River of Life

Find yourself a comfortable place beside a flowing stream. Listen to the myriad of sounds the water makes. Now let your mind marvel that a singular component of water can sing such a song of variety.   

Water is silent until it encounters and obstacle. The sound you hear is the water speaking of its encounter.  
Sit quietly in your chair and listen to the sound of the Holy Spirit. He is a river of truth. Just like the stream, he makes sounds when he encounters creation. Answer for yourself, what causes the greatest noises from the Holy Spirit?

Never Give Up

The ingenuity of Man is astounding.      

If he wants something bad enough, he’ll find a way to make it happen.  

Look at every creature, see how it struggles to survive. Catch a fish, watch it thrash about trying to get back to the water. Even the most evil man wants to live.  

And when someone stumbles on the Gospel. Like the fish, they want the water of life. They will do everything they can to get into that life-giving environment. What happens if they can’t? Do they just lay there and die?

Some people do. They try to live on the floor of the boat. That’s simply not gonna turn out well.  

But look at the fish. He will thrash about until he can’t thrash anymore. Anyone would say of the fish, “he wanted to live”. Shouldn’t we take a lesson from all of this?

On the day we stand before God, will he say of us, “This one wanted to live”.   

Regardless your ability, Christ is the living water. Never give up.

Water and Fire

Who can explain with words, those things that come from the Living God’s Holy and Righteous Son Jesus?  Yet haven’t we been given that “perfection” of words among us to testify?  And isn’t the testimony also given, more accurately in our doings?  Thus is the language of Heavenly Things among us and forever.

Water and Fire combine to provide Life.  They are deadly alone.  But with the Holy Wisdom of God, He has prepared a place where they become one.

How can that be explained by the words of man?  How can the mind of man understand these things without God’s revelation to his soul?

He has spoken the Words of Life to Man.  But the doing of those words requires that Man should enter the Fire of war against the flesh.  Water and Fire.  Who can explain it without the “Doing”?

To “Do”?

The day belongs to you, my God, Christ Jesus.  Then as is right to do, I present myself before you.

What shall I harvest? 
What seeds shall I plant? 
Shall I water,
Shall I weed,
Shall I plow,
Or shall I rant?

Shall I give strength to the weak?
Shall I humble the proud?
Shall I glorify the Living God out loud;

In word,
In deed,
In work,
In thought,
With all my soul attentive?

Or has my mind turned to works of man; that glory is mine on the day of presenting? 

Is not my place a special gift, as according to your wisdom you do?

To provoke,
To provide,
To prosper,
To hide,
All my ways within your Righteous blood.

This day belongs to you my God, Christ Jesus.  Do as you will with your servant, I stand as ready as you cause me to be.

By His Grace

The Immeasurable Difference

I tried to write of the difference between man and the Majesty of God.  A pile of waded up thoughts fill the trash can of my mind.  And what is provided below, lacks sufficient power to explain.

I found it very easy to point to the limited nature of man.  But when it came to writing what God has shown me in regard to His Holiness,  I found myself unable.

Even the tiny things of Christ, that I can perceive, are unstable in my mind.  Man is not permitted, by the very nature of our being, to speak of the Glory of God.

Water does not know what it’s like to be dirt, which restrains it.  And it is pressed about by the air, that it may retain its place. 

And the dirt, from which we are cast, knows nothing of the nature of water or air, yet it is subject to erosion by both.  As quickly as it is exposed, demise greets it.

Air does not know what it is like to be water or dirt.  Yet it can suspend both, and is subject to their enforced places of limit. 

And what shall be said of the nature of fire?  It is as if a being of its own.  Intensity is the only restriction it knows among the three.

How great is the Majesty of He who has done these things?  How utterly unlike us is the Holy One and his Christ?

How much devotion and praise is due to His Holy name?  For He has created us for the purpose of salvation.  And this by His own Holy Blood.  

How pathetic is man?  Not only is he unable to understand the nature of God, but his rebellion compounds the difference.  For he refuses to even give HIM consideration.

Man is caught up in his own things.  Man spends his days consumed with worshipping what he can make with what God has provided.  But what will the state of their affairs be (those who refuse his loving counsel), when the Holy One rises to reveal Himself?

By His Grace

The Wasting

The man who sits and does nothing will surely waste away.  Exercise and learning are necessary parts of our body and mind.  All kinds of diseases and ineptitude come because the man does nothing with his body or mind.

As it is with the body, so it is with the soul.  The soul that is not fed on truth, will surely waste away.  But to whatever extent the soul is fed truth there is a strength that comes.  To whatever extent we listen to the living God in Christ Jesus we become stronger.

A level of righteousness does appear.  A level of ability to restrain sin does appear.  A level of vibrant prayer does appear.  And faith blossoms, if it is continually watered by the Holy Word of God.

Feed the body on wasteful living and it will become useless.  Feed the soul on wasteful lies, and it will become useless.

These are the rules of life that cannot be broken without consequence.

By His Grace