They say, “yes”.  

“We live in a land of shadows.  Reality and forever is beyond our comprehension.”  

They say “yes”.

“Eternal reality has come to walk among us.  He brought the incomprehensible to live in our language.”

They say, “I’m not sure”.

When the Lord promised to bring beauty to the ugly.  Though true light was brought to us we prefer to live in shadows.  

They say, “I don’t know”.

When they wonder, “Does this apply to me”.

It applies to everyone. How are you not included? And if we have been included, how can we possibly remain silent and timid?

Is it wicked for a man to eat a marvelous meal in the comfort of his home while the beggars crouch around his steps?


Right Now.  

While the darkness is on the other side of the world, the Holy Lord is busily changing lives while men sleep.  He did it here last night. Were you aware?  Hundreds, if not thousands, woke up with a change in their heart.  
We either stand with him or we stand apart from him.  Any day that falls upon you, you could make the choice to join him.  Speak well of the Holy Lord’s Holy and Righteous Son or speak no words at all.  Be useful or be useless. Doesn’t the choice belong to you?

Heart Transplant

Plead all you want to a heart of stone,

There’s no way it’ll ever love you.  

Offer up the finer things,

Greed hates them 

When they’ve lost the “new”.  


What’s needed here resides outside;

Strategic war, 

A genocide.  

Lift out the stone.  

And in its place,

A heart of flesh from God replace.  

It’s easy for a heart of stone

To love those things it calls its own.  

But love like God’s is foreign ground.  

To the heart whose beat makes not a sound.

From Peace to Murder

​The rest stop was full.  But I’d driven as far as I could for the day.  I have to stop somewhere.  So I parked on the shoulder of the off-ramp.
I was exhausted.  A little bit of winding down, and sleep came pretty easily.  The noise of the traffic going by hardly reached my ears.  But now I’m awake, the sun is coming up, and the noise gets louder and louder.  It’s hard to believe that tires on asphalt can be so loud.
I know there’s a measurement called decibel.  But I don’t know how to quantify that.  If I hear an explosion I know that it’s a lot of decibels.  If I hear a whisper, indeed if I could hear a whisper, I’d know it was very few decibels.
I sit here thinking about my family and all the people who rush about everyday.  I wonder if there is a decibel measurement for anxiety.  I’m thinking about the anxiety called desire, or greed.  While the world sleeps, there’s a few who make those anxious noises.  But on the whole, it’s barely more than a whisper in this world.  If greed wasn’t quieted down during the night no one would sleep.
Then I wonder something useful.  Does man even know what peace is?  Only Adam and Eve knew peace.  Apparently that didn’t last very long  Days, months, years, decades, who knows?  I don’t know for sure, perhaps it lasted more than a hundred years.  But once peace was gone, it is as though it never existed among us at all.  And the proof of it’s leaving lay in the ground with their son Abel.  And the proof of their realization ran down their cheeks as tears.  Peace was forever gone, replaced by something new – horror.
Greed’s particular name that the time was Cain.  But his mindset goes about in this world today under the use of a billion different names.  Now, all we know is murder and chaos.  But you could easily refer to all of us as Cain.
Cain committed the first murder; The taking of life from his brother.  But I have committed murder.  Haven’t I taken away hope from hundreds of people?  In that sense, haven’t we all committed murder? 
In those days I was not peace and I did not know peace.  But ignorance is no excuse is it?  Once a life is shattered, how can any words of Man (or excuses) fill the void?  Whatever hope of peace and trust there was I ripped away with a rock called greed.  I guess we could say there’s a murder of death as well as the murder of life.  The latter, by the way, is legal in this place.
But let’s get back to the theme here .
Peace is an individual.  He withdrew from this place because of sin.  But he is peace.  He is not disturbed by the death of Abel.  And he is not disturbed by this wasting disease called sin.  And he is not disturbed by the volume of noise greed makes in this wicked place.  He is not disturbed by what we do.  In the blink of an eye he will shut it all down.  But he is very concerned to come and give us peace.  He is very concerned about teaching us how to stop murdering life.
We may get some quiet time from here and there.  But do we know He who is Peace?  I asked that because even while I sit among all this increasing noise,  my soul is not disquieted.  My body perceives the chaos.  But my soul is in his hands.  Where does your soul find itself today?  Do you know Peace?  


​If someone will inherit the things of God in Christ,  why wouldn’t he or she be extremely passionate about the coming promise?  Even if that person’s faith is extremely small, you would think there is an unquenchable joy and yearning for the things of God’s promise.
But if that person truly believes what God has said about his people, how could they possibly resist sharing the joy?
Maybe they don’t understand what God has said.  Maybe they don’t know what God has said.  Both of those can be rectified by reading the New Testament.
But why would anyone who believes these things choose to live like the world lives?!  How could such a joy be pushed down to silence?  How could such a person have so much fun in the ridiculous and useless trivia of this world?  You would think their longing for the place God promises is so intense that none of the things here give them any joy it all.
I’m trying to help everyone see.  And I just don’t understand why they don’t.  I don’t want to infer yucky thoughts toward people.  But I’ll admit I’m running out of excuses.



The Lord came to his field of flowers on one beautiful spring morning.  There he saw that a thistle had grown up and was about to spread his malicious seed.  So he reached out his will and transformed the thistle to a flower.

No more malicious seeds to cast about, the thistle took note of his changed appearance.  The Lord said to him, “See how I have had mercy on you.  I had no intention to pluck you from the ground.  But I have made you as one of these, that I may have pleasure in your life”.

With his Newfound body the thistle returned his most excellent thanks.  For 3 days he worshipped the Lord who gave him the best of purpose.

On the morning of the fourth day he gathered his mind to look about him.  After his 3 days of thanks, he expected to hear “Amen” from all the flowers about him.  To his astonishment, the flowers simply swayed in the breeze.  They spent their time soaking in the richest God had provided.  But they would only, now and then, whisper a word of thanks.  But how loudly they praised one another for their beauty.

How should the thistle respond to his new-found brothers?