Less Trav. . .

There are two paths in life. One is narrow, and requires The stealth of heaven to navigate. Very few walk there on, for godly agility eludes them.  

But consider the other path. It is broad enough that a man may carry the immense lies of the imagination. Those who take this path have numerous gods of their own. Confusion is their king and worthless folly their riches.  

The light yoke of the Living God’s Holy Son is too little for them; to wear his will, his mercy, his love and his grace, is to walk about naked in their estimation. As is written, “the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing”. They would rather be clothed with palpable trivia than truth.  

Beyond question every path has a destination. The way we take determines the house we will enter. It is written by the law of God that this will be so. His law is immutable. And it is blazing the apparent in the nature of things around us, as God has created it to be.  

Due to the pride of man and the free will commanded by the gospel of Christ, I can do no more than write these words. It is no feather in my cap if some listen. It is no joy of mine if most don’t.  

Our Personal Altar

I wrote this in 2012.  By his Grace, my wanderings have brought me back to the spectacular.   May The souls of my brothers find cool water here.

Picture borrowed from http://www.westhighlandbaptistchurch.com/
Jesus, my God and King.  I stop here to lay a white stone on the top of my altar of life.  As a child I started this altar with little balls of mud I rolled in my hands as I encountered the truth of Your Holy ways.  Each little ball  represented a firm truth that was only perceived, not yet learned to live out in my ways.  But each one gave you Glory for Your perfect teachings.

Next came the smooth little pebbles I found on the edge of the River of Life which you took me to go see from time to time.  You let me drink from the edge as was wise according to Your endless wisdom.  Then you drove me back to where You found me to have advanced.  In this You watched to see what I would do with what You had given.

Then You drove me to the edges of that vast desert of life among men.  Walking out a half day’s journey, I received what you offered to prove my heart.  Dryness, loneliness, stark reality appeared before me as a living image of the relationships between man and man, and God and man.  Jagged rocks began to be placed on this altar of Glory to You.

You gave me strength I did have.  You gave the strength of Sampson from time to time.  And I placed immense boulders on the altar as You brought me to them in “The Way”.  You did not let me go around them.  Rather You bid me pick them up and stack them for Your Glory.  Amazement and worship filled me as each bolder of trouble was removed and placed on this Holy testimony to Your eternal love.

And now I reach in my pocket and pull out a smooth white stone.  With loving fingers I place it atop the great and growing pile of worship to You.  Through prayer I let it go to see where it will rest.  Little noises come to my ears as it finds its way to rest amid this pile of testimony.  And I watch it disappear into the pile.  As it became Yours, it now is hidden from sight.  Only You know where it now lay.  And all the more is Your Glory.  For You will testify that it has been laid within the altar which can never be torn down.

Glory is Yours!  For You see what we cannot.  Even the understanding You give us finds its place in our heart.  We perceive where You placed it.  Yet, even as we perceive it the understanding disappears into the man You are causing us to become.  Only You know where it lay.  And on the day You cause us to appear before You, You will expose each response to what You have done.  All Glory is Yours.  And this will be so forever.

These words are Yours.  They come from a servant You have blessed with life.  I testify to man.  But You see the testimony that even Your servant cannot perceive.  Thus all Glory is Yours Forever; and that to the Glory of Your Father who Lives in unapproachable light!  You, Jesus, Son of the Most High God, are worthy of every possible good word.  May all who call on Your Holy Name do so with a trembling soul.  For You are given Immense Beauty from the God of all things.  You are worthy!  And Your worth is stamped with the approval of the Father of Life.  Amen!


Wooden roadways in Montana

Wooden roadways in Montana (Photo credit: N Vision Photos)

I was walking into town one day, in Troy Montana.  As I came into a straight street, I saw a man walking toward me.  He looked dirty.  His beard was long.  His clothes were rag-tag.  And his hair was long.

I crossed over to the other side of the street, as if I would cross the rail yard.  But before the terrain would let me cross the yard, he and I passed by each other.

I was busy trying not to be there.  I didn’t want to talk to him.  All I wanted to do was what I had come to town to do.  But he had no respect for my fear.

“Don’t be afraid of what you don’t understand”, he said to me.  I just looked at him and nodded.  Going on my way as fast as subtle feet of panic could take me.

Are you afraid of what you don’t understand?  Do you fear what the Lord has graciously given me to write?   Do you think that behind these words there lurks a monster of a man?  Or are you irritated that I just refuse to disappear?  I may not be as hideous as you think.  And the words I am given to write may just taste pretty good after all.

By His Grace.