“A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.”


Faith in the Christ of the Living God.

Political, social, personal, bodily, mental, environmental, technical, it doesn’t matter what it is.  Christ Jesus is the panacea for all the ailments of Man.

From aspirin to nucular bombs, from violence to political correctness, from sewers to recycling, from the advancements of wars to the pursuit of world peace, humanity tries everything but Jesus.  Take a good look at the result of Man’s ability.  Go ahead and be ignorant (display stupidity), tell me things are better than they’ve ever been. 

Why would you say such a thing?  Is it because you can watch television?  “Big woop!”  Do you think things are better than they’ve ever been because you have a cell phone?  “Woo hoo!”  Do you really think man has cured everything evil because you get to ride around in a car?  “Wow!  Really, wow?”

Depression runs rampant among you.  Hatred and anger are the call of the day.  Blame is considered the cure for personal mental difficulties.  And unforgiveness, ungodliness, hatred, immorality, laziness, obesity, physical and mental illness of every kind, find a happy home among modern Man.  “Yeeha!”  Not to mention the pre-eminent god of Man, money.

The majority of mankind has thrown Jesus to the refuse pile.  And in doing that, they have sealed their own fate.  I can’t fix the world.  I can’t help even one person.  But unless you give your life to Jesus, in its entirety, you are destined to suffer by your own hand.

Panacea among men is a fairytale.  But look how stupidly they chase after it.  The solution is quite simple.  Trust Jesus with everything you have.  Allow him to show you how to be holy.

To solid Christians, this is obvious.  To the rest of the world, it is an abhorrent  concept.   But does anybody even ask why that’s true?  It’s true because it destroys the pride of Man.  It’s a direct attack against everything Man is.

The Word of God labels every man as a liar.  God has no respect for any man.  God says, “Humble yourself before me!  Remain in that posture, and when my wisdom says the time is right, I will lift you up”.

But people say, “NO!  You will lift me up now.  Everything in this world either does what I want it to, or I throw it away.”  And this is how they have treated the Holy Son of the Most High God.  “You will fix my troubles now, if indeed you are God.”

Ok that’s fine.  Then live among the things of squalor.  Watch your children turn to drugs and sexual immorality.  Watch the concept of marriage become so deluded that priests even marry animals to humans.  Watch the wars intensify.  Watch every sort of wickedness explode in the streets.  And you will be fully helpless to stop it.

Christ Jesus IS the panacea!  And it really doesn’t matter whether you believe these things or not.  Eternity is quite capable of moving on without you.

By His Grace

The Majestic Mystery

From Eternity, he was Faultless.

Restrained in body, just the Same.

And since death had no claim upon him,

He bid it, “Have free reign”.

Eternal Majesty, robed in flesh.

The Majesty of God, walked among us.

And as he hung up on the cross,

Majesty was willingly clothed with oblivion.

“And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit.”
The Christ of God is risen from the dead!

He is seated forever at the right hand of the Most High God!

Let all the world hear the proclamation!

To those who know:

Do not seal it up!

The Christ is God forever!

“For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.” (Hebrews 4:15)

By His Grace

In the Shelter of his Wing

I wake up before dawn and look out my window at a light dusting of snow.  Out pops a little bird, hopping about in the snowflakes.

Then I wonder, “Where have you slept little one?  Did you sleep among the reeds in the ditch?  Did you forsake the tree limb for the shelter of the reeds?

You would have not perched yourself too deeply within them.  You would have slept in a place where two hops allowed your wings to spread.  You would be no food for the predator.”

And then I wonder.  Where did I sleep?  I slept peacefully under the outstretched wing of the Most High God.  I woke to His Glorious covering.  Lacking fear, I woke only to stretch my bones, and then to pray; even as the little bird sings his song of joy.

Is this how Jesus slept in the boat while the storm raged around him?  Is this how Daniel slept with the Lions, for the weariness of their bodies?  Is this how the Apostle Peter slept so soundly in the jail amidst the soldiers?  Is this how the Prophet Elijah slept alongside the Kerith Ravine, knowing the wings of a bird would feed him in the morning?

Oh how desire rages within this servant to instill these things in my fellow man!  Will you please consider the power of God to sustain your tired soul.  His name is Christ Jesus, the Son of God and the Son of Man.

