The Orientation of “Valuable”

365 days in a year. 365 years. I haven’t even quite made it to 65 yet. But Enoch, the seventh from Adam, lived 365 years before he walked with God and was seen no more for God took him.  

Can you close your eyes and imagine living 365 years in this place?  

Without God, I know for a fact I would despise my life in short order. But with the Lord to comfort me, guide me, teach me, and make me useful, it doesn’t matter how long I live where.  

Let us rethink “valuable”.


What Kind of Legacy

We all want to leave a good legacy for our children. There is no better legacy to leave them than that our land should be filled with godly love.  

But godly love comes from God alone.  

What better work could we do than to seek God’s face with earnest boldness, willing to receive and sacrifice for his great glory? To purify ourselves by the reading of Scripture and diligent prayer. God will inhabit such people. Godly love will sprout like a healthy crop in spring. And the best legacy possible will be left to our children.  

Could there possibly be a better time?

The Life of Convenience

How very foolish we are to conveniently forget that we will die.  And how very foolish we are to love what we call freedom, so much that we will resist, even unto death, the commands that can give us life.  Truly, is this freedom?

We will all find our last moment of waking.  We will all take our last step.  We will all take our last moment of careless repose.  And then we will come face to face with a reality that we have pushed off on purpose.

What comes next?  Do you know?  Have you even taken the time to look into these things?

When your car develops signs that it is about nickel and dime you to death, you quickly traded in.  And you watch carefully for those signs. 

You look forward to retirement, and you diligently keep working so that you can have your last years in peace.  And oh how many compromises you make willingly so that you can have what you want.  But does what you want include what comes after death?

The foolish man keeps on as if he will never die.  The foolish man never looks into these things.  Yet the foolish man will receive his rightful reward.

Live your life with abandon, and you will find yourself abandoned for eternity.

The Bible will tell you everything you need to know.  But how many even have the curiosity?

By His Grace


Personally I would rather die
with my hands upon the wheel
of the ship where God has placed me
than some pleasure here to steal.

Let old bones embrace me
while his course I hold so tight.
May his Holy will entice me
As I work with all my might.

Let others put away the things
that brought them now delight.
For I would rather perish
In a storm of Holy Light.

By His Grace