German Shephrd with Muzzle

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We put a muzzle on a dog because we don’t want it to bite anyone.  But no one muzzles an attack dog while that dog is suppose to protect his property.  The dog is loosed within the confines of the owner’s property able to do all it can to defend its charge.

The world is busy fitting a muzzle on the message of God.  They’ve been trying to construct the thing out of materials and resources which present themselves to man’s hand and imagination.  And, this trying has been going on since the fall of Adam.  They have not succeeded.  This is to their shame; a personal disgrace which man alone is responsible.   Frankly, you should feel horrible when you look in the mirror and consider that you are no closer to crushing God’s people than you were 6,000 years ago.  Tisk Tisk (shaking my finger with a scowl)!  Shame on you.  Look how you let yourself down!  Look how futile your arms are to accomplish the desires of your brothers!  Sloth!

Their failure is due to one simple fact.  The Gospel is not within reach of the hand or imagination of man.  This is why, when after doing damage to God’s people in one place, it crops up in another.  The “Dog” of God is still on the loose.  And the world is confined in a place reserved for attack.  God protects what is His own.  And no man will ever touch it, that he should it damage. 

One more item of consideration.  For now the attack of God is muzzled.  But there is a day coming in which the muzzle comes off.  Something to ponder.

By His Grace.