Do Not Be Careless

I have learned the hard way, and often, that if a man rests in this world’s things the flesh will overtake him.  If a man is not diligent to do the things of the Living God’s Holy Christ, spiritual righteousness will not overtake him.  He will be overtaken by utter unrighteousness.  If anyone believes otherwise, I would like him to explain to me Philippians 2:12.

It is important, imperative, to remember:  Christ is the love of God made manifest.  But he is also the manifestation of his Father’s Holiness and Righteousness. 

Do not be deceived by the careless many.  It is the one who does the Father’s will that secures the friendship of Christ.


Entertaining Them to Death

It would be very pleasant if this post were to reach a certain set of ears.  But I’m not stupid.  The ears that need to hear this aren’t listening.  I’m writing this post because I passed by a church put a small rodeo on its property.

There is a rather popular belief in today’s church.  It is a belief that says, “If we provide entertainment the people will at least have an opportunity to listen”.  So these churches provide all kinds of entertainment for the masses.

I could go on and on about how ridiculous this approach is.  But for the sake of bland truth, I’ll just make the following statements.

All day long, everyday, every night, everywhere without ceasing, entertainment is king of this world.  How deeply and irrevocable is the desire of the flesh to be entertained.  But the desire of the Spirit of God is to bring men to understanding in the things that are not of the flesh.  It is God’s desire to reveal the grandness of His Majesty.

We do men no favor by giving them what they want.  In fact we harm them.  What is it about the Living God that is similar to Man’s ways?  What right does man have, to throw the mud of men’s filth on the body of Christ?  Isn’t the revelation of the Living God’s Christ stupendous enough in its own right?  And isn’t that simple laziness to revert to entertainment.

I guess we have to ask the question, are we lovers of men or lovers of the Most High God’s Holy Son.  The answer is quite personal, for we will be commanded to give a personal accounting.

This is the Judgement

Truth, faithfulness, the righteous expectations of God, prayer, holiness, glorification of God’s Holy Son, willing obedience to heavenly things, and a daily renewal of all these things.  This can be expected for those who willingly submit to the leadership of Christ Jesus.

But pleasure of this world’s desires, chasing after everything that is not God, short and useless prayers (such as God bless america), powerless religious observances, and oh so many other things, this is the nature of a man without Jesus.

19 “This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21 But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.”  (The Gospel of John chapter 3)

How incredibly sad that this should be our epitaph; that at the moment of our death, our pursuit of anything but God is all we bring to the Holy Throne of the Sovereign God.  All the while he offers freely so very much to any who will purposefully place him in his proper position.

By his own nature man is lazy.  Oh he’ll provide for all the things he wants.  But is he willing to let God cause him to provide all the things that God wants?

Those who diligently seek the truth of God in Christ Jesus will be granted God’s desires.  There is no need to qualify that statement.  But those who only desire the things of this world, such people will not find the things that God is willing to offer so freely.

By His Grace

The Living Light Switch

Curiosity has touched me.  I tried to hide among the bushes, but he found me out none the less.  I thought I could rely on understanding.  But understanding is like a loosely built fence, which through the cracks between,  I can receive a glimpse of heaven.  And it is while I stand along that fence, in the shadow of obscurity, that curiosity comes to greet me.

I know the answer to the question, but that there should even be a question marvels me.  The question covers three topics.  By necessity, I can’t figure out how to make it short.  But the answer is supported by the legs of the three topics.  At the top of the “Table of answer”, I lay my conclusion.

Leg 1. Why is constant and enduring self-discipline necessary for the things of God?

Leg 2. Why must man be encouraged, and even sometimes forced, to pray?

Leg 3. To where do the words of the Bible disappear after we have read them?

Human beings are so amazingly capable of learning, doing and retaining.  The volume of technology is proof of this.  There are those who have mastered virtually the complete volume of Technology ( Make no mistake, the word volume is misleading.  How many books are written on various subjects by various masters of their own trade?).  And the list of those who aspire to join them in this accomplishment is very long. 

