What Time is it?

The group, “Chicago”  sang, “Does anybody know what time it is”, in 1969.  The world didn’t know what time it was in 1969.  I would doubt the world is any closer to figuring it out now, 45 years later.  To be honest, even Christians won’t know what time it is till the Lord returns.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t check the “errant” clock from time to time.

I call it an errant clock.  It’s not errant because it’s always wrong.  It’s errant because it is written in the language of The Most High God.  It doesn’t signify hours or minutes.  It signifies the end of this age.  The current time is expressed in “happenings” on earth. It’s errant because we perceive with the flesh, and are not privy to the activity of heaven.  It’s errant because it is written by a spiritual hand, in a spiritual manner.  If we could see it, we couldn’t perceive its meaning, form, or message.

Certain aspects of our world can help us unravel the “hour”.  The praise of wickedness, for example, can denote nearness to the end of this age.  Yep, we see that.

A subjection of Christianity to the status of non-relevant by the entire world.  Yep, that can be witnessed.

Protection for world religions; elevation of man’s interpretation of the meaning of holiness.  Yep, we can point clearly to the rise of Islam.

A means of subjection for all Peoples of the world under one leader.  Yep, technology is running ahead of that plan.

All things point to a really late hour on that spiritual clock.  Nobody has heard a chime out of it.  No one has even seen it, that they might describe it.  The clock is in the mind of God.

But look around.  Read the Bible.  Pray earnestly and see how God answers you; pay attention to what is.  There is a stress upon the world.  Like an orange being squeezed, it will “Pop” when the time is just right.