Belong Together?

If the substance of God was only the opinions of man, perhaps even the sum of them, 

. . . The world would be exactly as we find it.  

Every man pursuing the best of his own mind;

Mindless of the minds around him.  


from murder to war 

from jealousy to revenge

from specialized inclusion to utter distain

from dutiful servitude to despicable rebellion.  


If the substance of God was only the opinions of man, wouldn’t we see exactly what we do?

Scatter the people so that they cannot construct together. Destroy solidarity.  

The nature of what we worship matters intensely. 

Define Christianity.  



With agreement of purpose they came to the place chosen by the Most High God. “Here The Confrontation will begin.”

So it began; Jesus said to them, “Whom do you seek”. They were compelled to state their purpose: “Jesus of Nazareth”.

Do you want to see the power of God? Look at what the demon filled people did at the Lord’s response: “I Am He”, Jesus said. At that the mob drew back and fell to the ground.  

Demon filled?  Do not forget, when Judas left the dinner he left under the command of satan who was in him.  The ruler of the kingdom of air against the ruler of all eternity.  Yes, the minion was present in that garden.    

The people themselves were unsure of why they had come, they were simply following a nondescript order, “Bring in Jesus of Nazareth”. But the demons in them knew they had come for a singular purpose. They had come to murder the Word of God.  

When they fell away from God at first, they murdered the Word within them. Now they come as if to complete their wickedness.  They came to complete their challenge to the Majesty of the Living God.  

It has been said that the people drew back for fear of the destruction that would surely come to one who blasphemes the Holy Name of God.  But I know I can say with confidence; their appearance in that place at that time was most conspicuous.  

A physical manifestation of reality.  A fight to the death.  The drawing back shows the dawning of sobriety, the realization of why they had come.  It was the beginning of culmination for the desire of God’s enemy. “Force the Son of God to recant his position.”  God willing met them in that place!

In the passage, we are not looking at religious men gone crazy with a lust for blood. We are looking at the beginning of the greatest possible conflict in all eternity.  

Christ is LORD!

The Existence of Death

The title seems like an oxymoron.  But everything on earth has a beginning and an end.  

That statement alone is something to ponder for three weeks.  But let’s take a look at this:

Something strikes me that’s worth thinking about. I don’t exactly know how to prove it by the Bible. But I think there’s enough general knowledge to give this some support.  

From the very beginning God created animals on this planet that had to consume other life in order to survive. I don’t believe that kind of activity could be found in heaven. But then I just don’t know.  

Evidently death was already on this planet before Adam was created. At least a certain kind of death was already here. A plant would grow, produce fruit, and have it be consumed by some other creature. At the very least existence, then nonexistence, was already here.  

Ponder that a few minutes. I would love to know what you think.  

A certain point is very interesting to me: Eve had some understanding of nonexistence before she ate the forbidden fruit. That’s how satan could make a play on God’s words, and expect Eve to understand.

The Fabric of War

​A man sits pleasantly 

In his overstuffed chair.  

Happily he stares out the window,

At the peaceful world out there.
I see it too.

Like all the rest of you.

But I also see something more.

I see the fabric of War.
The tapestry of nature;

Love, Hope, Faith, sure.

But I see through to the other side,

Those things to which those three are blind.
Engaged against a cunning foe,

Who employs the joyful and much more.

He sits and lurks among the leaves,

Watching, waiting, peace to deceive.
Be at peace old man and be there till,

Your Sun goes down and your body lay still.

You’ve escaped the blood you’ve escaped the Valor,

But what will you say when your skin is clay pallor?
White hot seduction screams contentiously by;

Tracers cutting air, in a bloodthirsty line.

Till one of them strikes through my vulnerable thigh.

Then angry, YES, am I!
Who is to blame?

It’s not you, it’s not me.

It’s the fabric of War!

Why, old man,

Can’t you see?
The time of repose is not in this life.

This is the place of blood, death and strife.

I’d rather be wounded, approved and endure;

Living strong in “The Faith of HE who is Sure
But do rest and enjoy the picture you see,

Whether stillness of beauty, or the warring disease.

Do not let your soul be caught shaken my friends.

But fight, oh do fight, to the promised strong End!

Snooze Equals Lose

Think Eternity:

War is nothing more than legalized murder.  That is irrefutable.  But define murder.

Murder by starvation takes a long time.  But with the intent to see it through, it is murder from the beginning.  In its essence, murder is the removal of true freedom.  And isn’t that the nature of this entire world?

This may seem a little bit of a leap in linear thought, but the withholding of the Gospel from those who desperately need it; isn’t that murder on a degree unprecedented?  The Gospel offers eternal life and true freedom.  Again, define murder.

Perhaps that’s a little harsh.  Kind of like the rude alarm clock on Monday morning.  Get in the habit of hitting snooze and you may well lose your job.

Water and Fire

Who can explain with words, those things that come from the Living God’s Holy and Righteous Son Jesus?  Yet haven’t we been given that “perfection” of words among us to testify?  And isn’t the testimony also given, more accurately in our doings?  Thus is the language of Heavenly Things among us and forever.

Water and Fire combine to provide Life.  They are deadly alone.  But with the Holy Wisdom of God, He has prepared a place where they become one.

How can that be explained by the words of man?  How can the mind of man understand these things without God’s revelation to his soul?

He has spoken the Words of Life to Man.  But the doing of those words requires that Man should enter the Fire of war against the flesh.  Water and Fire.  Who can explain it without the “Doing”?