Fruitless Abandon

With agony of soul, I woke up this morning.  I saw God’s desire clearly laid out; “Bring my word to the people that they may have life.”

I looked to the people and saw how they reject this call!  I saw how they turn their face from anyone who will be bold in Christ.  And the agony grew.

Oh!  How much He is willing to give!  How fearful we are to receive!  All the while, today will end like many others have; fruitless for eternity, filled with fear, perplexed at the growth of wickedness, and resigned to simply endure.

Let everyone examine.  Is this right?


Construct of World Change

The world will use the Gospel of Christ as a rule of righteousness and social change.  The people of the Lord Jesus know better.

God does not save his people to be instruments of world change.  God saves his people that they may become instruments of Heaven.  The changes that are made, because of the Christian’s presence in this world, are simply a byproduct.  As we are transformed to serve the Living God in Christ, our thoughts, words, and actions necessarily influence those around us.

If you want to be a change agent in the world, for the sake of the world, then obey the constructs the world has already established.  If you want to be an ambassador of Christ to the world, you need to submit your life completely to him.

There is a distinct difference.  The world cannot see it.  But God’s people know it, very clearly.

By His Grace

Defining Appropriate Passion

The Cobra sways so beautifully to the music of his master.  The master can even reach out and pet the Cobra’s head.  To its master, the deadly animal is tame.

But do not think you can tame the Cobra.  Do not think you can pet his head.  For you will find out something about Cobras.  They absolutely adore using their fangs.

If a creature is considered as enemy, the cobra will bite.  If the creature looks like food, the Cobra will eat.  He is simply built to be that way.

Define for me, the appropriate passion for the Glorious Lord Jesus.  In my perspective, we absolutely adore him.  At the same time, in our adoration for the Righteous One, we find ourselves abhorring sin.  We learn to hate it in our selves.  And we learn to hate it in the world.  It is an obvious enemy.

The question lays out before us as this: do we dance to the music of the world, or to the music of Christ Jesus?

By His Grace

Wobble Foot

Walking along

And reading his Bible,

The Christian bobbled

Off the path.

The rebuke was very

Soft and warm,

Not at all

A word of Wrath.

A gentle kiss

Upon his cheek.

Drawing him back

To the narrow path

Was the One whom

Good men seek.
Just a bobble,

And that’s so true,

By a well intentioned soul.

But let us strain

To watch our feet,

Lest we miss

The greater goal.

By His Grace

Love Him?

Mary Magdalene loved the Lord, because she had nothing left to lose.  The Apostle John loved the Lord, because he had everything to gain.

Why do you love the Lord Jesus?  Or do you?

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

By His Grace

The Ladder of Truth

A man saw a ladder in the distance.  Perceiving correctly that it was the ladder of truth, desire burned within him to climb.

And as he climbed, he saw that the ladder raised him above his fellow men.  So with gosto, he began to proclaim what he found. 

He saw that the people were shocked by the things he said.  So he spoke all the more boldly.  And with good intent.

In his great boldness, however, he did not pay attention to his footing.  As he neared a place of difference in the ladder, he lost his grasp and tumbled down.

The fate of the man need not be mentioned.  But the reason for his fall is most profound.

If a man tries to scale truth, while still carrying his pride,  he will not climb long.  He may survive the fall, for the Lord has promised to keep his own.  But it is strongly advised that we should shed those things that destroy.

By His Grace