ascending”.


Vivacious Abandonment

We are in the days of vivacious abandonment.

[vi-vey-shuh s, vahy-]
lively; animated; gay:)

What is man abandoning so happily?

The Bible
Holy suffering
Christ Jesus
Eternal life
Pure judgment
Holy speech
Godly love

Here’s the sad part:
It is impossible for Man to be empty.  If he is not filled with God, he will be filled with everything that is not God.  If we give the Living God’s Christ no place among us, the ambassadors of death move in.

Look around.  Do yourself a favor.  Ask what day it is.

By His Grace

The Guard Dog

The dog waits on his chain, through the night, through the day.  Warnings come, bringing comfort to those who own the chain.

He is not a house dog.  He is more useful living outside the camp; outside the place of man.

His strength, to his owners, is not in his bite.  It is found in the strength of his nose and ears.  The eyes that see into the darkness find expression in his noise.  His bark is a warning.  His bark is help.  The wise owners learn to discern between the sounds of their dog’s barks.

One bark is for those things that threaten, because those things are not of “normal”.  But the other bark is intense, because of the things that are a direct threat; the approach of a stranger.

Left outside the camp, I am chained to watch.  Wrong approaches.  Wrong exists.  Wrong lives in the camp as well as outside.  But he is set to defend his charge.  He is not set to judge those he protects, but to warn of things “unnatural”.

“There is Sin!  There is Danger approaching!  The Living God has determined to crush all His unholy enemies!  He has spoken the Eternal Royalty of His Holy and Righteous Son!  All who stand without Jesus, stand alone before the Holy Judgment and Righteousness of the Living God.  Without Him is NO LIFE.  Only in His Holy Son’s Sacrifice is safety found.”

Thus the warning of the stranger is sounded.  Thus the restrained dog barks.  Let the wise understand and respond.  Let the dead hear and live.  Let the blind see.  Let the wise in the camp rise up and prepare themselves to receive the Glory of God.  For surely as death, The Holy Lord Jesus approaches.