What Word?

Oh!  People of the world; those who despise the Rule of the Holy One.  What do you have to show for all your toil?

Your people melt in the streets from the demands you place upon them.  They rot in their flesh and soul, for the strength of your demands.  What do you have to show for all the chaos of your toil?

Isn’t the Word that can heal among you?  Isn’t the power of Salvation from God extended?

Why will you not take it?  Why will you not ask?  Why will you live like abandoned children?

Why will you honor the unholy gaggle that you yourselves have glorified?  Why will you not humble yourselves in prayer?

Why is the Holy Scripture left untouched, day after day?  Why do you not speak to one another about pure things?  Why are lies vastly more abundant than God’s commands?

See how you falter and fail.  See how you lack the strength to continue.  Yet you continue; as if this continuing is righteously demanded of every one of you.

The leaders of the people die.  They thirst and will not drink.  They hunger, yet waste away like those who fast to death.

The children are not fed, for the parents have no food.  Filth is the delicacy on the table at night.  Precious and good food is kept far from the front door to every house.

What more can be said to a people who desire death and abhor life?  Do you want a sweet word from the Living God’s Holy Son?  How shall He who tells the truth speak a lie?  You have what is true to say.



From Trauma to Glory

Birth is no easy experience.  Neither is death to be desired.  Yet once birth has happened, death is inevitable.  In between the two is an innumerable number of choices to be made.  But for what purpose?

Pain calls our name.  Toil and heartache know where we sleep.  Adding to the difficulty of life, the expenses of pleasure call from every corner. 

There is nothing profitable about pleasure.  Everytime we take a break from toil and heartache, we lose something valuable; money, reputation, preparation, and resources.  Yet we justify it by saying, “I just need a little rest.  Then I’ll be stronger”. 

But no sooner do we get back to our toil and heartache and the entire pleasure becomes a forgotten matter.  All we have left is memories, pictures, souvenirs, and wasted time.  Yes, even the pursuit of pleasure is toil in itself.

You might be thinking I’m just a stick in the mud.  But you know that what I’m saying is true.  From front to back, and everywhere in between, life is full of difficulty. 

People do everything they can to remove the rough edges of life.  But even as they rub them smooth, the smoothing quickly breaks loose and sharp edges reappear.

This world has a singular design for humanity.  It is designed to teach God’s people to endure through faith.  The wicked heart will strive to find pleasure here.  But God’s righteous elect will keep their eyes firmly fixed on his Holy promise.

The wicked will have their tumultuous pleasure.  But the people of God will find pleasure in pleasing the Living God’s Christ. 

Christianity recognizes that this place was sufficient to test the Holy Son of God.   And here is where I mention that he is a very example God’s elect must follow.

Did the Lord shrink back from righteousness?  Not once.  Did he seek to use his body for pleasure?  Again, not once.  He did nothing but what his Heavenly Father told him to do. 

Did he take a vacation?  Did he chase after money?  Did he lie or cheat or steal?  He did not seal up his mouth, for fear of Man.  He did not cease to pray.  And if he had any knowledge in this world, it was the entirety of what is called the Old Testament.

There is our example

Consider the outcome of his life.  He is now firmly fixed as first in all creation.  Now allow yourself to ponder the outcome of mimicking his life.

Who is man, that God should send His Holy Son as a sacrifice for our sins?  What is it the righteous elect are to inherit?  How can any pleasure in this world compare to what God has in store for those who love him?

Psalm 82:6.  While you’re at it, consider the outcome of satan’s choice.  Ponder the meaning of the differences between Christ Jesus and the one condemned to destruction.

By His Grace

The Dispassionate Objective of Death

I watch men live.  What am I seeing as I watch us?  I see men prosper in the way of man.

They work to gather food, shelter, prosperity of social standing, and some semblance of “worth”.  They create some form of religion for themselves, individually and corporate.  But do I see them prosper against death?  No.  I see death approach them regardless their toil.

Death has no regard for the diligent work they have done.  Death, not only has no respect for the things of man’s toil, it has no ability to recognize anything but demise.

Rust does not make any apology to metal as it reduces it back to the place from which it was taken.  And the flakes of dust rust causes, fall back to the earth without the slightest acknowledgment of metal’s history or accomplishment.  As it is with rust, so it is with death.  As it is with wickedness, so it is with the best “righteousness” of man’s intent.

Do you think you have become something because you have learned to prosper in the ways of man?  Frankly, you have no more right to consider your prosperity as “something”, any more than death recognizes any righteousness within you.

If you want to be something, appeal to the Holy One, Jesus The Christ of the Living God.  Only in Him will you find any lasting profit.  For He alone has hold of the two keys; the key of Life, and the key of Death.  Only in Jesus will you find direction to do and desire eternally good things.  Without Him, you can’t even read the Bible with any effective impact toward righteousness.

He has spoken a singular truth among us: “Without me you can do nothing”.  The longer I live, and the longer I witness the “doings” of man, the more vibrant the truth of that saying becomes.

Seek Him and learn what fullness of that saying you can.  Only then will you begin to do more than simply provide sustenance until death comes to claim what is rightfully his.  The fullness of what I am saying cannot be understood without His presence.