Being a Christian

This morning I see this:Darkness on the earth is witness to a hushed murmur of violence. The night is a cloak for the thieves.  

They steal what they will; property, life and peace.  

But this I perceived:

The world spins around causing the Sun to rise. And the noise of wickedness is no longer a murmur.  

Now it is a deafening roar of greedy desire and wicked intent.  

Their eyes open shooting fiery knives of blame. Dreams and nightmares give way to the reality of judgmental hearts.  

The peace of the wee hours of the morning.  

The time of prayer, time of reflection. The time to receive life from He who is Life. Clarity comes from Him. And in the clarity I can perceive as if indeed from some vast distance. The place where the splatter of blood cannot reach.  

The night will come again. The thieves will sleep, the thieves will tiptoe about. But He who lives forever is Peace.  

By the command of the Living God, His name is Jesus! Quiet your soul and trust Him. Listen intently for what cannot be heard. Search for what IS. His desire is for you. Doesn’t the blood beneath the cross prove His intent?

He is not a thief, unlike we who pray. He comes to grant life, wisdom, forgiveness, peace, joy, faithfulness, and doesn’t the list become endless? Those who learn to receive become like He. The spinning of the earth becomes far less fearsome.  

This, is to be a Christian.  


Rejection = Murder

I know why displaying public affection for Jesus is a no no.

Why would the people who murdered the Christ want to be anywhere near his Father?

The Glory of God


Not dressed as the manufactured beauty of today.  But bloody none-the-less.

Do not weep but understand.

Every stripe, is strength to you.
Every blow another piece of armor.
Every particle of every drop of blood is eternal life even in its self.

Endlessly strong and willing is the One men weep about today.

See and understand.


If everyone who worships the Christ where to speak with the boldness of the Living God, the world would not put up with us.  They would rise up as one to put us all to death. 

Then watch the power of God be displayed among Man!  For among the ranks of the murderers rises equally as many!




This was found in Wikipedia:

An essay written around 160 AD, attributed to Lucian, a mock legal prosecution called The Consonants at Law — Sigma v. Tau in the Court of Seven Vowels contains a reference to the cross attribution. Sigma petitions the court to sentence Tau to death by crucifixion, saying:
Men weep, and bewail their lot, and curse Cadmus with many curses for introducing Tau into the family of letters; they say it was his body that tyrants took for a model, his shape that they imitated, when they set up structures on which men are crucified. Stauros (cross) the vile engine is called, and it derives its vile name from him. Now, with all these crimes upon him, does he not deserve death, nay, many deaths? For my part I know none bad enough but that supplied by his own shape — that shape which he gave to the gibbet named stauros after him by men

Luke Warm

“Let us feel like we are saved.  Let us revel in some future joy.  Leave us alone, this world is too harsh and we want to live in sweet dreams.

We do not want to fast, for food is pleasurable.  We do not want to ache because of the Holiness of God.  We do not want to think ill of our brothers in flesh.  We do not want to speak down regarding the things this world loves so much. 

You do not realize the difficulty we face if we turn to God completely.  They will come and take away our place.  They will push us to a corner of obscurity.  They will hate us even as we can see they hate you.  They may even kill us and our children!  Why do you continue to badger us?”

Have it your way.  But consider, Christ did not measure his love for His Holy Father when he died for you on the cross.

By His Grace

The Majestic Mystery

From Eternity, he was Faultless.

Restrained in body, just the Same.

And since death had no claim upon him,

He bid it, “Have free reign”.

Eternal Majesty, robed in flesh.

The Majesty of God, walked among us.

And as he hung up on the cross,

Majesty was willingly clothed with oblivion.

“And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit.”
The Christ of God is risen from the dead!

He is seated forever at the right hand of the Most High God!

Let all the world hear the proclamation!

To those who know:

Do not seal it up!

The Christ is God forever!

“For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.” (Hebrews 4:15)

By His Grace