​Wisdom of “The Pace”

Fills the hearts of most who race.
Measuring their stride:

With wisdom, most preside,
Over all of life’s demands;

With sobriety command,
The weary and the grand

Requirements of the Race. 
For me it is not so.

I dearly wish it were, 

For what I do is sprinting, resting,

Through the marathon of life.
The finish line.

Where are you now?
That lovely place,

Where my soul will bow.
Please break from your tethers.

Come meet me in the “Now”.
Arise and cease this music;

An errant putrid song,
That seems to be the only noise

Of my strings against the thongs.
Oh, how I strive to limit burden!

Only adding to the weight.
To offer sweetness as desert,

But filling up their plate!
The marks of feet upon the ground

Belong to errant soles, I found.
Old dust, I rose, come cover me.

Oh, “Finish Line” sublime!

The Engine of Peace

I look at what Man has accomplished.  How he has established law, regulation, procedure, and expectations, to force love upon the people for one another.  What I see is that punishment is the motivator.  Look with truth and you will see it also.

If you do what is evil the law will come and take from you.  If you contribute according to the law of the land you will reap what they say is great benefit.

I see how they encourage one another to do good works.  But again, the motivator is gain or severe loss.

Every day, every man wakes knowing that if he does not do what is expected he will lose horribly.  This is not the gospel of Christ.  It is the so-called good news of Man.

This good news of Man is dependent on the resources available.  There’s only so much money in the world.  There’s only so much food.  Politics restrains the gain for all.  And the vast majority find themselves suffering loss as the sun goes down on each day.  Even the so-called winners are exhausted from their efforts.  And there’s no need to itemize the broken families the come from the so-called good news.

In this good news of Man greed must be honed to a fine edge.  Look at the advent of training and implements that has been made available to help.  In all these things, the motivation for adherence comes from outside the man.

You know what’s funny?  With all this trust toward the ability of Man to create peace, the world is no better off. 

What does God say?  “14 . . . if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  (2 chronicles 7)   This Promise of God does not present itself as a manipulation.  It’s the offer of free and complete help.

Take note of how God strips the strength of greed.  In its place he only requires humility.

This is no empty promise.  But who will take up the mantle and respond?

Will the Godly Stand Up?

A little boy was murdered by his mother.  She beat him  for hours until he died.

And so the talk around the coffee table will begin.  I’m going to put my 2 cents here.

Many will say I have my head in the wrong place.  Many will say I have my mind is in a useless place among Man.  “So Heavenly minded that he is no earthly good”.

Define the word GOOD.

Remember these two indelible items:

“Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Response to tragedy:

Does the ground care that it soaks up the blood of so many?  Do the walls and rocks care that they witness such great violence?  When the deed is done, silence rules as king.  What is left to do?

Mop up the blood.
Incarcerate the perpetrator.
Sentence from Justice. 

What sentence of Man can mop up the regret of a life lived in violence?  What punitive action drives away the sorrow of having been an animal?  We throw them in jail.  We offer some meager counseling.  But nothing cleans the heart.

If they are released, have we done them any favors?  If they are put to death for their crimes, have we release them from guilt?

God Alone can clean the conscience.  I stand as one to testify that this is so.  Yes we live as prisoners because of the things we have done.  And isn’t Justice required for every man’s life?  (“As you sow, so shall you reap.”)  But the freedom to love comes from a Love that gives freedom.

Whoever has been forgiven much, loves much.  “But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.”  

I’m not asking us to disband prisons.  I’m asking us to have mercy.  If you can’t hug the murders, the least you can do is appeal to the One who can.  What kind of people do we say we are? 

Is this too hard for us?  Of course it is!  But it is a simple matter for the Christ we say lives in us.

A question for us all:  who stands to gain more, the violent ones or the righteous?

Let us make proper assessments.  But let us be restrained from taking God’s rightful place of judgement.  “Do” the Gospel.

(Is the Gospel of Christ only reserved for those who do what is good?)


The Birth of Rebellion

The law of God has set forth life.  The list and its sayings toward application are not far removed from Man.  But who has the constitution to seek them out?

