Broken, Not Destroyed

I don’t know what value this is. Maybe it’s only valuable to me; to let my heart speak the words.  

What is Christ to me? He is a painful love. Yet, it’s not that he is painful but that I am from destruction.  

I see his love. I feel his love. I strive, with everything I have, to do his love. Yet the culture of the place where I am from often interferes with peace.  

The pain is not because of his love. Pain does not come from there. It comes from the store house of memories; wrapped around every thought like a leaching vine on a dying tree.  

I remember I did this to someone. I remember I failed to recognize someone else’s pain. Missed moments. Murderous moments. Distracted by selfishness. Wasted times, Times spent trying to survive, encased in a body full of greed.  

Sigh. So it is. But I would rather live this horror, with his love as my target, than to spend another moment living that useless life I have come to regret so deeply.  

Let this be an apology where no words can repair. Let this stand as a testimony to true Christianity.  

The Spirit of God calls, provokes, leads, and encourages toward what is holy. The unholy part of me must succumb. And I am gratefully thankful to my God that his promise is to destroy the destroyer. He is the rock upon which we are broken. Yet woe to those upon whom it falls, for they shall be utterly ground to powder.  

Be glorified Holy Father, for the work of Your own hands in the souls You have chosen to love.  

Change the World?

I don’t want to change the world. I want to bring heaven here. ———-

What will that do?

It will utterly dispose of trivial conversation.  

It will rid the world of every evil thing.  

It will glorify the name of Jesus for the glory of God the Father.  

It will take away debate and opinion.  

Greed and revenge will never be seen again.  

It will bring an endless joy.  

It will put an end to hope.  

Everything that belongs to death will vaporize in an instant.  

And the searing eyes of the wicked will never be seen again.  


Try to change the world all you want. Changing this place will not bring any of those here.

Comforting Justice

Where does justice begin?   In whom does justice remain?
When the perpetrator owns his crime.   When he lets God’s light on his misdeeds shine.  

When the clouds of self-righteousness are blown away, by the Holy and Steady wind of God.  

Then, the victim’s words are heard. Then, the burden’s shared.  

Then, an anger filled brush from the tip of a feather stings;

Deeper than the cutting of a cat-o’-nine-tails whip.  

Oh!  Lighten the load in his brother.  Justice, worn like a cloak, cannot do better.   

A whisper, a look, and he “guilty”,

Is undone!

No need anymore for revenge. The prisoner of regret knows his place.  

There go we all, but for God’s Grace.


Side with one political group, you’ll be happy for a little while.  

Gather certain friends around you, they’ll give you comfort for a little while.  

Bank on staying young all your life, you’ll be delusional for a few years.  

Things change.  Disappointments come.  The next guy gets his chance to be happy for a little while.  

Happiness in this world is like a crazy Bluejay.  He flies from one branch to another, blessing the place he stays for a little while.  But then he gets hungry for something “other”.  The branch where he was, springs back to its original position; empty and waiting for another bird.  

But in Jesus, you’ll find the potential to be at peace forever.  The winds of change can’t destroy his faithfulness.   And those who place their full trust in him are never put to shame or brought to ruin.  

It all depends on what you want, doesn’t it.  You want all the temporary chaos?  Graced by occasional happiness, like icing on a muffin.    Or are you looking for something endlessly permanent.  

Don’t just, “try Jesus”.  Put all your trust in him and you’ll see that what I’m saying is true.  

You always have the option to fail and be miserable; you can always go back to living a useless life.    You will not always have the option to take the beautiful life he offers so freely.  

Think about it.  

Sorrow’s Repercussions

Word frames to paint the repercussions of sorrow:

How much sorrow in this world is swallowed by humanity? The pain we feel inside never finds a place of release. What is the sound of a wounded heart?  Humanity doesn’t have the ability to voice it.  

How much sorrow is dished out in this world and the people eat it all day long? What is the size of container necessary to keep it all bottled up? I don’t think such a container could be on the earth, it is just too large!

This is the reason the world is isolated from the glorious throne of the living God. This incubator of godly traits will not find an audience before purity.  

If sorrow made a noise what would it be? And if the volume of that noise from one man is loud, what is the sound of all humanity from Adam until now. 

 Once the sound is uttered, or a feeling of sorrow kept inside, it can never be dismissed or extinguished, it can only be ignored. The deed is done and the payment is in the soul.  

It is the mercy of God that we cannot hear the horror of what we do. But God surely hears.  

A wailing is heard in heaven. A constant sound of torture, echoing off walls of peace. It is not so much the volume that should be disturbing, it’s the sound itself.  

Do we think a little sin is no trouble when compared to a large sin? Doesn’t a small sin add to the roar of sorrow? Who are we to divide what is righteous, what is moderate, and what is deadly? 

If God gave us ears to hear what we do, would it subdue our selfish desire? Or would the sound of our own wickedness caused us to wail even louder?

Withdraw from the war against your brothers. Minimize regret.  

Familiar Words

In just a short while you will not be here on this earth.  Ask any older person, they never thought they would be as old as they are.  Ask them again, they’ll tell you they regret a number of their choices.  Then press them about what’s absolutely going to come.  If they’re honest, they’ll tell you they know their soul will go back to the one who made it.  

Newsflash!  You’re going to die.  

Extra! Extra!  It will be done to you as you have believed and done in your life.  

Unspeakably astounding proclamation: God has prepared a way to make your death awesomely joyful!


Most people are going to regret their choices for eternity.  What about you?  Do you know what God has done for his glory in Jesus, his holy and righteous son?   I can’t urge you strongly enough, dig into it before your final day arrives.  

There’s no need for you to be filled with regret for eternity.  God, in Jesus, can make your life righteous and holy.  You do not need to appear before God covered in shame.  Believe the gospel and live!  Ignore the message, and you remain like you are forever.