People can do an apparently endless volume of things. Yet, by the command of the Lord God Almighty, the things they do amount to “nothing”.

“Without ME you can do nothing.”

What then is the value of human achievement?

The Tower of Babel

​They gathered together and said, “Come let us build a city that reaches to the heavens so that we can make a name for ourselves”.  But it was not time in the history of man under God to do such a thing.  

We are living in the time when God has released man to do as he pleases.  The language of man is not being confused, it is unifying.

People call all their inventions “good”.  But look, where is God in all of this?  If God alone is good, and he has been stripped of his glory among men, how can this be good?

When the people chase after the things they want and love, once they strip themselves of the bounds of God’s rule, they never go back.  But God’s rule doesn’t change.  His demands and commands are life.  If the people try to avoid him, they curse themselves with death.  It can’t be any different.  And everyone, deep down inside, knows this is true.  “If you love me you will keep my commands.”  The inverse is true: “If you hate me you will despise my commands.”

With all that we have invented, we have become nothing.  Blindly, they think they are creating a paradise.  There is no celebration in the grave.

The Living Light Switch

Curiosity has touched me.  I tried to hide among the bushes, but he found me out none the less.  I thought I could rely on understanding.  But understanding is like a loosely built fence, which through the cracks between,  I can receive a glimpse of heaven.  And it is while I stand along that fence, in the shadow of obscurity, that curiosity comes to greet me.

I know the answer to the question, but that there should even be a question marvels me.  The question covers three topics.  By necessity, I can’t figure out how to make it short.  But the answer is supported by the legs of the three topics.  At the top of the “Table of answer”, I lay my conclusion.

Leg 1. Why is constant and enduring self-discipline necessary for the things of God?

Leg 2. Why must man be encouraged, and even sometimes forced, to pray?

Leg 3. To where do the words of the Bible disappear after we have read them?

Human beings are so amazingly capable of learning, doing and retaining.  The volume of technology is proof of this.  There are those who have mastered virtually the complete volume of Technology ( Make no mistake, the word volume is misleading.  How many books are written on various subjects by various masters of their own trade?).  And the list of those who aspire to join them in this accomplishment is very long. 

Self discipline, zeal, and retention, do not lack among men.  What I find mysterious is the lack of understanding of those three “legs” in the things of God.

I know there is a distinction between what is flesh and what is Spirit.  But even a man who contains the Holy Spirit of God finds himself being dragged back to the flesh from time to time.  Today he remembers and does.  Tomorrow he forgets and stumbles.

Obviously, dedication to God’s things is not accomplished by a momentary decision; as if one flips the switch in the room and the light comes on.  Now he can go about the room and do as he pleases, forgetting the switch.  No, it is more like the man must rise from his chair to switch it on again.  For the switch tends to move down to the off position, as if it were a being in itself. (Please don’t become paranoid, and find yourself watching the switch.  It’s just an analogy.)

The answer to this mystery, is that God has made these things so that he may test the fullness of a man’s heart.  Laziness in the things of God is not an option.  It requires a constant straining toward the things of heaven.  Relax, and you will surely suffer loss.

A man may study technology, then take a vacation without loss.  But the man of God who does this, will find himself horribly lacking.  The information of God does not arrive without direct connection to the Spirit of God.  And it cannot be reliably retained by the flesh.  And dissipates rather quickly with non-use.  But where does it go?

I have found the Lord Jesus to be incredibly humble.  He does not force himself on anyone.  Neither does he help us unless we ask.  Agreed, there are circumstances beyond our knowledge in which he must help us.  Rest assured, he does and is.  But the volume of what is Holy belongs to him.  If by derilection, we push him away, the things that are Holy go with him.  That my friend, is where the words of the Bible go.

I am warned afresh.  Yet in this I also find a great promise.  The Lord has promised us, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”.  And he has taught us, “Without me you can do nothing”.  But I am struck by the reality of his promises as they play out in our daily life.

This is not hidden knowledge.  It is not only available in the Bible, but all his people testify of these things everyday.  Perhaps what is more amazing, is that there are still Church going folk who do not know these things.  For I perceive how often the Pastor must encourage the flock to read the Bible, to pray, and to do the things of Christ.

Indeed, the mystery of godliness is great!

By His Grace


“A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.”


Faith in the Christ of the Living God.

Political, social, personal, bodily, mental, environmental, technical, it doesn’t matter what it is.  Christ Jesus is the panacea for all the ailments of Man.

From aspirin to nucular bombs, from violence to political correctness, from sewers to recycling, from the advancements of wars to the pursuit of world peace, humanity tries everything but Jesus.  Take a good look at the result of Man’s ability.  Go ahead and be ignorant (display stupidity), tell me things are better than they’ve ever been. 

Why would you say such a thing?  Is it because you can watch television?  “Big woop!”  Do you think things are better than they’ve ever been because you have a cell phone?  “Woo hoo!”  Do you really think man has cured everything evil because you get to ride around in a car?  “Wow!  Really, wow?”

Depression runs rampant among you.  Hatred and anger are the call of the day.  Blame is considered the cure for personal mental difficulties.  And unforgiveness, ungodliness, hatred, immorality, laziness, obesity, physical and mental illness of every kind, find a happy home among modern Man.  “Yeeha!”  Not to mention the pre-eminent god of Man, money.

