Riding the wind

How amazing it is!  How delicately horrific!  Finding peace in a hurricane; joy in a tornado.

Who can find the strength to plow when the very ground beneath your feet is ripped to oblivion?   And what shelter in what cave will you find when the very rocks themselves are thrown about?

If by chance you seek a friend, his face becomes filled with terror as he sees your life.  Isolation, faith and trust these are what remain.

The Lord himself has encased you in testing.  Yet you will stand even if death consumes you.  He made you.  He bought you.  He promised you.  He loves you.  And by the torrent of testing the proof is upon you.

All praise to God the Father through Jesus, His Christ!  He alone is true.  He alone is good.  He alone can be trusted.  He is the living God.

By His Grace


My heart is concerned.  The warnings have been coming that something bad is developing for America.  I fear the storm is here.

A tornado doesn’t “just appear” from nowhere.  There is a lead up to it’s presence.  The wind, clouds, rain, and pressure increases.  Then you hear the tornado approach.  So it is with the troubles of this generation.

The forecasters have been speaking loudly of a trouble coming, such as has never been.  And most people pay no heed.  But as surely as when the tornado appears and there is no remedy, so it is with the appearing of trouble.  No man will withstand what is coming.  And even those who embrace the Lord’s protection and Holy guidance will quake with the sight of it. 

Open my heart, O’ Lord of Life.  Open my eyes and ears to perceive what is coming upon man.  Let me live aware of Your judgments.  And prepare me for what is surely coming.  I see the clouds gather in dark formation.  I hear the thunder of lies roll through mankind.  I see the trust given to flimsy materialism, and false religion.  And few take warning.  Hide me in Your powerful hand and be my shield. 

By His Grace.