By His Grace

An Unwarranted Suppression

I do not need bars or scars to mark out the place of my imprisonment for the sake of Christ.  I am constrained by his excellent strength within the place he has set me himself.  And it becomes my great joy to serve Him in this very place of obscurity.

How greatly I desire that all my brothers and sisters should perceive their place in the same fashion.  May zeal consume us to be joyful in our place of holy affliction.  For we have not arrived among the things we own by circumstances of chance.  But it is God in Christ who draws us to this place.

It is God in Christ who will draw us to himself.  And even now the signs of his ownership dress us with glory!  See how our hearts are marked by his indelible seal.  See how Desire desires to consume us.

Do we restrain his will?  Do we restrain the desire of God among us?  This has no Holy right to exist.  But receive this word of urging.   Receive and be strengthened for his Lovely sake.  How should the Gospel of Christ Jesus be suppressed?  How should that which burns within us find any extinguishing?  These things within us, these things of Christ, are delivered to us from eternity to eternity.

It is a childish matter to be able to point out the suppressing of the Glory of God among men.  But among the people of God, it would be right if one had to search far and wide to find such a suppressing.  Yet how my heart sinks to realize, one does not have to search very hard at all.

Does this need to remain among us; this willing restraint of the Holy will of God?  You know the answer is “no”. 

This word of exhortation is complete.

By His Grace

Mount Sinai

Every man has witnessed Mount Sinai.  It stands tall enough for everyman to see.  It is a Holy place.  The peak of which burns intensly with Holy Fire.  Many are drawn to it because of its blazing glory. Do not desire to climb it!

God has called one man to stand near its peak.  He delivered to that man the things he desired to give.  If you climb it you will die.  For the LAW of God makes no room for even a shadow of wickedness.

Read what Moses has brought back.  Consider yourself carefully; can you do the entire law?  Have you done what is perfect from birth?  Can you assail Mount Sinai without failing?  If not you will die.  Everyone who lives by the law will also die by the law.  And no one of blood alone will fulfill the entire Law.

We are of wayward desire.  But the desire at the top of Mount Sinai is perfect, unblemished, without fault, eternal and Holy.  Those who attempt to climb will be destroyed along the way.  You will be chared to fine ashes before you arrive at the Holy Fire.  And the torrent of Holy Wind will blow you away.

There is One who has assailed the height.  There will not be another.  He is the Holy Son of God.  He was with God from the beginning and has known his Father’s ways forever.  Though he is a son of man, he was not so by the will of man.  He alone has performed the law of God perfectly.  And now he sits enthroned at the right hand of God forever.

Without him we are but animals.  With him we become immeasurably more.  And we remember that it is written, “If even an animal touches the mountain it must be stoned or shot with arrows.”  The rock of God’s salvation will crush him.  Or he will die for the piercing guilt he wears. 

Therefore do not attempt to climb Mount Sinai.  Rather approach the mount at its base and plead with he lives above.  He is full of mercy, but he will test every heart.  Leave what is Holy to he who is Holy forever.  Do not presume that you can grasp what is far beyond your reach.  Do not insult the Most High God.

In time, if you persist in service to him, he will grant you the holiness his wisdom dictates for you.  Revere the Lord Jesus!  Humble yourself before him in his Holy Place.   In due time he may lift you up.

Climb the mountain of humility.  Its base has roots in the grave.  Pride is of the grave.  Therefore this mount suits us perfectly.  It is sufficient for a man to climb this mountain. 

This mountain of humility is often unperceived by man.  Pride and desire cloak the eyes.  And there is no blazing glory visible at its peak.  It is not desirable to the eyes and pride of man.  It’s base begins in darkness.  And its peak is in but shadows.  Though it is not perceived by many, it remains the will of God for man.

This mountain is the Mount of Olives.  Here a man comes to prepare himself for death.  Here a man comes that he may be stripped of all that he owns.  It is here that pride is beaten, humiliated, scourged and murdered.  Here a man comes to proclaim the glory of God in Christ Jesus.  Here a man comes to say, “May your Holy you will be done.”  Here a man comes to learn that God alone is good.

Mount Sinai will kill you; soul and body.  The Mount of Olives will burn away your sinful nature, while setting fire to your soul.  It is here that faith finds blazing life.  It is here that man has no glory.  It is here that we find the will of God for all men.

May God grant wisdom to those who read, according to his excellent purpose.