What has God done to us that we should despise him so wholeheartedly?   Even among those who call themselves by the name of his Holy and Righteous Son, they despise him and give him less then what is complete.  What has God done to us to deserve such treatment?

I look and see men who would rather fend for themselves then trust fully in the strength of God to sustain them.  I look and see men who invent their own laws and rules for life rather than to eat and gorge themselves on the rules and laws of God.  Interpretation is the call of the day.  What has God done to deserve such treatment?

Let every man judge for himself.  Shall the Living God bless the path that does not lead to him?   Was the Lord Jesus elevated to first among all things because he strayed violently from the path of his Heavenly Father?  How then is it reasonable to take The Salvation offered in the Gospel lightly?

Read Psalm 119 and consider.


Why Me? Why You?

I am not beckoned to live with Christ because I am a worthy soul.

I am beckoned to display the essence of God.

He is Love, to the fullest.

He is Sustaining, to the fullest.

He is LIFE.

I am His answer to rebellion.

“They have hated me for no reason.”


Fear Constrains. God Releases to Boldness.

I woke to be with the Lord this morning.  In our time together, he revealed a mystery to me.  I will try to relate it as best I can.

Why are people so reluctant to grasp a fearless doing of the Gospel?  What cuts some apart to boldness, while most live out the Gospel as if in secret?

The answer is simple, they fear.

Fear of man compels most to withdraw from public displays of Holy Truth.  Desire to “profit” among men drives most into a life of subdued worship and expression of God’s Holy Will among men.

They hear what the bold disciples say.  But they also see how such bold men are treated.  They quickly weigh the prospects of shunning, and make the determination that such travail is not worth the effort.  They must make a living.  They must eat.  They must compete in this wicked world.  And a bold proclamation of the Gospel will surely diminish their chances of survival.  Men will certainly hate them and exclude them from “prosperity” among men.

But what makes the difference between those who fearlessly proclaim the Gospel, and those who believe yet hide (to whatever extent)?

Two things play within the bold.  It’s hard for me to describe which one comes first.  Perhaps they come in unison.  One provocation to boldness is the blessing of God in the way of knowledge.  God causes the bold one to understand that the way of God is absolute, true, and sustaining no matter what.   The other provocation is that the bold perceive the wickedness of man as endless chaos.  No matter what they do, man will never protect.  Man is incapable of sustaining.  Man is full, and endlessly so, with lies and empty promises.  And the riches of man, that so called  “profit”, can provide nothing eternally valuable.

It is written, “They hated me for no reason”.  The bold receive the same treatment.  Their brothers and sisters in Christ see this treatment of the bold and withdraw to secrecy.  It’s that simple.

There were only 12 Apostles.  There were only 72 that were sent out.  And of the mass of men, there are (in my personal estimation) less than 1 percent of the population that will give all to God for the sake of His Holy Son’s Honor.  And it’s quite possible that I have over estimated the number of those who are bold for Christ.

I have seen many rise up to boldness.  But I have seen very few remain bold.  Usually, when a man stands up for Christ, the world around them beats them back into submission, and quickly.  They sink back into the “profit” of man and never rise up again.   Let no one misunderstand the power of the world to destroy.  This even happens, often, to men who wear the titles of pastor, preacher, evangelist, and so on!

If you would be bold for Christ, then be bold.  But first it would be wise to learn to hate the ways of man’s “profit”.  For they will surely use it against you to drive you back into their slime.  But if you would be willing to loose all for Christ, then, by all means stand!

Who is willing to die for Christ?  Who is willing to receive the beatings that man is all too ready to dispense?  Is it you?  If not, then ask yourself, “Why do I fear”.

God will sustain the willing heart.  He will feed the wicked, why won’t he feed you?  And if they come and take all you have, what have you lost?  These sayings are readily available among  Christ’s people.  But the key to making the decision to be bold lay in a fearless belief.  Are the promises of God TRUE?

Two Promises

Profit and loss.  The entire world is based on these two concepts.  Absolutely everything we do contains things that are considered profitable, and those things that are considered loss.

In every possible way, creation has been subjected to loss.  It takes serious diligence to build and maintain anything.  And if we are slack, we will quickly witness our work returning to “nothing” from which it came.

This is true of material things.  It is true of our relationships with one another.  It is true of all “life”, which is so very abundant in this world,  And it is absolutely true of Spiritual things.

“By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.” (Hebrews 11:3)  We could easily say that all creation was created from what was “not”.  And if left alone, to its origin all things glide.  Creation could easily be perceived as a great splash in an eternal ocean.  The water will reclaim its equality of height, by absolute necessity.

