The Now.

A man doesn’t look at his watch to see what time it was.  His watch can only tell him what time it is.  It doesn’t tell him what time it’s going to be.  It tells him what time it is.  You can’t lay hold of the past.  And you can’t lay hold of the future.

Regret reminds him of what time it was.  Perhaps we regret that we cannot have the good times we had.  Or we may regret that we have destroyed joy, for ourselves or others.

What is regret but a knowledge of what is right.  A knowledge of appropriate restraint.  Truth restrains us in “the now”.  You’re not going back my friend.  And as you reach the future you bring the old man with you.  What you did back then, you are doing now. You need a change of heart, not a change of time.

We may look at the past desiring some pleasant time.  Or we may look at the past, regretting abject folly.  But we can only do this looking from “the now”.  The man who lives in Nostalgia does not know what time it is.  Regrettably, this is to his constant loss.

Nostalgia will always be beyond our grasp.  But regret can happily thrive in our house.  All the while, truth says something imperative.  “I am here.  Come live with me.  I am here to offer you life.”

It is impossible to fix a misdeed.  The best we can possibly do is offer reparation.  And the cost of repair is vastly more than a man’s resources will ever afford.  You can’t undo anything, whether good or bad!

Man thinks that by paying for his horrible mistakes, he becomes a righteous man.  Perhaps he thinks if he regrets his past enough, there is some reparation made.  As if suffering  produces anything of value.  But no action on our part undoes the death we have born.

Christ Jesus is in the now.  No matter what clock you look at, there is the Lord holding out his hand to help stop the engine of regret.  Will you reach out and take his help?


One thing I will say about regret, it is a useful tool.  It teaches humility.  And in an odd way, it gives validity to the warnings we offer to those who are as blind as we. 


The man who climbs out of an open cesspool is happy to warn those who are walking toward disrepair.  Blinded by the darkness of their mind, they stagger toward loss.  And isn’t such a man rather frantic as he tries to help his brother?

Their response doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter if they hate him.  It doesn’t matter if they give him some superficial glory.  He knows from experience they are about to encounter regret.  He busies himself to remind his brother of the now.

Christ is in the now.   And he alone is The Living pure truth.  Listen to him.  His wisdom and strength are ever-present.

As the blind are walking toward the pit.  As they are falling into it.  As the shock of their disrepair dawns on their dull minds.  As they thrash about to release themselves from their present aberration.  As their hands lay hold of solid ground.  As they pull themselves out, covered with stench.  And as they sit perplexed on the edge of the pit, wondering what to do next, or how they could possibly have been so stupid.

Christ is in the now.

Christ is in the now.

He is not just a historical figure.  He is the now.

If you have freed yourself from a certain pit, I promise you, without Christ there’s another one waiting just in front of you.

Answer to yourself, what time is it?


The usefulness of this post depends entirely on the reaction of those who read it.

Blazing Beauty

Peace is found when a man understands that the warnings of God are lovely.  Chaos, turmoil, double-mindedness, and the like, abound in the peaceful conversations of men.

The conversations Man loves are rarely acceptable before the Holy Throne of the Most High God.  Godly conversations among ungodly men, are as rare  as a humming bird who loves to fly upside down.

Do not bless where God has not blessed.  Do not welcome what God has driven from his throne.  Rather be a blazing light to a people who live in utter darkness. 

Speak the truth in “The Holy Love”.  Draw a boundary between what is godly and what is not.  Do not be like those from whom you are being taken.  Rather become like He who draws you out.

Fearless Proclamation

People keep telling us we have no right to judge.  In the language of this world I have responded that we have the right to make assessments.  But the Apostle Paul went much farther than that.  Read this and understand.

14 “The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned. 15 The spiritual person judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one. 16 ‘For who has understood the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?’ But we have the mind of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 2)

There is no truth to what they say, we are compelled to make judgments according to the rule of our Lord.  But even if we water it down to simple assessments, still they rage in our direction.   Do not let that stop you.  For unless they hear, they will surely die.

God has spoken his expectations.  If we perceive a man refusing to obey, we have an obligation to step forward and help him.  If he throws back in our face, “You have no right to judge me”, ponder in your heart; is it better for him to hear your words or the words of the living God on the final day of his life?

Who will rise to the things of God?  Who will willingly dawn the mantle of the Gospel and go with strength?  The only thing they throw at us are words, my brothers!  Why do we let them make us afraid?!

