The Legend Waits

You’ve seen it in the movies, how someone is running away from a crumbling building.  For the sake of theatrics, they always manage to miss the last piece by inches.
Isn’t life like that?  What we build always seems to fall apart.  But by some fortunate circumstances, we are always inches ahead of the last falling peace.  The noise, the dust, the sparks that fly,  they are always behind us, or just brushing our shoulders.
But just as curiously, there is collateral damage.  Many are caught in the wake of catastrophe from our mistakes and mishaps.  And we, ourselves, are victims from the work of countless hordes of fools.  Death is the place where we emerge from the smoke and dust.
I wrote a poem called “Sorrow”.  The poem is the offspring of this realization.  With all sincerity, I desire that death should come.  Let it come and put an end to this catastrophic event called “My life”.  
I don’t desire death because I’m lazy.  I desire death because of Jesus.  (The very same reason I’m still living.)  I desire death that there may finally be peace in the place where all I could bring was horror.  I desire death that his work may find completion.
How precious then are these words he has led, inspired or incited me to write.  Though they cause upheaval, it is for the better of every soul.  And as I have written before, as long as I live here these words remain concealed.
They are concealed because of the pride of Man.  As long as he can attribute an errant human to these words, he will not find them nor seek them out.  But take away the man and the legacy sprouts wings.  “He was ten feet tall.  He was the epitome of muscle and brain.  His heart was forever in the right place.  He was a saint among us!”
How wrong they will be.  But how useful is their error.  May God be glorified in Jesus His, Holy and Righteous Son for the sake of what He has done in this fool.


Entertaining Them to Death

It would be very pleasant if this post were to reach a certain set of ears.  But I’m not stupid.  The ears that need to hear this aren’t listening.  I’m writing this post because I passed by a church put a small rodeo on its property.

There is a rather popular belief in today’s church.  It is a belief that says, “If we provide entertainment the people will at least have an opportunity to listen”.  So these churches provide all kinds of entertainment for the masses.

I could go on and on about how ridiculous this approach is.  But for the sake of bland truth, I’ll just make the following statements.

All day long, everyday, every night, everywhere without ceasing, entertainment is king of this world.  How deeply and irrevocable is the desire of the flesh to be entertained.  But the desire of the Spirit of God is to bring men to understanding in the things that are not of the flesh.  It is God’s desire to reveal the grandness of His Majesty.

We do men no favor by giving them what they want.  In fact we harm them.  What is it about the Living God that is similar to Man’s ways?  What right does man have, to throw the mud of men’s filth on the body of Christ?  Isn’t the revelation of the Living God’s Christ stupendous enough in its own right?  And isn’t that simple laziness to revert to entertainment.

I guess we have to ask the question, are we lovers of men or lovers of the Most High God’s Holy Son.  The answer is quite personal, for we will be commanded to give a personal accounting.

The RIGHT to Brood

I just had a realization that is fully worthy of contemplation.

Every Christian blogger desires that his or her things be read.  And oh how we take note of our ministry.  And it is right that we should care so deeply about our charge to write.  For there are plenty enough worthless writings of man in the very same place.  But we hold up the Living God’s Holy Son!

I came to understand that it is just as right to brood over this blog, as it is for a Pastor to brood over that which is his.  But then the stupendous struck me.

I have a right from God’s Holy Son to brood over the work He has delivered to me.  But I brood over what has been given.  How much more is it right for Jesus to brood over the work that is HE?  He is the source.  How deeply does He desire that His things be read and understood, ingested into the soul and accomplished?

If I care about the ministry that He had delivered to me.  How much more does He care about His Living Ministry among the people of this place of testing?