It is the blessing of God to provide Life.  It is the curse of God to restrain His hand.  That’s all it takes for man to experience loss.  Just as we can produce loss by neglect, so it is with God.

He is the Sustainer of all things.  But even the idea that something must be sustained, indicates that it tends to obliteration.

There are two promises from God.  If you will consistently turn to me, I will sustain you.  But as you desire your own strength, you will suffer loss.  The first promise leads to eternal life in Christ Jesus, for God offers no other source of blessing and life.  The second is simply our natural destination; we came from nothing, and to that nothing we will return.  But God offers eternal life to every soul that will turn to His Holy Son in faith.

I know that there is a massive misunderstanding of these things.  Man thinks that he can save himself.  How can you save yourself if your hands are busy trying to hold up your own roof?  What knowledge do you have of eternity?  Isn’t it true that eternity is only a concept within the heart of every man who ever lived?  We are born and die.  That’s not eternity, friends!

What do we know of Holy Sustaining?  We can’t even make it through an entire day without causing some sort of destruction.  We crush a bug as we walk.  We speak an unholy word in casual conversation, or we do not speak what is holy when it should have been spoken.

Proof lies abundant within us, that we can’t sustain anything for very long.  Quickly, the glide to oblivion pushes past our strength to keep things going.  We are, by nature, walking death.  God alone, and this in His Holy and Righteous Son, is LIFE.

Make your own choice.  Consider these things with the utmost diligence, or relegate these promises to obscurity.  Choose death or Life.  The one is a given, we slide through time to the place of obliteration without any effort at all.  But life must be gained from He who is Life, Christ Jesus, the Holy Son of the Living God.

The Rising Din

Every man who ever lived has heard the murmur of noise.  It is like a quiet hum in the ears of our souls.   If you listen, you’ll hear it even now.

Activity in Heaven is the cause of the noise.  A sustaining of all the vastness of that Holy space.  All the preparing for those who are coming to love the Living God’s Christ.

Holy weapons of love for the Living God’s Christ have kept their place within the very essence of each creature who abides in Heaven.  The hum of truth from their activity reaches even to the depths of this unholy mob of creatures here.  If you listen, you’ll hear it even now.

What is the vastness of Heaven?  The answer is, “Endless volume of Life”.  But I will open a secret.  I will expose what has remained promised since the day of Adam and Eve.

A moment approaches.  Even now, as each letter is laid in its proper place, that moment draws closer.  Let your soul’s ears hear the impact of this revealing.  Draw close to listen, as one might, as friends gathered around the camp fire to hear the ending of a stimulating story.

That moment will come when the Holy Father speaks “the Ending” to His Holy Son.  Without a moment’s hesitation, the Holy Son will move to seal this place of testing forever.

And here is the impact of that revealing moment:

Every Holy Creature, which lives in the vastness of Heaven, will fix his Holy eyes on earth.  Countless billions of creatures will turn from their holy work, to work toward the end of this unholy place.  The entirety of Heaven will focus on this place of abhorrent wickedness.

Are men afraid of a mob, which comes against them to tear them apart?  Enough fear of such things rises to loose the bowels.  How much fear will rise up within every soul, when the Holy Mob of Heaven turns its attention to the annihilation of this unholy place.

For now, men live as if in secret.  As though every thing they do and desire are removed from the attention of the Living God.  As though no creature has any interest in men’s doings.  Blind!  Such understanding is utter blindness!   Attention is simply waiting to be unleashed.

Give these things what thought you might.  The Holy moment of attention will come!  It will happen, for the Living God cannot lie.

Seek the Gospel of Christ Jesus.  In that Gospel alone, does peace toward that moment exist.

We Love?

The Love of God radiates out.
He does not need anything.

All creation, in heaven and earth, receives.   We who have nothing to offer back. Even what we do is expected service.

Shall we return love?  It is already diluted, for He gave freely from His generous heart.  But we return only that which is left over.

God sustains all.  Even the grave’s foundation rests on a place He built and knows.  Hell is sustained by His Holy consuming Flame.  All life belongs to Him.  What belongs to man?

Sin? Does rebellion belong to man?  Isn’t rebellion simply a physical admition that love does not belong to us?  What belongs to man?

Does God need our praise to be God?  Does He die if we are not thankful?   But we are born needy.  The first breath is of air He sustains.  The last breath releases to go to another place He sustains.  Is God ever lessened by man?

But our thankfulness makes Him more.  His Holy Kingdom expands as another returns in faith.  Love from man may be of duress, but something is made better by He who is everything.