Self discipline, zeal, and retention, do not lack among men.  What I find mysterious is the lack of understanding of those three “legs” in the things of God.

I know there is a distinction between what is flesh and what is Spirit.  But even a man who contains the Holy Spirit of God finds himself being dragged back to the flesh from time to time.  Today he remembers and does.  Tomorrow he forgets and stumbles.

Obviously, dedication to God’s things is not accomplished by a momentary decision; as if one flips the switch in the room and the light comes on.  Now he can go about the room and do as he pleases, forgetting the switch.  No, it is more like the man must rise from his chair to switch it on again.  For the switch tends to move down to the off position, as if it were a being in itself. (Please don’t become paranoid, and find yourself watching the switch.  It’s just an analogy.)

The answer to this mystery, is that God has made these things so that he may test the fullness of a man’s heart.  Laziness in the things of God is not an option.  It requires a constant straining toward the things of heaven.  Relax, and you will surely suffer loss.

A man may study technology, then take a vacation without loss.  But the man of God who does this, will find himself horribly lacking.  The information of God does not arrive without direct connection to the Spirit of God.  And it cannot be reliably retained by the flesh.  And dissipates rather quickly with non-use.  But where does it go?

I have found the Lord Jesus to be incredibly humble.  He does not force himself on anyone.  Neither does he help us unless we ask.  Agreed, there are circumstances beyond our knowledge in which he must help us.  Rest assured, he does and is.  But the volume of what is Holy belongs to him.  If by derilection, we push him away, the things that are Holy go with him.  That my friend, is where the words of the Bible go.

I am warned afresh.  Yet in this I also find a great promise.  The Lord has promised us, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”.  And he has taught us, “Without me you can do nothing”.  But I am struck by the reality of his promises as they play out in our daily life.

This is not hidden knowledge.  It is not only available in the Bible, but all his people testify of these things everyday.  Perhaps what is more amazing, is that there are still Church going folk who do not know these things.  For I perceive how often the Pastor must encourage the flock to read the Bible, to pray, and to do the things of Christ.

Indeed, the mystery of godliness is great!

By His Grace

My flesh gets a Ripin

Everybody loves to see the bad guy get a whoopin.  Even a bold tongue lashing satisfies the itch for justice.  Isn’t that how Hollywood makes most of their bucks?

I invite you to my personal altercation.   The setting is that imperceptible slice between soul and body.   It was held in that tiny room that no man can enter alone.

Every house has a room like this, but not very many people know where it is.  The people who are proud of their house would even deny that such a room can exist within their four walls.  Even immaculate places of men  have hideous secrets.


This isn’t the first time I’ve sat you down for a talk.  It’s not possible that this is the last time either.

I know these talks don’t do you any good.  Cuz every time you nod, like you understand, I hear the loose screws rattle around.  Yeah, just like that.

But I just need to vent a little bit, and now’s as good a time as any.

I don’t mean this bad, but you are simply insane.  Nothing you want will ever come to you.  And you trash everything you do get.

Apparently you don’t know anything about age.  You seem to think you’re still 17 and single.  The only things you ever remember are all the good times you had while you were flatline stupid.

You always have some foolish suggestion when I look to do things right.  And I just get tired of listening to you babble.

You lust after everything.  Your strawberry isn’t big enough, ripe enough or juicy enough.  There isn’t a plate in our house big enough to satisfy your tiny belly.

If you do something and don’t get caught, you think you’re righteous.  If I could finish my time here without you, I’d throw you into a dungeon myself.

You used to carry me around every place you wanted to go.  But now I gotta drag your worthless legs every where.

The only bright side to this ungodly union, is that you don’t have much time left.  Man oh man, will I be happy on the morning when you stop being able to open your greedy eyes!  Cuz that’s the morning when I get a whole new set.

Well its been real nice talking to you.  Strangely enough, I do feel better.  I appreciate your silence for the last few minutes.  Even if I found it hard to bear your blank stare.

By His Grace