Hidden? No.

They hide behind their eyes;
Concealing their perceptions.

They hide behind their ears;
Morphing what they heard.

They hide behind their arms;
A fake embrace of welcome.

They hide behind their handshake;
Never intending to fulfill their agreement.

They hide behind their lips;
Speaking golden liquid words.

In this they hide from God’s people.  Yet truth reveals enough.

But they cannot hide from God.

If they hide from his people, what will they do when they are face to face with he who has seen all?


Endless Majesty

I could hold a straight pin in my fingers on one day.  For a moment, I could describe what I perceive.  It is an object for specific use, and has certain provable dimensions.  Then, I could hold that same pin on some other day.  With the Majesty of God within me, I could perceive an entirely different description of that same pin.

Endless is the Majesty of the Living God.  To say His beauty is rich in variation is to speak like a little child; not understanding the fullness of those words.  But here is what He provokes His servant to say this morning.

Will any man or woman dare to say they have understood all things?  Will the sum of your own religion (understanding the meaning of the word, religion) be the true sum of what God is willing to give?  Will “you” be satisfied with such a trivial basket of truth?

Do we perceive that God is endlessly Majestic?  Or do we gladly keep what we have, without desiring what is More?  Will we ignorantly restrict the Living God’s testimony to a world that knows absolutely nothing about the Sovereign One?  How can that be proper.

Yesterday morning, I was considering the saying, “What would Jesus do”.  I could not give that saying the same quality of respect that others have done.  For I perceived it to be more incomplete than true or useful.  A man might perceive that saying as if it were a guess from the history available.  If that is what the saying comes to mean to a man, he will live his “life” with such restraint as to be a useless life.

God IS.  He is not the history of being.  He is the current moment.  He is all moments to come.  And, in the history of moments, He is so richly dispersed with Glory that no one can live long enough to decipher His fullness.  Even with written record of history in the man’s hands.

Is the Majesty of God, that which He holds out to us all, truly summed up in what we have become?  Or is He willing and desirous that we should become something astounding here.  Will we wait for the promised dawn of transformation?  Or are we willing to take what can BE today?


At times I am embarrassed,

That I am what I am.

For I am of humanity;

That fault filled breed called man.

For as my brother’s wayward,

I too have filthy hands.

Let separation be too long,

And I need reprimand.

My brothers of flesh, are just a mirror

Of this God provoked hermit.

Staring at the Son too long,

Anoints with traits but counterfeit.

Attributing His righteousness

To all the men I meet.

I’m often disillusioned,

By filthy wayward feet.

Severity of sin not counted,

I am just like they.

By their mouths and actions;

Their refusal to obey.

Then let this shame provoke

my earnest, thoughtful hope;

And let me remember well.

As I was once like they,

Upon this revelation,

Difference is:

Much harder apart to tell.

By His Grace