The Temple

How the relentless wind blows; chilling the bones and securing the approaching season’s home.

Plowing the earth for snow’s foundation. The blinding white temple will be built, regardless man’s desire for Spring.

The Gospel blows upon the earth, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful in all its Holy intent; chilling all souls and preparing for the approaching season of eternity.

The plow rips the ground. The foundation of Lovely is established. The blinding white temple will be built, regardless Man’s desire for Spring.

The reason for turmoil is exposed. Who is wise? Who prepares for Winter?

The Undeniable Cruise

The waves beat against the hull of the ship.  With a silent and determined anger;

With gluttony for autonomy,

They desire “unimpeded”.  

See how the steel says, “No”.  

See how they are forced to go,


How the strength of their ruin is utterly devastated.  

How, with present Will

pressed against them, 

they turn to white frothing.

At the majesty they encounter;  

They turn to –

Mere nothing.  

Like they do as the wind whips them up, 

in small measure 

The sea is dotted with purity.  


With impassable Will

All is turned back.  

“You will not pass.  

I cannot relent.  

I move through your midst,

My strength never spent.”

Be still!

Cease your work!

Bow to Me!

My people will pass

Speaks The Maker He.  

Move Holy Spirit.  

Move through my soul.  

Be the ship that carries 

The desire of Your own will. 

As it has been from old.  

Be in me the strength of your love.  

Keep me on the

“Inward side.”

Love is Life

Two roads diverged, in a vast wilderness. From the womb they went separate directions. Unknown to her, the mother gave birth to a broken heart.  

One was full of love and nurturing, and never ceased to be straight. As soon as it could stagger, the other road turned a crooked difference away.  

Mama and her son.  

From time to time the roads would intersect. But the traveler wore a knapsack full of deviance. Worn and tattered as it was, he had no intention of laying it down.  

When he would come near, mama would speak with every resource she had. “I love you. Come home and love me.”

Sometimes he would stay. But he never could love his mother. Eventually he would go back on his crooked path. Eventually the flood of tears would come to mama.  

Again and again and again and again, sorrow broke her heart.  

The mother died alone. A few decades later, the son also died. Estranged in life, estranged in death, estranged from each other for eternity.  

The horror of this story dragged on for 40 years. And the horror of the story is forever written in stone.  

How many billions of times must this story be written!


The point of the story may be hidden from most who read it. If you understood it before now you are one of the very few.  

Nothing can change the will of a man to love. No words, no deeds, no pleading, no promises, no rewards, nothing. If a man will not love willingly he will not love at all.  

And if anyone had told the man, “You should go home and love your mother”, he would’ve been filled with indigence. Isn’t pride lord over deviant hearts?

Isn’t this the plight of our God? So willing to embrace ALL humanity. So deeply craving to be loved, so that he can give Life. But in almost everyone, he is considered a last resort. He’s just a place of warmth, security, familiarity, food, clothing, and trinkets.  

He promises eternal peace to those who love him. But like the man who could not love his mother, greed for the things she would leave him when she died is not the same as love while she was living.  

There are no words I can say. There is no deed I can do. There is nothing outside of a person that can change the will of anyone to love God. We either love him or we don’t. And if we don’t we never will.  

No promise of reward, no threat of destruction, no encouragement from our brothers, nothing. Salvation to glory forever rest in the will of every person. God is willing, are we?

And by this I am struck with amazement, even in myself.  

“Many are called but few are chosen.”

The Rocks Will Cry Out

I wake to consider the things of the Living God’s Holy Son.  No matter where I look among the things of God’s Holy wisdom, I find no fault.  Yet why should this amaze me?

To the things of man I look, and I find no righteous faithfulness.  And isn’t this the cause of my amazement?

Consistency abides in the Living God, toward life and all things good.  Consistency abides in the camp of Man’s horror, toward rebellion and all things wicked.

What has God done but we should despise him so?  What has Man accomplished that we should revere him in fear? 

How is it that the people who call themselves Christians suppress the beauty of the One who offers them life; those who give God praise in secret yet seal their mouth when they walk among the dead.

