The Effective Life

Pack up your television, cell phone, radio, the social circus, and all the gossip you can carry. Make the trip to prayer with all these things. I guarantee you your prayer time will be useless.  

All those things require the senses and the mind of the flesh. But prayer requires your soul alone.  

You can’t navigate a ship if you stay under deck. You’ll certainly drift if you stay in the ship’s lounge watching TV. You have to go topside to use all the navigational equipment. You have to be topside to enjoy the journey. If you wanted to watch TV you could’ve stayed home.  

The same is true with the ship of your body. You have to set your mind on the Spirit of God. The flesh cannot perceive the Spirit of God, but the soul can. You have to use your mind to make a choice.    

You can’t just ask God to come in and teach you. You have to go to the front door, open it, see the Spirit of God face-to-face, and allow him a place to sit in your mind. Then you can hear him. Then you can work with him. Then you can learn from him. It’s only then that the things of Christ get accomplished.  

Now the question comes: what preoccupies your day, the flesh or the soul. If your answer is the flesh then how can you hear the voice of God? And what preoccupies your time of prayer? That’s a much deeper question.  

Drop all your “stuff” and answer the door.  


Think it Through

Distraction:  a riddle, what does it mean?
Marvel at the beauty of shadows.

But stay you too far from the light.

And the shadows will overcome you.

They will strip you of all your might.

The soul is like a chameleon;

Dressed in black or brilliant colors.

Of the black ones there are billions.

While the number of brilliant is smaller

The Message Lives


11 “Truly, truly, I say to you, we speak of what we know, and bear witness to what we have seen, but you do not receive our testimony. 12 If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things? 13 No one has ascended into heaven except he who descended from heaven, the Son of Man. 14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, 15 that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.” (John 3)

We do not speak of our glory; as if we are excellent examples of humanity, or heavenly beings sent to earth.  No, we witness to He who alone is Good.  We speak of the Righteousness of God; the Holy Son of God, Jesus.

We testify that Jesus, the Christ, is the singular way to eternal life.  Not only that, but we testify that Jesus will endow His people with power to overcome sins and master temptation.  In the process of this release, His people find companionship with the Holy Father of Life.  As the Sovereign God is eternal, Christ’s people are given eternal life; though they die in the flesh, they shall never die again.  This is the work of Christ in the souls of man.

If, in your looking around, you do not witness those who call themselves Christians overcoming, the message of the Gospel is not lessened.  For the Word of the Gospel does not have its root in the mannerisms of those who call themselves Christians.

The message is an eternal message.  It was before anything was made.  It will be long after all the things of this world, and even creation itself, is utterly destroyed.

Look to the message, do not keep your eyes on Christians.  For each Christian is but a witness to the truth, regardless the fullness of his witness.  The truth lives regardless the measure each Christian applies it.

Deal with it.  It’s your personal responsibility to look into these things.  God will not entertain blame on the Great, Holy, and Terrible day of judgment.  You have a mind.  You have eyes.  You have ears and a tongue.  You have hands.  And the Holy Word of the Bible is not too far beyond your reach to grasp.  Either you desire eternal life, thus looking into these things, or you desire the way things are with you now.

I have witnessed to the truth here.  It will not be taken out-of-the-way of man until the Lord returns to take His people, and seal this place for destruction.  What day that is, no man knows.  But it will surely come, even as your own death will usher you into the Judgment Day of God.

The witness about Jesus is quite abundant in this world.  But the day will come when the message of witness will draw silent.  The pleasure of Man will hold a short-lived triumph.  Grasp it while it is still offered; before the Holy Door is slammed closed on the souls of men.  Believe in the Holy Son of God, or perish in the sinful disrepair that is the flesh and soul of man without the power of God in Christ.

No one can understand these things unless the Holy Father opens their soul to receive it.  Pray, then, that God will open your soul to understanding.  Humble yourself before the Living God, that in due time He will lift you up.



