Tools of the Trade

A curious observation:

The Romans were fixated on death. It was their form of authority, entertainment, and motivation to do what is right. Prosperity meant mingling of blood and money.

For the most part, today’s society is fixated on peace and longevity. It has to be said that they worship these. The majority of people don’t worship God they worship their own tranquility. Prosperity means apathy and money.

Still the world is no better off, because the presence of God is ignored just like it was in the days of Rome. The soul is only considered for the betterment of the man.

The tools of the trade have changed. But the trade remains, glorify Man.


Peace Offering from the Trench of War.

Annamite prison cell

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I have been thinking of how this blog is rather unwelcome to so many.  I’ve thought about the firm stance I take against sin with the words I post.  And I’ve been thinking of how strongly I agree with what God has said regarding the sinfulness and utter wickedness of all man’s desires.  While it is possible to come to many conclusions about this, it’s not really that hard to narrow them down to less than a handful.   I’ve come to a certain conclusion that is quite undeniable.  I suppose, like any man, there are other conclusions to be unveiled as time goes by.  But this one sticks out quite clearly.

If worse comes to worse and Christians are asked to endure the kind of treatment as we did at first in Rome, who would you want to be your cell mate?  Would you want a “nice” person who gets along with everyone, smiles all the time, changes position of crucial issues when the winds of society blow from a different direction, and who has never made up their mind regarding the command, “Be holy, for I am Holy.”?  Or would you want someone who has allowed himself to become a stench in the noses of those who love the wickedness of the world.

I know that my words are often irritating, abrasive, coarse, and without the pleasant tone of two friends who meet for coffee in an upscale restaurant.  But I know who I am.  I know who I must be, because of where I have been and where I see us all heading.  And I know that I am not alone.  Who are you?  Are you ready to endure the test as they were forced to endure in the beginning of the Church?  Are you prepared?   Are you even preparing.  Just questions to provoke introspection with a godly eye.  I make no slanderous remarks about anyone who reads this.  I’m just providing a spark of thought about what is radical vs socially acceptable and pleasing to man.

One thing the readers of my posts don’t know is who I was.  I could make a list that you would have to hide from the children, regarding what I’ve done and who I was before Jesus lifted me into what I am becoming today.  Just accept this:  Short of having actual human blood on my fingers, I have committed every possible sin.  I was outcast from the most wicked among us.  Yes, I was that bad.  Do you expect someone with such a view of humanity to be a soft cuddly little Christian?

Now, I agree with God regarding the wickedness of man.  And, brothers and sisters, I would gladly sit in a putrid filthy cell with you and sing praises to the Lord God, our Great King and Redeemer.  Don’t mistake my demeanor for a lack of love.  There is a love which protects with a violence.  Don’t we call them soldiers?

P. S.

The Lord has shown me what I am in the sight of man and in His sight.  In no way does He degrade me for what was posted here.  But one thing that needs said is this:  This is not a licence to attack without specific cause.  I hear what He has said to me.  And He had sent a Lady of His chosing to confirm this to me.  May He grant me the wisdom to recognize a battle from an oportunity to teach.  Amen.