Useful Agility

Let’s suppose a man who knows absolutely nothing about mathematics. Let’s give him two apples. Now he knows that he has more than one. There’s an apple in each hand.

Let’s give him one more apple. Now he knows he has more apples then his two hands can hold. Tell him he has three apples. See how he has learned something about mathematics.

I know. That’s a really stupid scenario. But isn’t it true that the more the man learns the more useful he will become?

But how many people think they are righteous yet can’t seem to do the simplest righteous task? Consistent righteous behavior seems to run away from them like it’s afraid. While they should be adding to their agility in righteousness every day, they can’t maintain a single one.

To make yourself agile in mathematics refer to a textbook. To understand the nature of righteousness read the Bible.


The Orientation of “Valuable”

365 days in a year. 365 years. I haven’t even quite made it to 65 yet. But Enoch, the seventh from Adam, lived 365 years before he walked with God and was seen no more for God took him.  

Can you close your eyes and imagine living 365 years in this place?  

Without God, I know for a fact I would despise my life in short order. But with the Lord to comfort me, guide me, teach me, and make me useful, it doesn’t matter how long I live where.  

Let us rethink “valuable”.

Useless Women

What’s called an argument can have two meanings. One is a volatile debate between two people who are not willing to see eye to eye. No, this is a bad thing. The other can be referred to as a substantiation of something true. Yeah, that’s what I’m about to do.  

The arguments for Christ are irrefutable. They can be denied, but that’s always at our loss. They can be taken wrong; that is to say, they can be taken personally as an offense. But that’s to misunderstand the entire purpose of such an argument.  

Here’s an interesting argument for Christ.  

The young man is out to seek a wife. He’s a good looking young boy, so there’s a lot of very beautiful and talented women who want his company. What should he choose?  

If he considers himself an ugly and useless young man he’ll choose wisely. But if what he’s looking for his beauty and talent and lots of joyful unions, he’ll choose wrong.  

When a man or woman except the gospel of Christ, they are taken into the house of Christ. From that vantage point they are shown numerous marvelous things. They become part of the bride of Christ. Then they are sent out into the world to be useful to their husband. They are to help him add to his bride. 

What if they consider themselves beautiful and talented? Won’t they become just as useless to their husband as all the beautiful women who chased after the young man?

Seasons Change 

The wind has changed direction in America. But don’t be fooled. A changing wind doesn’t automatically bring sobriety among the population.  

They diligently taught the children to live godless lives. Hear their vows to continue. See how violence takes the place of godly words.  

The season has changed but the people haven’t. What was will come again.  

While it is a political Spring, teach your children its meaning. Teach them to know the difference. We have 4 years to prepare. Winter will come soon enough. Spring is for tilling and planting.  

When the dark wind blows again, will your godly wisdom have produced godliness in your family? Will the coming change see strength or will it see capitulation? Tend to your farm!

This world is still at war with the will of God in Christ. That’s not about to change. Use this next 4 years to ready a people who are willing to learn to love Him. Or we are very likely to see an even deeper rooted godlessness Spring up.  

Be wise in Christ. Be driven by God. Be diligent. TEACH.

“Where’s the Glory!”

You can’t live with me in the truck.  For one thing, there isn’t room.  You can’t find your daily meal from cans of soup and beans.  The stove and refrigerator would be jealous.  You can’t be isolated from Humanity but for an occasional confrontation here and there.  6 days a week.  Then home, as a stranger.

No!  This place is for me.

But don’t you have your own, your house, your family, your home.  And isn’t THERE, things “Too much for you”?  Don’t those things clamor like tiny chicks noisily begging for worms. 

No time for rest, or your glory will die. 
No time to compare,
“Who has it better than I?”

Should we think that the Glory of Christ in us is limited “someplace else”?  Is it right to think that if you were someone else you could bring him what is Honorable? 

If you did all the things that a day’s work demands.  What would be said of you?  What would be said of your Lord?  What right would you have to speak among the people then?  And wouldn’t your diligence, honorable and true, be speech enough; not only visible but audible in deed?

His Glory stands waiting in your “house”.  Be dressed.  Serve.

Through the Generations

How many generations will be witness to your response to the call of Christ?  We are not Christians alone, you know.  Whether you believe it or not, they are all watching you.

When you need help, do you know someone in Christ who is dependable for God driven answers?  Why can’t that someone be you?

There are so few who stand as ambassadors of the Lord Jesus.  Wouldn’t it make sense to train yourself to become one of them?

By the time your life is finished the number of ambassadors would have increased by one.  And thousands more will benefit through the generations as you leave your legacy for eternity.

If the world is not thirsty, it’s because they drink wine instead of water.  Think about it.