Damaging Judgments of Memory

There was a fountain in the town square that used to be connected to an underground stream laced with sulfur.  When the fountain had been built the water was clean.  But over time a pocket of sulfur was released by the flow.

The people in the village knew to avoid the water in the fountain, and it’s no surprise they considered it a filthy thing.  It was obvious this was not a place of nourishment.

But for some unexplained reason, one day the water in the fountain ran clean.  For years the people in the village avoided the fountain, not caring that the water was pure.  They couldn’t forget what the fountain used to contain.

Instead of enjoying their newfound convenience, they would walk nearly a quarter mile to the fresh flowing spring outside the village to get their water.  By habit and a memory of insult, they refused to drink the water of the fountain.

Do we judge the value of a man by what he used to be?  Or are we diligent enough to take a look at what he has become?

By His Grace


A car with a bad engine is unworthy of your money, unless you have the means to fix it.  And if your car behaves poorly, you begin to search for ways to repair it or to get another one.

If a road is closed because there is no bridge, only the true idiot continues undeterred.  The tiniest  modicum of wisdom forces people to find another route.

You can read the signs your car gives you, you can read the signs on the road.  How is it that so many do not read the signs of warning in their dilapidated soul?

The philosopher Plato said, “The unexamined life is not worth living”.  Isn’t it true, the one who ignores signs of warning encourages a bad day.

Your life is broken.  If you don’t know that, you haven’t examined it very closely.  Even according to the man Plato, your life then is not worth living.  What’s your response to all this?

If a mechanic pulls up to a stop sign next to you and tells you he is willing to fix your falling car for free, wouldn’t he get your interest?  Well I’ve pulled up next to you in the body of this message.  I know the one who can fix your broken life.  His name is Jesus.

By His Grace

Two Callings

Unholy wickedness runs through the streets day and night.  With an ungodly smile he spouts the words of fleshly pleasures. 

Traipsing about with his darkened hoard, he entices the weak to the grave.  Oh, the vast number of those who follow him! 

“Come and be proud!  United we will stand forever.  Bring all your desires to me and I will fulfill them.”

The appetite of hell is not satiated.  It has never heard of fasting.  And it does not care that its food has been basted by manure.   Drool runs down his beard for the souls of ungodly men.

Come and be consumed; all you people who love the call of the unholy one.  Come and feed the mouth of hell.  Past the last soul of Man, the belly of Hell will still have room.

He who is ungodly promises you freedom.  And as surely as you take it, it is taken from you.  His intent is true, you will surely be fuel for the flames.

Misery loves company.  Who is more miserable than the one from whom Glory has been stripped.  He will have great company in his horror on that Day.  So the Living God has promised, so his promise is busily coming true.

Let the wise hear these words.  Let fear strike their soul with understanding.  The Christ of God is compassion, but there is no compassion in the death of the wicked.

It is not the desire of God that any man should join this “one of misery”.  But billions are already there.  And there are billions more yet to join them.

The good news of God goes out, who hears it’s call?  He has raised up his Holy strength in the person of Jesus his Christ. 

Unholy desire has murdered the Son of God.  But the grave could not contain him.  The Living God has raised his Christ to be first among all creation!  And by the Holy Oath of the Living God, the Christ will never cease to be first!  No one who comes to him will be turned away.

Salvation belongs to God and to his Holy Lamb.  Yet who will bend their knees with earnest heart?  Who will enter into pleading with a continuous desire for Life?

Listen to the call of Wisdom; that beautiful call of compassion which speaks the perfect Holy Word. 

Who will choose to live and not die?  Let him fall to his knees in prayer.  Let him cover his ears in an inner room.  Let him not strive to listen to the unholy call of pleasure.  Let the ears of his soul listen intently for the beautiful sound of Holy Life.

Let he who desires to live, open his heart to the Living God’s call. 

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11)

Let the thirsty come and drink.  Let the hungry come and be well fed.  Let those who are naked come and be clothed with eternal robes of white.  Let the sorrowful be filled with joy.  Let Holy Love conquer fear and hatred.  Let the wicked come and be made righteous.

Those who desire what are not the things of God, let their unholy belly be full.  Let them be fattened and healthy for the appetite of hell. 

But the humble soul will escape.  He will understand and turned his face to the Living God’s Christ.  Those who belong to Christ will never die.  Though their flesh is stripped from their soul, they will enter his Holy Kingdom with great and unceasing joy.

May the will of the Living God be done forever.  He is faultless and true in all his Holy judgments and mercies. 

By His Grace