The majority of mankind has thrown Jesus to the refuse pile.  And in doing that, they have sealed their own fate.  I can’t fix the world.  I can’t help even one person.  But unless you give your life to Jesus, in its entirety, you are destined to suffer by your own hand.

Panacea among men is a fairytale.  But look how stupidly they chase after it.  The solution is quite simple.  Trust Jesus with everything you have.  Allow him to show you how to be holy.

To solid Christians, this is obvious.  To the rest of the world, it is an abhorrent  concept.   But does anybody even ask why that’s true?  It’s true because it destroys the pride of Man.  It’s a direct attack against everything Man is.

The Word of God labels every man as a liar.  God has no respect for any man.  God says, “Humble yourself before me!  Remain in that posture, and when my wisdom says the time is right, I will lift you up”.

But people say, “NO!  You will lift me up now.  Everything in this world either does what I want it to, or I throw it away.”  And this is how they have treated the Holy Son of the Most High God.  “You will fix my troubles now, if indeed you are God.”

Ok that’s fine.  Then live among the things of squalor.  Watch your children turn to drugs and sexual immorality.  Watch the concept of marriage become so deluded that priests even marry animals to humans.  Watch the wars intensify.  Watch every sort of wickedness explode in the streets.  And you will be fully helpless to stop it.

Christ Jesus IS the panacea!  And it really doesn’t matter whether you believe these things or not.  Eternity is quite capable of moving on without you.

By His Grace

The Birthplace of Oxymoron

Did you know that the use of the word oxymoron has skyrocketed since 1950?  Before that, the word was hardly used at all. 

I gleaned this information from a chart you can find on Google.  I assume the chart is born from a computerized assessment of words used in the writings of men. 


What is the reason for this?  I propose it can be explained.

Consider 1945.  World War 2 is ablaze.  Forced by death, men embrace science with the greatest of urgent passion.  While the men of “The Faith” established Youth for Christ.  And so the division begins in earnest.  For the sake of fleshly survival, men abandon God.

Relatively speaking, before that year, men were innocent of the hideous abandon we now see.  And so the vigorous use of the word oxymoron begins.  God calls the dead to life, but the dead desire death.

In that year a serious division between the works of man and the works of God was born.  In that year, the beginning of the end began.  In that year, technology was released by necessity.  In that year, dead men died even more.  In that year, the possibility of saving souls diminished.

Oxymoron: a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g., “Science will save us”). 

(Do you know who said that, those words quoted in the e.g.?  It was the current leader of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.)

In that year, men began to live as oxymorons; living as contradictions between life and death.  Forced by the nature of the world, to divide themselves from the Living God.  Forced, by the nature of the world around them, to prepare an army which will face The Christ.

If it began there, how established are they now?  If your grandfather’s began to separate from God in that year, where are you today?  Do you dare ask yourself, “What time is it”?

The meaning of this is clear to me, and this by the Spirit of the Living God.  If there was an urgency within the gospel, in centuries past, it is unspeakably urgent now.  For as 1945 came without fanfare, so the coming of Christ will be.

But I am forced to repeat the words of the Prophet, “Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?”

By His Grace

Shining Folly

It has come and stolen what is precious.  But no one seems to notice.  The treasury of man has been ransacked while the guards were sleeping.

Even making this proclamation requires that the story be told of the things that have been stolen.  For humanity has forgotten its used to own a precious gift.

A man was walking down the street.  In his pocket he had 7 golden coins.  His hand would not leave his pocket while he walked about in public.  This is how lovingly he protected his wealth.

A stealthy creature, dressed in white, stepped out of an alley in front of him.  With beaming smile he addressed the man.  “I am pleasantly rich and have chosen you, that I may grant you the desire of your heart”.  So the creature spoke to the man.

Because the creature was lovely, and the offer so desired, the man stopped to listen.  “What do you offer and how much do you require?” 

With entrancing eyes and a beautiful smile, the creature produced a shining large coin.  Its beauty was magnificent and it seemed to hum in the hands of the creature.  The man’s heart was set ablaze with desire. “This coin is rare indeed.  It has been mined from a place where only three men have ever been able to reach.  But because I have chosen you, all I require are 7 gold coins.”

Without another thought the 7 coins in the man’s pocket were exchanged.  With best wishes they parted company and the man left for his duties.

He could have spent the 7 gold coins that were in his pocket.  He could have thrived well for the rest of his life on what property he did own.  But he exchanged it for a worthless plug of metal. 

For two reasons it is worthless.  Because it is not the currency of the land, no one will exchange it for goods.  And because the man thinks it is more precious than his very life, he will not part with it.  So the man is ruined though he does not perceive it.

To poverty he plunged before he took the first step away from the creature. Man has exchanged a very valuable resource for the things that do not last.

In the days before technology men believed in deity.  This is the time of which is written, “But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship.” (Galatians 4: 4)

With what will man today reach to purchase the things that last forever?  He has exchange his wealth for shining folly.

God’s people yearn to see a love for the living God displayed in all men.  But they will not listen because they have exchanged their wealth for that which will not last.

By His Grace