Value. Such an underestimated foe. Such an underestimated friend.

Value is perceived from where we are. But memory and hope are unique perspectives of their own. They are shadows and sunshine to an otherwise grey and obscure life.

If we are only people of the present then we are pitiful indeed. And if as a “present” people, we are locked in the things that were, we are more than pitiful. Then we live as if we are mortally struck with horror that tomorrow will be like all the rest of our days have been. Thus many live their lives void of any hope.

But time is not complete without what will be. What will you be is the driving source of life. It is hope. We cannot be complete without hope. The greater the hope the more vibrant the life.

Without Christ we can only hope that we will somehow survive each day. But with his promise we are infinitely more and set free to live.

In a variety of ways God has said this, “In my son, what I have been is yours, what I am is yours, what will yet be is yours”.

The enemy wants to lock you in hopelessness. He tears at your mind, heart, body and soul by distracting you with futility. “Lock them in uselessness, lest they look up and be released.”

Look up. Fix your whole being on the promises of God. Let yourself be consumed with Christ Jesus. Be released.


Christian Superstitions

Countless people were crucified in the days of the Romans. The people of that day understood the meaning of a cross.  

The cross without the living Christ is no different than a shadow.  

The symbol itself has no power at all except to generate fear, superstition, and death.  

It is the living Christ who provides life. Yes, the intangible and invisible glory of God. Do not think that evil has respect for any object on earth.  

P. S. The same can be said of Mary, the apostles, and the Saints.  

What is the shape of your God?

The Definition of Beauty

It is not my clothing that makes me beautiful. It is not the most exquisite possession that makes me important. It is not the agility of my flesh or mind, nor formidable power of my heroic will. 

It is that the will of God works in me to accomplish the will of God. This makes me eternally valuable and pristinely beautiful. Such beauty is not open for debate.  

It is so with everyone of his people whom he himself has called.  

Jesus is first. Jesus IS. Jesus forever will be: the beauty of God, the majesty of God, the preeminence of God, and Life.  

Value what you will, nothing on earth or in the imagination of man, can compare to the Glory of the Living God’s Holy Son; The Lord of HIS glory – both in this place and forever sealed in HIS temple.   


The Value of One

What is the value of one man?

With clamoring, Man elevates all his unholy “strength”.

One man can corrupt millions.

And so, ungodliness prospers like violent weeds.

But what is the value of one servant of Christ?

I consider Stephen, the celebrated first martyr in Christ.

He was not one of the 12.

There is no miracle attached to his witness.

Yet see how God used him with excellent power of revelation.

In the midst of worthless power, Stephen testified with revealed Glory.

What is the value of one man of God?

How the kingdom of lies was shaken and stirred to violence,

When God moved within the soul of that one man.


Let us not consider that a mass of men must rise in order that the Gospel might become a prominent power among men.  But let us remember the Promise of God.  “For thus the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel, has said, ‘In repentance and rest you will be saved, In quietness and trust is your strength.'” (Isaiah 30: 15)  Does the Holy Fire of God seek a place of venting among men?  As lava seeks the place of release, does the Holy Will of God seek a man to “do”?  And what shall be said when the Will of God finds that soul who “will”?

With confidence, the man of God lives out his days.  He knows the Living God’s Holy Son.  He is not restrained by terror.  He speaks with authority, for from Authority he is taught.  He joyfully does the Living Will of the Living God.  With a whisper he quiets the clamor of Man.  With the Holy Wisdom of God, he dispels the lies in which men trust so violently.

What is the value of one man?  What is the power of that man’s prayer?  How brilliant does that one shine before the Holy Throne of the Living God?  How willing is God to teach he who is willing to hear?  How sharp is the eye of the one who desires to see?  How powerfully is God willing to act when He finds one man willing to be used?

“For to the one who has, more will be given, and he will have an abundance.”  (Matthew 13: 12)

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  (Matthew 10: 10)

What is the value of ONE MAN?