The Beginning of the Last Days

Keep them all guessing. Feed the imagination with lies. See how they call it entertainment. Fantasy supersedes reality.

Keep them busy with “nothing“, whilst they ignore the truth of God.

Let them believe in aliens and watch men challenge restraints while they throw away the only truth there is.

Let them ignore the only truth there is. For they have chosen the way of death.

Let them believe in good works. Let them believe that man has the ultimate command upon himself, “save the world“. With that they pay no attention to the grace of God.

Is there a price to pay? It’s already being extracted. And there is no gain left for them to receive.

Penniless for Eternity

What is mankind like?

He is like a tiny town nestled in the valley of the mountains.  

He plants a vineyard and a crop is yielded.  

He wakes, come the day of the harvest, and excitedly runs to reap his crop.  

He gives no thanks or honor to God. His busy fingers rape the vine, making sure not to leave even a 10th on the ground.  

He and his friends praise one another for the good work they have done. They think they have accomplished the meaning of their life.  

Greatly pleased with their reward, they repeat these things over and over until they lay in the grave.  

When their soul is wakened to give account, even then they are surprised.  

Ever harvesting but never gaining. Ever diligent but the poorest of all creatures.  

Is Repetition Valuable

In our personal religion (that is to say, out response to what we know of God) there is an element of repetition. This repetition is necessary, by virtue of our state of affairs. But do we have room to receive something vastly beyond our petty repetition?  

By the use of the word petty, I don’t mean that we are being childish (or even foolish and useless) in our repetition.  

What I mean is that the way we perceive things is always shrouded by chaos and death. We may be doing well with what we have; those things we really understand correctly. But I’m convinced there’s something greatly more, and I’m convinced that it’s right to be so convinced.  

I guess the question is this, “Is our religion designed so that we can be heard in Heaven? Or is it designed to hear what comes from the God who is absolutely life?” If our religion doesn’t give birth to the second, can it really be valuable?

The Road

The materials we use to build a road are worthless, and we consider them worthless. Except for the expense of labor and machinery, there is no value in asphalt. It’s just a mixture of tar and rock.  

But come with me in your mind. Look at the streets of heaven. God is the living God. And in his kingdom there is no worthlessness. Everything is of him. Even his streets.  I surmise that everything in heaven is living.  And that there is no such thing as worthlessness.  

What do we know about such a place as this? We travel all the roads without a single thought to the surface we are riding on. We throw trash out the window not the slightest concerned that we are making the road filthy. And every inch we travel is forgotten before we get to it.  

Let me make a leap in thought. If this is the condition of difference between our world and the kingdom of heaven, what do we know about God’s righteousness? If we can’t even conceive the nature of God’s streets, how can we hope to understand the nature of his glorious sacrifice?

Like our roads, we know about Jesus. But isn’t it true that before we experience one moment of his glory, it is forgotten in the chaos of the day?

If we try to think on these things to deeply our brain just gives up. The best we can do is give him the best place of honor in everything that we are.  

I’m not going to go into the contrast between how the world treats Jesus and how we should treat Jesus. But I sense how radically astounding the difference is.  

“Fill Er Up”

​There was a man who was in the habit of filling the tank on his car with just enough gasoline to get where he wanted to go.  He was careful to calculate.  And for years he was successful.

Then the day came, that inevitable day.  He waited for an hour in Sub-Zero temperatures while the road was cleared so he could proceed.  He ended up 9 miles from his next refueling.  He froze to death as his car laying in the ditch alongside an empty road.

He had a good idea as long as things stayed stable.  But it would be impossible to call his habits wise.  What, inside his pee size brain, told him this world was stable enough to act like that?

God calls every single human being to honor his Holy Son and become a servant of Eternal truth and life.  I don’t say this to judge but it is a proper question.  How many people fill their soul with just enough God to get through the day with some form of prosperity?

There is coming a day for every person, and likely more than one, where their personal religion will not suffice.  God is life.  How much Life do you carry with you?

Evidence of Belonging

How should we spend our days?  Doesn’t it depend on whose you intend to be.

Let’s make a choice with finality.  Either Christianity is a mere religion, or it is the power of God to transform.  Either the words of God are benign “good sayings”, or they are filled with Holy Fire.  The life we lead proves the choice we’ve made.

Heaven rages with eternal love toward Man.  Blazing with holy duty, all of Heaven is busy in the preparing of the sons of God.  Construction of the age to come includes the preparation of those who will inhabit it.

Those who join in this holy frenzy will enter beyond this place with little change in their character.  Having a allowed God to create within them, they are fast becoming a welcome addition to the throne of Christ Jesus.

Such people have no room for trivia.  Such people do not hide in the shadows.  Though they are compelled to use the things of this world, they do not rise every morning to satiate the desires of the flesh.  Like sunflowers, they seek the will of the Living God to grow within them; always tracing the Son across every day’s sky. 

On rising they call out to His Holy name in Jesus.  Without thought, the eyes of their soul look to him in every decision they make.  They will be welcome, for the work of God within them provides what is required.

Give thought to this.  Eternity is now.  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for He who is Righteous, for they shall be filled!