Do It!

You may say in your heart, “I’m ready to start talking about Jesus every opportunity I get”.  But if you haven’t been doing it, you and I both know the reason.  You’re afraid of what people will say about you.  You’re afraid you’ll lose your job.  You’re afraid you’ll lose your friends and your social position.  You’re afraid your family will suffer. 

Now, for the sake of argument, let’s just say you and I sat down together to discuss this.  In the course of conversation, you made it clear that you think you’re ready.  You’d have to excuse me for not getting all excited.  If you were ready you’d already be doing it.

Count the cost.  Once you begin there’s no turning back.  And I know you’re aware of that.

Count the rewards.  Once you begin,  God will bless you in his work.  He will give you things to say.  He will give you specific things to do.  He will fill your heart with wondrous things, and his blessings will be a natural overflow that you won’t be able to stop.

Let’s say you lose your friends.  If they don’t love God, weren’t they lost already?

Let’s say you lose your job.  Do you really think God can’t provide what you need?  Isn’t that the very reason you say you’re a Christian in the first place?

And you see how my excitement dwindles quickly.  You know, the problem is not that people are afraid.  The problem is who and what they love the most.

Entertaining Them to Death

It would be very pleasant if this post were to reach a certain set of ears.  But I’m not stupid.  The ears that need to hear this aren’t listening.  I’m writing this post because I passed by a church put a small rodeo on its property.

There is a rather popular belief in today’s church.  It is a belief that says, “If we provide entertainment the people will at least have an opportunity to listen”.  So these churches provide all kinds of entertainment for the masses.

I could go on and on about how ridiculous this approach is.  But for the sake of bland truth, I’ll just make the following statements.

All day long, everyday, every night, everywhere without ceasing, entertainment is king of this world.  How deeply and irrevocable is the desire of the flesh to be entertained.  But the desire of the Spirit of God is to bring men to understanding in the things that are not of the flesh.  It is God’s desire to reveal the grandness of His Majesty.

We do men no favor by giving them what they want.  In fact we harm them.  What is it about the Living God that is similar to Man’s ways?  What right does man have, to throw the mud of men’s filth on the body of Christ?  Isn’t the revelation of the Living God’s Christ stupendous enough in its own right?  And isn’t that simple laziness to revert to entertainment.

I guess we have to ask the question, are we lovers of men or lovers of the Most High God’s Holy Son.  The answer is quite personal, for we will be commanded to give a personal accounting.

Fearless Proclamation

People keep telling us we have no right to judge.  In the language of this world I have responded that we have the right to make assessments.  But the Apostle Paul went much farther than that.  Read this and understand.

14 “The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned. 15 The spiritual person judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one. 16 ‘For who has understood the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?’ But we have the mind of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 2)

There is no truth to what they say, we are compelled to make judgments according to the rule of our Lord.  But even if we water it down to simple assessments, still they rage in our direction.   Do not let that stop you.  For unless they hear, they will surely die.

God has spoken his expectations.  If we perceive a man refusing to obey, we have an obligation to step forward and help him.  If he throws back in our face, “You have no right to judge me”, ponder in your heart; is it better for him to hear your words or the words of the living God on the final day of his life?

Who will rise to the things of God?  Who will willingly dawn the mantle of the Gospel and go with strength?  The only thing they throw at us are words, my brothers!  Why do we let them make us afraid?!

Lordship Salvation

I can’t afford a lengthy article, I don’t have the time nor the stamina.  But I just stumbled across the phrase “lordship salvation”.

I must be old.  I look at the possibility of a new debate and find myself too tired to care.

The gospel remains as it is.  The Holy Spirit Guides any who will humble themselves before God.  How much they are guided and to what they are guided depends on their willingness to obey.

I see the debate.  I understand the importance of the issues.  But I also see the many debates that consumed Christianity from the beginning until now.  And no number will surface as to how many souls died while the Christian Church debated among itself the proper words and terminology that should be used in following Christ.

Not a single gesture or word from me will stem the tide of confusion.  And this reality causes me a vapor of fear. 

Isn’t the more important question to do with the power of the Holy Spirit to save?  I fear many have leaned back into the power of men.  “If we don’t use just the right words, no one will ever be saved again!”  (that of course is tongue in cheek)

Maybe such arguments are from God, I can’t say for sure.  But I can know this for sure, I’m not about to involve myself in another argument over semantics.

God Himself saved me in Christ.  It will be God Himself in Christ who finishes salvation on that great day.  And since I am an old man, that day comes rather quickly for me.  And it causes me to take note that this bevy of arguments will continue long after my flesh cannot speak.

The gospel remains powerful forever.  The Spirit of God is on daunted by the confusion of men.  And regardless whether Christian’s attention is toward the lost or not, God is saving souls!

To all you wonderful scholars, forgive my apathy.

By His Grace

Construct of World Change

The world will use the Gospel of Christ as a rule of righteousness and social change.  The people of the Lord Jesus know better.

God does not save his people to be instruments of world change.  God saves his people that they may become instruments of Heaven.  The changes that are made, because of the Christian’s presence in this world, are simply a byproduct.  As we are transformed to serve the Living God in Christ, our thoughts, words, and actions necessarily influence those around us.

If you want to be a change agent in the world, for the sake of the world, then obey the constructs the world has already established.  If you want to be an ambassador of Christ to the world, you need to submit your life completely to him.

There is a distinct difference.  The world cannot see it.  But God’s people know it, very clearly.

By His Grace