“Stir the pot”, a mundane saying that is more volatile then a nuclear weapon.  The saying has a malicious use.  There are many people who stir the pot of humanity simply for the joy of watching the chaos it produces.  But it also has the sweetest of intent when used properly.

How can I stir the pot of godly things within my soul?  And how can I stir the pot for my brothers of flesh to do the same?  I don’t desire to raise anger to the surface.  I’m trying to lift desire for God from the bottom of the pot to the surface.

As my soul is stired, one of the things that comes floating to the surface is called eternity.  In that nugget of absolutes lays enough concern to consume my entire life.  And as I look at my own unwillingness to obey, I naturally have fear for the sake of my brothers.

For that reason alone, I cannot be silent.  The Living God has spoken, death is the inheritance of every man outside of his Holy Son’s rule.  It is imperative that I let this understanding consume me.  It is imperative that every man do the same.

The day of flesh is quickly coming to an end.  I will not allow it to be said that I did not warn my brothers. 

By His Grace


Willing Refinement

The fire is brought to the field to cleanse it of stubble and blight.  The winds of a hurricane are a pleasure to the man who knows he has built his house well.

For everything a man may make, receives a testing.  To the craftsmen who knows he has done his work well, there is no fear.  For even if his work may suffer loss, he is anxious to apply his learning.  Such a man’s hands quiver with delight at the approach of destruction.

As the racehorse strains against the bit, ready and willing to run, so the man of God looks forward to the testings.  Always looking for refinement, he does not despise destruction of weakness.

It is of man to desire rest in peace from the labor of his hands.  He seeks respite for the weakness of his body and the sparseness of resource.

But the Spirit of of the Holy Lord God Almighty urges toward completion.  Let every one of God’s people be joyful to submit themselves to the fire of God’s Holy expectations.

His love is destruction for all that is unholy.  But this destruction is sent in eternally lovely intent.  The rewards will always outweigh the tears.  Yet is it righteous for us to have tears at all?

Allowing ourselves to be driven, accomplishment draws nearer.  But rest, as the flesh desires, and you will suffer loss.

Every man will appear before the Holy Lord to give account of himself.  The day of judgement will come as the final restraint.  But now is the day of testing.  Now is the day for becoming.

It is the forceful soul who presents himself to the day of judgement now.  “The Faith” in Christ Jesus is the beauty of holy strength.

May God receive the bounty that belongs rightfully to him; the refinement, the willing refinement of his holy people.  His reward is in his hand as he stands to judge all men. 

Let us therefore not despise the destruction of those things the flesh desires.  Rather let us side with God in His Holy judgment against sin.

The servant who whimpers at the commands of his master, is no joy at the dinner table.  Such a one is deservedly given a lower place.

By His Grace