I was rightly convinced decades ago. Reverence for Jesus, the fear of God, (in the book of acts, in the first century) was not at all like Christianity today. The people were not baptized as a beginning of their Christian walk. They were baptized because they were "walking".

They were not baptized because they believed the message of the gospel. They were baptized as a sign and seal that they were living the Gospel.

How does that compare to what you have witnessed?

The Intangible Key

This is what I am learning from God.  

No religion of man will produce the key to the front door of God’s house. At best it can only bring us to within sight of His Holy Mountain (perhaps even a rise in the ground at the foothills). This is also true of altered Christianity.  

We should not be deceived by our own mind; NOTHING inhabits the things of God’s land but the things of God. Utter truth and perfect sobriety are the consuming joy of Christ’s kingdom.  

Anything other than Christ is nothing more than a passing dot of a shadow in a darkened place. Life is Life. Everything else is death.  

Even those who make a religion out of telling others about these things will find their religion has an end. Evangelism and prophecy will not save us. It can only lead others to such as this post. For the day will come when no one will say to his neighbor “Know ye the Lord”. All things will be revealed to all God’s creatures.

Let’s stop drinking our own fermented opinions. May we sober up.  

Learn with me. On what are you placing all your hope? Have you examined your religion; those things you are doing because you think they please God?

Worms Made Human!

David, the king of Israel, the benchmark for the people to show them a relationship with the Living God.  

He saw another man’s wife bathing on a rooftop. He commanded that she should be brought to him. He did what is unspeakable before God. Then to add to his sin, he commanded that her husband should be murdered on the battlefield.  

He destroyed the wife of another man. He destroyed a family. He had a husband, father, and honorable man murdered. He was consumed with his own desire, mindless of the lives of God’s people or the sure consequences. Let your mind put the story on the streets of today in America. See it for what it is.  

What is the story to us? It is proof of salvation. It is proof of God’s will to impart life to the dead. In the account, David shows us who we are.  

Do you feel sometimes that you were not worthy to go to prayer? Read the story and understand.  

Do you feel sometimes that there is no way God can save you; you have gone too far, your sin is too great? Read the story and understand.  

The salvation of any man is a miracle. That any of us can believe the promise: that God has made a place for us for eternity other than the grave. This is a vast, boundless, wondrous, and unspeakable miracle. Amazing that what is unholy should believe it has a place in what is utterly Holy.  

It is God’s will that you believe this. It is God’s will that you come to him. We do not go to him because we are worthy to be received. We go to him for the sake of his honorable and righteous Holy name. Remember how he sealed his will with his own Holy blood. We go to him because we believe.  

David has received eternal life. Believe and receive the same.  

Three Advantages

​    The ones who love God have three things happen to them.
     They are despised on this Earth while they love the one who made them.  Somehow such open love is considered illicit.
     But when they leave this place they go to be with the one they have loved so dearly.  They are ushered into Eternal Joy with open arms.  For they have proved they love him more than these.
     And the third thing that happens to them is most fascinating.  Their name, their words, their actions, are all rolled onto a pedestal called Legend.
     Man is curious.  He will despise and kill his enemy, then he will raise his enemy to Legendary status.  With the same words he uses to lie, he now tells fanciful stories about this one who is no longer among them.  By this, the work of God’s people is multiplied many-fold.
      In these three things, the love of God is greatly glorified.  See how the wisdom of God works to glorify love, life, righteousness, Justice, compassion, grace, and mercy.  And all these things are in the being of his holy and righteous son Jesus!
So be it.

To Desolve an Impasse

I am so consumed with the things of God and eternal life for all men that I cannot compete in the expectations of the world.  Likewise, however, the world is consumed with its own expectations so that it cannot compete in the things of God.  Thus an impasse.

Because of the lovely blessings of God I cannot go to the world’s ways.  And because of their perverted definition of the word love, the world cannot come to God’s ways.  God’s love constrains me.  Man’s pride constrains them.

One of the rules of man’s pride is civility.  Because of this rule, they retain me in the social position of my birth.  But they have no regard for my open love for The God who is saving me.  I cannot hold this against anyone, for wasn’t I just like them.  But how shall this impasse the broken?

It needs first to be said that the pride of man will find an end in the grave, while the love of God goes on forever.  But this cannot be an acceptable break in the impasse, while God and myself (Because of his love for me) desires so many to be with us in Paradise.

Jesus told us that many are called but few are chosen.  “But no my Lord, they will surely die.  Truly, can nothing more be done to save their souls from your promised destruction?”  Yet does he not desire willing hearts to love him?  Thus the impasse continues.

Speak, lead, display, love, and groom.  Who knows, perhaps they will see and live.  How many of the Israelites that were released from bondage in Egypt entered into the Promised Land?   Though they saw magnificent sights, heard wondrous thundering sounds, ate of Mana, and enjoyed such marvelous blessings, still they all died apart from the promise.  The impasse holds little hope of rending here.

Yet what other hope is there?  The Living God cannot allow rebellion and pride into eternity.  And no member of The Eternity desires that God should forsake purity.  No, rebelion belongs destroyed.  And pride must be crushed, eternally reduced to nothing.

I surmise that the impasse belongs to Man.  It is man who demands to have his own way honored by the Living God.  Yet it is God who sent his only Son to be murdered for the sake of Man’s salvation.  Yes, the impasse belongs to man.

I love my brother’s of Flesh.  I do not want to see them destroyed.  But the choice is not mine, is it.

Since God in me is contemptible by those who know me, it is given to me to write.  Doesn’t familiarity breed contempt?  “We know where this man is from.  We know what a fool he has been.  How can he now think he knows God better than we?  How does he dare presume to teach us!”  And so pride loves contempt in the presence of familiarity.  (and by their contempt they prove they do not know God)

There is so much to say.  But I confess my writing is somewhat curtailed for the lack of apparent audience, why speak if no one listens.  I imagine that I could well have written twice this blog’s volume of words, if only I had perceived that some benefited.   But don’t statistics defy imagination?  Almost seven years of writing have produced a virtual flat-line statistical range.  Perhaps you can see why I have wondered about the productivity of his words in me.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not complaining for a lack of audience.  I simply see a lack of inspiration to increase the pace of this work.  Yet isn’t that lack within me.  And isn’t it then my duty to seek out inspiration from my God?

By his grace I will find the strength to write.  For haven’t I determined here that there is no other means to break the impasse?

There is an article I was allowed to write two or three years ago called “The Craftsman”.  No, I haven’t forgotten it’s premise.  It is impossible to forget something that is with you everyday.

Through the Generations

How many generations will be witness to your response to the call of Christ?  We are not Christians alone, you know.  Whether you believe it or not, they are all watching you.

When you need help, do you know someone in Christ who is dependable for God driven answers?  Why can’t that someone be you?

There are so few who stand as ambassadors of the Lord Jesus.  Wouldn’t it make sense to train yourself to become one of them?

By the time your life is finished the number of ambassadors would have increased by one.  And thousands more will benefit through the generations as you leave your legacy for eternity.

If the world is not thirsty, it’s because they drink wine instead of water.  Think about it.