Another quasi rant

(There’s no need to apologize.  There are millions who feel the same way.)

I’m going to try to be nice.  But it’s really difficult.   What kind of words can talk about this and be nice?  

I’m tired of being told I should do something that God has told me not to do.  “Don’t join in with the celebration of lust that you see in the world.”  (A paraphrase of 1000s of scriptures)

I’m so sick of hearing about diversity.  I would agree when it comes to cultures and the color of skin.  Maybe even diversity according to physical ailment.  And the frailty of humans to do with is perfect and right, that needs to be mentioned.  Yeah, why wouldn’t I accept them just like I am accepted before God in Jesus?  But we all know that’s not what they mean.

They mean that I should treat a person as if they are righteous regardless what they do with their body.  If it’s done in secret, then how should I treat them any differently than the cultural differences I accept?  I don’t strive to suspect, I don’t strive to judge, I strive to accept and to bring life.

But when they make an open mockery of God’s natural will ………………..

Right about here I launch into all kinds of negative words.  God does not call people to mediocrity or less.  He calls us all to his Holy standard.  The watering hole is in the east.  But the mass of people are headed west to the desert!  I’m not supposed to say anything?!!!  I’m not supposed to despise these orders to comply?  

This isn’t going to “just go away” folks.  Maybe it’s time to take an open stand.  It’s already too late for the world; see how they adore their new-found freedom.  But there really ought to be a mega voice being heard.  I listened hard, but all I hear are whispers in the inner rooms!  


Righteous Assessments

They criticized the alcoholic.
Because he is compared to those who are not.

They criticize the violent.
Because he has compared to those who take care not to hurt.

They criticize the drug addict.
Because he is compared to those who are fully productive.

People do these things among themselves, admitting that there is a righteous life.

How is it then that the lovers of money are not compared to the rule of God and Jesus?

How is it that those who lust after the flesh are not counted as sinful minded, when compared to the Glory of Christ in God?

How is it that those who look down on others do not look up in regard to themselves?

What are we lookin at?

Don’t look at the bum.  Look at the man.  Look past his position in society.  Look past the dirt and a shame.  Look past the isolation.  Look past the potential violence.  See the child who desires love.

Don’t look at the Fashion, pretty hair, makeup and elegance.  Look at the woman.  See the precious little girl she still is.  See how she is caught up in what she was taught; the lie of seduction.  Help her see that what she has learned is not helpful; love her as a soul. 

Don’t look at the flashing smile, rehearsed gestures, pretty words and promises.  Look at the man who says he’s a politician.  In his place, the tools of his trade are lies.  But he is still a little boy.

Don’t listen only to the religious words a man speaks.  Look at the man.  Full of misunderstandings, he strives to master the unknown.  Help him do so with you in mind.  Then, benefit comes to both.

Why do we refuse to judge rightly?  Why are we so lazy that we receive the veneer without thought?  Love is not that willingly blind.  Why do we refuse the eyes that God is so willing to give?

Help where we can.  Correct where we must.  In all things, let our minds be directed by the Holy will of God.  Then our judgments can stand the test.

Don’t look at your accomplishments, no matter if they’re religious or secular.  Look at the man and weep.  Yet do not judge before the appointed time.  Assess with the sobriety of Christ.  Leave room for Life.  Forever, you will be nothing more than a baby.

Judge all things with eternity in mind. 

“THINK ETERNITY!”  Think love.  Do what it says!  Become the people you say you are.

The Rocks Will Cry Out

I wake to consider the things of the Living God’s Holy Son.  No matter where I look among the things of God’s Holy wisdom, I find no fault.  Yet why should this amaze me?

To the things of man I look, and I find no righteous faithfulness.  And isn’t this the cause of my amazement?

Consistency abides in the Living God, toward life and all things good.  Consistency abides in the camp of Man’s horror, toward rebellion and all things wicked.

What has God done but we should despise him so?  What has Man accomplished that we should revere him in fear? 

How is it that the people who call themselves Christians suppress the beauty of the One who offers them life; those who give God praise in secret yet seal their mouth when they walk among the dead.

“I have riches”, they say.  The faithfulness of God in his promise is that sure, yes.  But don’t the rocks along the Way of Glory also have the blessing of God to lay unmolested?  There they are lay, prepared to do his will. And surely if the people had not given praise to the Living God’s Holy Son, the rocks themselves would have cried out the words.  Are we no better than rocks strewn along the path of life?  Are we like rocks which adorn a valley of death, fruitless and simply a nuisance ( dressings which mark the barren land).

“If God will touch us, we will serve him.  If God will drive back the wicked we will speak and walk among them.  If he will drive them back beyond a stone’s throw, we will proclaim the words of life.  As long as there is no threat we will be brave.  Yet if he will not cause the wicked to recede, we will continue to praise him in secret.  I will leave the fearsome work to those who desire to die.”  Is this what we say by our actions?  Will not God protect those the march ahead in faith?

But clean yourself.  Primp and prune your feathers.  Lining every hair in its proper place.  let every thread of clothing be presentable and immaculate.  Let your life be dressed with all the things that cause Man to nod in appreciation.  If you hide the Light of Christ,  you are no different than the rocks along the Way. 


