The Existence of Death

The title seems like an oxymoron.  But everything on earth has a beginning and an end.  

That statement alone is something to ponder for three weeks.  But let’s take a look at this:

Something strikes me that’s worth thinking about. I don’t exactly know how to prove it by the Bible. But I think there’s enough general knowledge to give this some support.  

From the very beginning God created animals on this planet that had to consume other life in order to survive. I don’t believe that kind of activity could be found in heaven. But then I just don’t know.  

Evidently death was already on this planet before Adam was created. At least a certain kind of death was already here. A plant would grow, produce fruit, and have it be consumed by some other creature. At the very least existence, then nonexistence, was already here.  

Ponder that a few minutes. I would love to know what you think.  

A certain point is very interesting to me: Eve had some understanding of nonexistence before she ate the forbidden fruit. That’s how satan could make a play on God’s words, and expect Eve to understand.

Is Jesus Trustworthy?

It is impossible for God to sin.  To sin is to deviate from perfection.  Such an action can only be done by anyone who is not God.  God himself is the standard of perfection forever (a redundant phrase for perfection and forever are synonymous).

There is one who decided perfection was too high to hold.  Both in word and deed, an accusation was made against God: “You demand too much of us.  You do not provide what is necessary for us to obey.  Therefore sin is our only alternative.  If not now, it is only a question of when.”   (Isn’t this what man is saying even today?   And by saying this aren’t we questioning the trustworthiness of Christ?)

By this he shattered the love of God.  By this pride he spit in the face of the one who made him and granted him his place.  (You can read of his demise in Ezekiel chapter 28)

The result of that choice is chaos and death.  This “other” fell from glory and took one third of the angels with him. Anywhere you find the creatures who willingly fell from perfection, (or man who has never known perfection) you will find chaos and death.  They were banished from heaven and now make their place among us.

This is the reason for the decay of the world.  Wickedness was born long before the birth of the first man at the hands of God.  And it finds its display among our words in the temptation of Eve.

But the gospel tells us of One who cannot sin.  This One has been with the Holy Father from the very beginning, and will never deviate.

How do we know we can trust Jesus?  Because he has been tested and found faultless.  He has been with the Holy Father from the beginning.  Perfection has been the mark of his character.  Unlike “the other”, the Lord Jesus has never questioned his Father’s will, nor had pride in his glorious position.

This One who is from eternity, has lived among us in this place of testing; the place where the hearts of men are tested to see if they will love God or self. 

In obedience to his Father’s desire, Jesus took on a body of flesh.  If you read the account of the gospel you will find him tested viciously in every possible way, yet it was found to be without fault.

Pride in his glory is the instrument of condemnation for the “other” who fell.  But no one will find pride in the Holy Lord Jesus, the Christ of God.  Instead we find him full of humility and obedience.  Even though he has been with the Father from the beginning.

Unlike the adversary of God, you will never find fault in the Son of God.  The test for “the other” was his life.  The pride of his own glory destroyed him.  But the test of the Son of God was in his death.  In this he arrived at a place “the other” could never hope to attain.

We can trust the Lord Jesus because he was beaten viciously by he who cannot be trusted, yet was found faultless.  Even man was incited to add his own blows to the Holy Son of God. 

He was sent to his creation to speak of the love and righteousness of God, and to endure the ultimate testing.  But instead of being received, he was horribly abused.  Still no pride rose up in him.  He submitted to their accusations, hatred, violence and rejection.  And by this his faithfulness to the father was proven.

By His love and righteousness God has granted him all power and strength and glory and honor.  “The other” will die but Christ lives on forever.

Yes you can trust the Lord Jesus! 

God is

It is odd to me, this ruse of enticements.  That we should be placed so firmly among all that is a lie.  Let a man ponder this.

All the while, God is.

Then we are given what is true, from He who is above all these things.  Now we are condemned if we do not choose.  Let a man ponder this.

All the while, God is.

Who should know it in this place of enticements?  How should we even know to look?  We should be satisfied with greed and death.  We are, however, anything but satisfied.  Let a man ponder this.

All the while, God is.

It is odd to a man that he should consider greater things than what he has.  He has only weeping and anger, frustration and loss.  He has only toil and trouble all his days.  How is it then that he should consider something more?  Let a man ponder this.

All the while, God is.

Man says to himself, “Why am I here?  Why are my days so filled with anxiety?  I no sooner release myself from the jaws of a lion, and the snake bites my heel.  It is senseless to live.  The only pleasure I can find is what I can take.”  So he gives himself with abandon to take all he can.  Let a man ponder this.

All the while, God is.

Let a man ponder that he desires.  Let him wonder of the source.  Why not die and be done with this place?  This world and we are hopeless and void of help.  Indeed, let him consider this quandary.

All the while, God is.

God has spoken us a place to live.  There were two trees in the garden.  Take note that the tree of life was not a consideration of temptation.  It was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that caused the downfall.  And to this tree the woman was drawn.  Let a man ponder this.

All the while, God is.