Phillipians 2:13

English: I took photo with Canon camera in RMN...

English: I took photo with Canon camera in RMNP, CO. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two deer passed by on the lawn this morning.  I watched them quietly to see what they would do with the garden.  The “mom” stopped at the peach tree to nibble a few leaves.   Both of them sniffed at the tomato plants.  But nothing was disturbed.  Ok then.  No fence for the garden this year.

Later I heard some splashing in the creek behind the tree line.  And it came to me how this experience is like that of men.  We are considered as trees.  The water is the true life within us.  And we often hear noises from the things which play in the water.  We can’t see what makes the noise, though we listen with all our might.  We know there is life behind what we can perceive by the sounds men make.

What a beautiful revelation to the heart to remember that it is God who works in us to will and to act according to His good purposes.  It is not up to man to create the will of God among us.  It is He who comes to us unseen and unperceived.  The result is an enjoyment of good things born of the Spirit of God in this corrupt world.

May God grant understanding to all who read this post.


Fox from above

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I saw the fox this morning.  The one the neighbors would desire to just go away.  He’s got an appetite for cats.

He sat against the tree line.  Still and listening with those great ears, he patiently waited to find some prey.  He turned his head my direction as I had made the slight sound of a shuffled sock on the deck.  Then he turned silently and walked like air back into the woods.

Later I watched a cat walk along that same stretch of woods.  It looked ahead, left, right, behind.  And eventually walked like air into the woods.  “Bad choice”, I whispered.

Was it really a bad choice?  Did the cat realize what had sat just a few feet away an hour ago?  And, given the situation, did the cat really have a choice?

We do what we do according to what we know.  And once we make a choice it’s done.  Did we really have a choice?  We consider everything we know to do.  Yet, how often do we find our choices were wrong.  Did we give every option its proper due?  Surely we heard the whisper of God’s directing.  Did we recognize the Lord’s word?


By His Grace.