Is it too much to ask? 

Is it unjust to require us to join Jesus in his suffering?

Is the shame of righteousness too much to bear? 

Is the Cross of Christ too heavy to share? 

Then what can possibly be our lot? 

When we appear before He by whose Blood we are bought?

Legislative Freedom

The freedom of a child turns first to love.  Innocence demands inclusion for all.  In a child’s heart, there is no separation between us but the surface of our skin.  The child’s heart does not see colors of skin or deviant actions (The blackening of Souls).  The child’s heart does not understand violence born of selfish greed.  And the child’s heart is innocent before God.

But soon comes rules and regulation.  “You shall do this, you should not do that.”  The lack of self discipline demands law.  Innocence, or ignorance, is not a license for deviant behavior.  The love of a child quickly turns to obedience in lieu of punitive action.  And isn’t it tragically necessary.

As it is with the little child, so it is for every man.  Law stands as a wall around everyone.  Law is for the deviant.  Freedom is for those who love.

I spent the night in Sault Saint Marie, Michigan.  I learned about the Chippewa who held this land before the Whites came.  I was curious about the state of the Chippewa Nation in today’s economy.  So I looked up their law.  I was surprised to find a lengthy and comprehensive code of law.  For whatever reason, I did not expect to find the law of the Greeks.  I think I expected to find something more akin to the law of natural order.

But my heart is bruised to find such a free people compelled to recognize the laws of the Greeks.

Gone is innocence.  Hello, the literary form of love. 

“You will do this and you will not do that.  You will accept mechanization and technological order.  You will live in houses.  You will drive cars.  You are compelled to receive the education of the Greeks for your children.  You are compelled to bury your people according to the ordinance of the Modern Age. You are no longer a Free People.”

Yes my heart is bruised for the sake of their loss.  It is the same bruising that comes when I look at the transformation of love to a written code. 

Codes of law are for the deviant.  They are not for those who love without restraint.  Beyond the loss of their Natural Freedom,  they have become like the rest of the world; permanently labeled deviant.  And this by a forceful compulsion beyond the dreams of their ancestors who lived long before the law of the Greeks appeared among them.

There is so much to write about this.  So many understandings flood my mind.  From the fact that law is given to man by the wisdom of God, through the indelible stamp of “Guilty” that lays upon all men, and into the regulation of God to restrain the greed that is the nature of man.

The bruise in my heart is to see the loss of freedom.  Perhaps the bruise in my heart is a longing for the place of promise while I live in this place of disrepair.  Perhaps the bruise in my heart is the same engine the prompts fairy tales for children.  Those beautiful stories that remind the child, “Love is still real”.

Love does not need law.  But if you want to see how deviant man has become, look up the code of law for the Greeks.  Visit a library for lawyers.  Every possible infraction against society, and even ourselves, has been written down with its appropriate boundaries and punishments. 

What then shall we say about those who call themselves “The Free World”?  The love of God in Christ is the only freedom that has no boundaries.  The love of God in Christ is the only freedom against which there is no law.  The love of God in Christ is the Light that shows me the bruise on my heart.  It is, indeed, a longing for a land from which I did not come.

If you want to see what shook my soul to write these words, here is the link.

Errant Blind Souls

If I could train my foolish brain to recognize people as errant blind souls wandering in a suit of flesh, I believe forgiveness would flow like a river.  Though there is forgiveness as I live in Christ, it is often by compulsion.  It’s rarely the first thought.

I think about the reason for this inability to perceive correctly and consistently.  I think it has something to do with the deluge of trinkets and baubles which mask the true Man. 

Perhaps it was slightly easier in early Christianity, where there were less objects of affection to be had.  I can’t possibly know, and I don’t think anyone will ever be able to say for sure.  Only God truly knows.

Pride certainly holds a relevant kingship when it comes to masking the true soul of a man.  And doesn’t pride come in such a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and intensity?  But Pride’s robe is made up of all the things a man may amass to declare his kingship over his own soul.  To get to the heart of a man you have to slice through the garbage.  Undoubtedly, recognizing people as blind errant souls gets far more difficult as the abundance of wealth gathers to hide them.

And I think it’s appropriate here to mention that the abundance of things that hide a soul need not necessarily be costly items.  There is the wealth of social alienation.  This alienation relies chiefly on violence as its display.  From ignoring to  physical violence, such a man says, without speaking, “Get past this if you can”.

Regardless all these things, it is to the Christian’s benefit to perceive his fellow Man as an errant blind soul (just like himself).  Certainly something worth thinking on.

From my own perspective, here is a small list of shills people use.

Social position
Rude behavior
Foul language
A pleasant countenance
Social intelligence
Exclusive clubs
Deviant behavior
Drugs and alcohol
All manner of things that can be bought

All these things mask the true Man.  Who is capable of perceiving past these things on a consistent basis?

15 You judge by human standards; I pass judgment on no one. 16 But if I do judge, my decisions are true, because I am not alone. I stand with the Father, who sent me.” (John 8)

My memory is renewed to consider that God in Christ alone is able to reach any soul.