A child is born, and there is great rejoicing.  But I fail to find the strength to rejoice with them.  For in the essence of my soul I do not see the baby.  I see the man they will force him to become.

By the time he is two, the child has already been taught and onslaught of lies.  His questions are answered by those who do not understand or seek.  Innocence is shattered by the weapons of lies.  The house in which he is raised is not purged of sharp and deadly instruments.

What a horrible creature they mark me as; that I should be so callus as to be sad at the birth of a baby.

What then do I see as I look at the volume of Man?  I see the bloody hands that rip at Jesus.  I see the shouting horde that despised the beauty of God.  I see rebellion raised as king, while the King is raised toward death.  And the lovely law of God is cast aside.

Yet I will love them all, for He has loved even me.  I will testify to the beauty of eternal perfection, though my finger has nowhere to point, that I should show them concrete evidence. 

By faith I will believe and love them.  I will adore them as if they are Jerusalem, the blessing of God among the filth of Man. 

With great and excellent praise for the Living God, my Lord Jesus entered Jerusalem.  Knowing what would happen, he let his heart be filled with joy to accomplish the will of His Holy Father.  And didn’t the people join him in praise?  Yet so soon following, they would demand his demise.

They had meant it for evil, that they may be rid of the Holy Testimony.  But God had determined it for good; that eternal joy and life should be offered through the very one they so willing ripped apart.

I will love the wicked with the love of God.  I will gesture to His lovely laws.  I will let this sorrow remain and will not join them.  For the bodies of women continually produce more who will rebell.

Let there be joy and innocence.  But may we strive to retain it!  I look!  I strive to see!  I study the fabric of Man!  But where is truth beside the cradle?  Instead of a blazing lamp, they leave a gilded book of lies for the child to peruse.

Yes I will love them even as my Lord loved Jerusalem. 

“34 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.   35 Look, your house is left to you desolate.”  (Luke 13)

By His Grace


Let it be known, especially to my own flesh, I don’t want peace.  Everyone is speaking “Peace, Peace”!  Haven’t I learned, yes I have, that where the people gather to celebrate, an abhorrent sound of unholy desire is heard.

I want war.  I want to be embroiled in the war against wickedness within me.  I want to bring the smell of battle to every person I meet.  I want to enter the Holy War which stood active and vibrant when the Holy Son of God walked among us.

I don’t want to forget the demons that plague this unholy world’s unholy people.  I don’t want to turn my eyes from the tragedy of neglect, brought on by a useless people.  I don’t want to miss a whisper of hatred the world seethes toward the Living God’s Holy Son.

Let all this propel me into the place He desires.  Let the Holy Wisdom of God set me ablaze with understanding, according to His Holy Will and purpose.  Let the hatred of this place besiege me.  Let this excellence in desire cover me; let it not be a momentary lapse, as if a restraint.  But let me fall into the slice between heaven and earth that is called “ascending”.


Cut to the Heart

Ah, the drunken bravado;

Drunk, and pride darkened mind.

Filled with strength,

And overflowing!

Either bolstered by

Drink, or his pride.

He spits in the face of fear.

And all his friends greatly cheer.

“I am not afraid of death or hell.

For all my friends are there!”
Will you come apart,

And reason with me?

Will you put down

Your weapons of pride?

What you have spoken

Need not be recalled.

But let us speak of

The nature of dying.

What is sin?

Have you thought of the din,

That reaches the ears of God?

You perceive yourself slighted,

Freedom taken away.

I propose that,

That’s really quite odd.

Were you there in the place,

Where his loving embrace

Was so full of Life,

Tender and sweet?

Do you know what it’s like

When your best of intent

Is so callously

Thrown at your feet?

Have you purposed great good,

Then perceived that what should

Be received with great joy,

Is rejected?

Your love sent them best,

With great hopes of sweet rest.

Still, they spit in your face,


“Bravado, bravado,

Bravado!”  They yell.

As if there is something to gain.

But dear friend, when you die,

When death closes your eyes,

In death you forever remain.

The one who is chiefly injured,

Is not the freedom of man.

My friend.

The one who is cut to the heart,

Is the glorious Son of Man.

By His Grace