“I have riches”, they say.  The faithfulness of God in his promise is that sure, yes.  But don’t the rocks along the Way of Glory also have the blessing of God to lay unmolested?  There they are lay, prepared to do his will. And surely if the people had not given praise to the Living God’s Holy Son, the rocks themselves would have cried out the words.  Are we no better than rocks strewn along the path of life?  Are we like rocks which adorn a valley of death, fruitless and simply a nuisance ( dressings which mark the barren land).

“If God will touch us, we will serve him.  If God will drive back the wicked we will speak and walk among them.  If he will drive them back beyond a stone’s throw, we will proclaim the words of life.  As long as there is no threat we will be brave.  Yet if he will not cause the wicked to recede, we will continue to praise him in secret.  I will leave the fearsome work to those who desire to die.”  Is this what we say by our actions?  Will not God protect those the march ahead in faith?

But clean yourself.  Primp and prune your feathers.  Lining every hair in its proper place.  let every thread of clothing be presentable and immaculate.  Let your life be dressed with all the things that cause Man to nod in appreciation.  If you hide the Light of Christ,  you are no different than the rocks along the Way. 


Is it too much to ask? 

Is it unjust to require us to join Jesus in his suffering?

Is the shame of righteousness too much to bear? 

Is the Cross of Christ too heavy to share? 

Then what can possibly be our lot? 

When we appear before He by whose Blood we are bought?

The Coming War

Restrained in its place, the enemy of Christ is restrained in its place.  All the while they are allowed to thrive and grow.  Violence covers them as if brilliant red robes of blood.  For now is their day of training.

There will be a war of all wars.  For now they grow as if mighty oaks of men.  For they will face the Mighty Oak of God.

All men will play a part in this war of wars.  No one will stay at home in peace.  And even now the dividing lines are being drawn.

Blood will flow like a torrent.  Horror like a mighty wind.  They will conquer as He allows, when the time is right.  Then the Christ of God will rise to put an end to all violence and rebellion.

Did you think that things would continue as they are?  Did you think you would live in peace forever in this wicked and adulterous place?  Such thoughts have filled you with ignorance.

You thought because your ears could not hear the Living God’s commands, that he did not perceive your wickedness: that judgment was not being readied.  You thought because your eyes did not perceive his Blazing Glory, that he was not ruler of all.  Such blindness has kept you in a false sense of secure peace.  See how the players of this coming war are restrained in their proper place.

Best to rise up now my friend.  Best to humble yourself before the Christ of the Living God.  For the lines of demarcation are being drawn even as you read these words.  Beyond your hearing, beyond your sight, the preparation of war is in full swing.

Those who belong to Christ have already been redeemed, as if peacemakers on the bloody battlefield.  Splattered with the blood of Christ they stand ready to be caught up.  Splattered with the blood of men they fear nothing.  Join them or die a useless death.

By His Grace

How Much?

Can you name anything on earth that’s free?  Everything costs something.  Even breathing requires an expense of energy from the lungs.  So, even air is not free.  We pay for it by physical labor.  Someone will say, “It’s a voluntary reflex.  And the energy expended is so small”.  But something is paid, regardless.  Isn’t it?

The Christian will tell you that salvation is free.  Now, I will differ with that.  We must believe that God’s word about himself is true.  That’s an expense of personal security, (at least as we perceive security) isn’t it?  Even salvation costs us something.  And the deeper we travel into Christ’s Holy will, the more we are asked to give up.  The more of our “trustworthy” perception we’re asked to relinquish.

I was going to target this idea to the atheist and such like.  But as I went to the Lord about it, I remembered the faithless Christians I’ve met.  I’m not going to go into an attack here.  But it’s important to make this point to all men, evidently.

If you want salvation from the Holy Lord of Life, you’re going to have to be willing to surrender some portion of your “dearly loved security”.  The more you sacrifice your safety, so that you can rely on God, the more He will grant you faith.  And why wouldn’t this be so?

From the man who is sure there is no God, to the one who thinks Christianity is a social club, you need to understand this.  Nothing on earth is free.  And the cost of Christianity is everything you’ve got.