Where y’all going?

“Are you going to go to heaven?” Someone may ask you that. It’s the answer that I find very interesting. Perhaps we say “yes”. But isn’t that where our minds stop?

It’s not the arriving my friends. It’s the remaining.   We don’t go to heaven as if we mark it on our bucket list; as if someplace we have always wanted to go. 

 Those who trust the Lord Jesus, and count Him as their God, will THERE remain. His promise is to take us to a place we have never seen nor imagined.  Isn’t that true?

One might dare to say, “I’m already there”.  Isn’t his promise that solid and sure?



Luck is for the faithless.

Among the blessed of Christ there is no such thing.

Luck is for the godless.

Among the godly, Christ is all.

Keep your hope that good things might happen,

All you who hold yourselves as gods.

For Christ is sovereign,

All in all,

For those to whom he has been revealed.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no such thing as luck.

By His Grace