Fear of Fire

How can God save us from trouble if we always play it safe?

How can he prove his powerful salvation if we never confront our sins?

How can he save us from the murderous lion if we always stay in our home?

We say that God is powerful.

Do we have, have we become, a living testimony?

Fear is not from God.

But he is a consuming and Holy fire.

Look in your imagination.

Do you see the raging flames?

He has not set up the fire to test us.

The fire is what he is!

Those with faith do not stand still.

One foot in front of the other,

They walk into the fire

Allowing it to burn away that which is not God.

Fear and timidity belongs to the flesh.

Boldness, sobriety of mind, fearless trust, and every other good thing, is of God.

Choose to die for the sake of Christ or live in fear all your life.

Choose the latter and that is what you will be on the great and terrifying day.

An Example?

How many people are there who are wishing they could find someone with bold faith?   Inside them is a Christian just wanting to break out.  But all they’ve seen around them is timidity.  They know they should be publicly bold with their faith in Christ.  But, like it or not, they’re waiting for an example. 

A small spark in a dry field will catch the entire acreage into a blaze.  How dry does our society need to be before we notice imminent catastrophe?

Socially Acceptable Murder

So many think it is admirable to wield a good argument.  Just as many more think it is wise to shut your mouth and offer no good advice.  What they are saying by these things boils down to this: “Either kill them or let them die”.

What’s that mean to you?

Thankful Children

10,000,000 people are told the Gospel, only a thousand believe and receive eternal life.  Perhaps thousands more understood it.  But only a handful have believed with all their heart.

The message of God goes out freely and like a flood.  Many souls are washed by the message, but so few love their new cleanliness.  In the Gospel we read that there were ten who were cleansed of leprosy.  But only one returned to give thanks.

It is so simple a child can do it, and frankly folks, that’s exactly what it takes.  The mind of an adult only wants more; he has been spoiled by pride and greed.  But the heart of a child is elated at the smallest token of love.

Let me ask the Christians, “Where is the proof of your thanks?”  I am not insinuating that you are thankless.  I’m simply asking where the proof of your thankfulness lays.

Perception, that’s what it is.  That’s what steals the bold testimony of Christians to the world.  “God promises me eternal life, but if I tell this to others they will hate me.”   Is the promise of God so ineffective?  Is the promise of eternal life really such a trivial matter?

With all the strength my mind can muster, I cannot understand why Christians are ashamed to share the Gospel.  I surmise that the answer must be found in the perception of God’s promise.  “Thank you Lord for giving me eternal life.  Please excuse me now while I go join the world in its celebration of futility.”

I sat here this morning for nearly an hour, frustrated that I could not reach more people with the message of God.  That’s all that consumes me!  It’s no pat on my back, the blessing of God is that great!

And I am only speaking of the reality of eternal life.  I have not yet begun to speak of the beautiful things he has rescued me from.  And I’ve made no mention at all so far, about the billions who never heard the testimony from a Christian.

Nine of the lepers simply disappeared into society.  But one came back with a full expression of shameless thankfulness.  Did the nine ever speak again of their former shame, and how God had released them?  Who knows, there is no written record of their testimony.  But I think the story might have ended differently, if all ten had returned with shameless thanks.

But of the one who returned, we can surmise, he could not shut his mouth.  Where is the Christian who cannot conceal the Gospel of Christ?  Where is the one who is not ashamed of the love that God has given him?  It’s easy enough to find 10000 who have decided to keep it to themselves.  All the while, the world spirals out of control.

By His Grace

What Day is This?

Timidity and fear, what do they have to do with the people of God in Christ?  Boldness and peace, confidence and love, now these are the targets to which Christians should shoot their life.

Why are we timid?  Isn’t it because the voice of wickedness is so loud? 

Why do we fear?  Isn’t it because we fail to believe?

How does a Christian become bold?  Isn’t it because he trains his ear to deafen at the roar of the world, entertaining no sound but the beautiful whisper of God in his soul.

If a man will learn these things he will have peace, confidence and love.  He will become bold for Christ.

The more wicked the day, the more opportunity.  What day then is this, that Christians should cower in a corner?

By His Grace

From Fear to Boldness

I just read the post of a person who is nearly beside themselves because they can’t testify regarding Christ.  Limited circumstances are driving them to desperation.

What an amazing disparity between the timid who will not speak, and those who are consumed with the fire to speak.

In myself I found the following to be true.  As I sat in fear, no strength was given to testify.  But the moment my trembling legs took my mouth to a certain place, strength came.  Boldness is given to those who let their faith loose.  Those who bottle it up will be given nothing but sustenance.

What’s this mean to you?  How can I know?  I know what it means to me, and to those tiny ones of Christ who rise to gargantuan proportion.

By His Grace