The Lord came to his field of flowers on one beautiful spring morning.  There he saw that a thistle had grown up and was about to spread his malicious seed.  So he reached out his will and transformed the thistle to a flower.

No more malicious seeds to cast about, the thistle took note of his changed appearance.  The Lord said to him, “See how I have had mercy on you.  I had no intention to pluck you from the ground.  But I have made you as one of these, that I may have pleasure in your life”.

With his Newfound body the thistle returned his most excellent thanks.  For 3 days he worshipped the Lord who gave him the best of purpose.

On the morning of the fourth day he gathered his mind to look about him.  After his 3 days of thanks, he expected to hear “Amen” from all the flowers about him.  To his astonishment, the flowers simply swayed in the breeze.  They spent their time soaking in the richest God had provided.  But they would only, now and then, whisper a word of thanks.  But how loudly they praised one another for their beauty.

How should the thistle respond to his new-found brothers?