To “Do”?

The day belongs to you, my God, Christ Jesus.  Then as is right to do, I present myself before you.

What shall I harvest? 
What seeds shall I plant? 
Shall I water,
Shall I weed,
Shall I plow,
Or shall I rant?

Shall I give strength to the weak?
Shall I humble the proud?
Shall I glorify the Living God out loud;

In word,
In deed,
In work,
In thought,
With all my soul attentive?

Or has my mind turned to works of man; that glory is mine on the day of presenting? 

Is not my place a special gift, as according to your wisdom you do?

To provoke,
To provide,
To prosper,
To hide,
All my ways within your Righteous blood.

This day belongs to you my God, Christ Jesus.  Do as you will with your servant, I stand as ready as you cause me to be.

By His Grace