Astounding Warfare

Man goes to war with tools of death, that he may bring a “ceasing” to his enemy.  

God goes to war against the “deceased”, that he may bring them to life.  

Man’s enemy says to him, “We will not die today. It will be you who’s eyes will close!”

God says to his enemy (the dead), “Ask of me and I will open your eyes”.  

Curiously, how many say “NO!”, choosing instead to remain in death.  

What in odd battlefield the Holy One inhabits.  


For Today

Oh, Israel.  You who are called to bear His Holy name.  You are he who wrestles with God.  You wrestle against the things that wrestle against your Lord.  And inside you are those things that wrestle against Him.  You blessed ones who wake to engage in the holy war of life and death, of suffering and great peace, and of the dispute between truth and lies.

May the blessings of the Living God fall on you today.  May his desire to create a people separate to himself become your singular and most important desire.  May your hands be restrained to destroy the work that he is doing within you.  And may your day provide the great bounty that is due His Holy name.

Let our souls resound in unison.   May we give consent to He who lives forever.  May we be willing to become his great desire, which he sealed in Holy Blood for His Holy name’s sake.

Let us go to him.  Let us willingly fill up in His body the suffering that caused his Glory before the Holy Father.  Let our doings proclaim Him worthy to be King.

His name is Jesus.  He is greater forever than the sum of Man’s Imagination.  He is Glory, Honor, Righteousness, Peace, Joy, Mercy, Justice, and the immeasurably  great Grace of the Living God.  Honor His Holy name.