What If It’s True?

I was speaking with a man who is beginning to “see” the Gospel.  The subject of how grand the visible universe is came up.  I said to him, “Who are we if all that is was made, was made specifically for humanity?”  He balked at this for a moment, for he remembered the teachings about life forms on other planets (that teaching from the pit of hell).  But then he said, “We would be a very special group of people”.   Joy filled my heart to hear him admit the truth.

I don’t know if he grasped the fullness of that summation.  But what if there are no other creatures in all the universe like us?  What if the entire universe was created for us alone?

But let me state what is absolute and true, there are no other creatures on any other planet in the entire universe like us.  We are the sole purpose of God’s Glorious and Holy Will in all this vast universe.  (Note the lack of apology)

What does that mean?  And how do I KNOW this is true?

It means that we are intended to become a holy people, dressed in purity, righteousness, mercy, justice and eternal understanding.  That is the intent of God for every man, woman and child.  Regardless what background you may have, you are intended to serve the Living God with faithfulness.

How do I know this is true?  Because the Gospel of Christ Jesus is TRUE.  God has sent his one and only Son, He who has been with the Father of Life from the “Beginning”.  Jesus taught us this truth in every thing he did and said.  He was murdered for our sake, and by our own hands.  But God has raised Him from the dead and seated Him eternally in Glorious Majesty.  And this was done in THIS PLACE!

According to what I have written, let everyone consider what this means.  May everyone believe the Gospel of Christ.  May everyone become the majesty of God’s intention among Man’s place in eternity.  May all men stand in awe at the revelation of Truth that God has shed His blood to attain.



I would scream, but to what effect?  I would paint pictures, were I an artist, but who would appraise the paintings correctly?   So I paint with words, but who understands?

All the things men do in this world are not real!  The language we use is impure.  The facade of clothing is nothing more than that.  All the pride of life comes to ruin and destruction.  It is not man who is real.  It is God and His heavenly kingdom who is real!

The lights that destroy the darkness of night are not real.  The competition between men for prizes that rot, they are not real!  The chasing after money and fame and acceptance are not real!  All these things belong to the great lie! 

But who understands?  If I tell this to my loved ones, they laugh at me.  If I tell this to my friends, they turn their face as if I am hideous to look at.  If I tell this to strangers, they threaten to call the police.

Why do men embrace the lie before they will even consider the truth?  God alone is real!

He and his kingdom are from ages past, not years!  And how long is an age?  The answer begins when someone can quantify the age of the universe.  God has been for multiple of these. 

How is it then that the pride of man thinks he is so great?  Why does he injure his brother with a variety of attack, and all for the sake of a lie?

I ask myself, “When will men believe”?  The answer comes as a stone cold heart: “NEVER!”

By His Grace