Time and Eternity

Among the things of man there are places that we “wait” to encounter.  We wait for Sunday, that we might attend worship with our brothers.  The time in the middle of the week to gather together and study the Holy Word.  Perhaps there is also a time in our lives when we gather together to pray as one.  And there is a “waiting” for these moments to appear.

But there need be no waiting to become one with God in Christ Jesus.  The body needs to wait for the next appearance of event.  But the soul has no sense of time.  For the soul is of the same essence as the Spirit of God.  It is timeless.

Those who live according to the needs of the body separate one moment from another.  Those who live according to the nature of the soul, find recognition of time a burden.  They do not take note of passing moments that have come and gone without productivity.  But they live in eternity.

Prayer and worship are not a place on this earth.  they are a matter of posture.  It is the result of a life led in the Spirit of God.

Without Regret!

I cannot know the fullness of the Life that lives within the Holy Power of the Holy Living God.  But I can know in part.

What I perceive is beyond the expectations and dreams of man.  If man says something is worthy, God is more.  If man says an action is righteous, God is more.  If man speaks of a life that is worthy to live, God is more.

I can rest assured that the Living God in Christ Jesus is infinitely more than anything of man.  And I can rest in knowing, with great boldness, that the Living God’s Christ is willing to lift me into His Holy Life.

I may not know the fullness of the Gospel.  But I can proclaim with great confidence the things I have heard.  I cannot “do” the Holy Life my Lord Jesus has done.  But I can do the things He speaks to life in my soul.  For His Holy words are living.  They give and grant life wherever they appear.  If I survey my soul’s proof of “Doing”, and find clarity of conscience before the Living God, then I can rightly surmise that I have known Him.  And doesn’t this “knowing” provoke proclamation?

From this wellspring of holy Life, that beauty He has extended within me, I can proclaim with excellent boldness and fearless determination.  It matters not that I am void of full understanding regarding the things of God.  What matters is that I open my mouth and allow the Holy Spirit of God to use my tongue, and this to the Glory of Jesus the Christ of God!

Glorify the Living God, all you who know of His Good News.  Yield up what rightfully belongs to Him.  Give what belongs to God, even your entire life, body, mind, strength, and soul.  What reasoning should we use to excuse our partial and unwilling service?  What regret belongs to us if we hold back?

There is a day, and a day which is fast approaching, in which we will give full account of the willingness we offer today.  Shall we provide regret in that moment, by refusal to serve Him today?  Shall the eternal soul, which belongs to us, despise the choices we make today?

Wouldn’t it be so beautiful if our soul should be able to stand before the Living God’s Holy Son with a fullness of accounting, full of joy, boldness, and surety of accomplishment?  Wouldn’t it be so lovely a moment to hear the words, Well done, thou good and faithful servant.  Come.  Enter into the joy of your master.

How is your soul’s stance not your responsibility today?  What excuse stands well before the Living Truth of God?  Regret is a monster of monstrous proportions!  Why would you capture him and try to make him your household pet?  Don’t you know that a “Regret” will surely consume, without mercy, anyone who desires to tame him?  If this is the case with a single regret, what of an entire herd?  They will surely raze your entire house to the ground!

“I’m a Man!”

With every thought.  With every action.  With every word he speaks.  Man proclaims, “I am a man”.

With pride of accomplished adulthood, man stands.  As if there is something to be proud about, by the simple doings of expectations.

How many perceive the shame of man?  How many are able or willing to perceive the length, width, height, and depth that is God?  With such a perception, man is no more than a tiny baby.

Wisdom escapes man; holy wisdom from ancient of ages escapes man.  The doings of God that were done endless years before the creation of Adam.  Where is this wisdom among man?  How small is every man?

With every prayer.  With every desire.  With every movement of soul and body.  The man of God seeks the will of God.

Where is the boasting pride of man before God’s Holy Throne?  Such things are not even allowed entrance.