The Definition of Sad

Black, gray, white.

Monotone, color, light.

This world cannot write any story from heaven. It can only speculate, suspicion, imagine, the things of God in Christ.

You want to know what’s sad is?

All the stories of this world will gather together before the throne of God. They will see the Christ of God and attribute to him all their lies. Never having grasped the truth of God, they stand face-to-face with eternal purity.

They never knew the color of truth. To them it was nothing more than shades of black; opinions revered as if they were written from eternity. All of a sudden their lies are eternally exposed. All of a sudden, the foundation of their very souls shatters irreparably.

Having loved their own minds, they despised Truth. They have carried to the valley of decision all their murderous greedy actions. Dressed in wreaking rags, they have become utterly pathetic. Expectations of joy explode into terror. They have not even begun to Become.

There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth!

Foreign Language

I had been of the persuasion that the Gospel could be communicated in a way that was “less offensive” to the ears of man.  To a certain degree, I still am.  I find that stories, parables, and examples from life, are quite fit for consumption by those who do not have the Spirit of God in them.

But it must be recognized that The Gospel speaks an entirely different language than the language of man.  And why not?  The Gospel comes from Heaven and Eternity.  Man is of time, suffering, rebellion and death.  How can the two speak the same language.

Certain phrases and alignment of words are completely foreign to man.  One such alignment of words is “I love God”.  Now man is quite willing to allow that God is love.  It’s kind of cool to think that there is at least someone who loves.  So they don’t mind hearing that.  But if you tell them you love God, they come unglued.  If they are willing to try to understand what you just said, they might accept it for a moment or two.  But as you show and speak the things of God, that live within you, they will quickly label you a freak (At least in their mind.  And to my experience, they will often let that thought pass through their lips.  I have even been told I am insane for just such an alignment of words.)

So what’s this mean?  It means that there’s a place where hiding your foreign language from man is not reasonable anymore.  You’ve tried to speak to them in their own language.  You’ve spoken things that man thinks are wonderful, wise and beautiful ideas.  You’ve spoken about wisdom, as man likes to hear.  But you see no connection within them yet.  Well maybe it’s time to pull out the “big guns”.  Maybe it’s time to tell them plainly that you love God.  Just be ready.  When you do that, you’ll see their true feelings about the things of God.