Astounding Warfare

Man goes to war with tools of death, that he may bring a “ceasing” to his enemy.  

God goes to war against the “deceased”, that he may bring them to life.  

Man’s enemy says to him, “We will not die today. It will be you who’s eyes will close!”

God says to his enemy (the dead), “Ask of me and I will open your eyes”.  

Curiously, how many say “NO!”, choosing instead to remain in death.  

What in odd battlefield the Holy One inhabits.  


Secured Weapon

How horrible to wake one day and see what I have done!

How beautiful to see new life, so firm in me begun!

How many souls had withered away while I was having “fun”.

How precious is the knowledge that again they won’t be done;

Those empty acts of selfish pride, shot out as if a gun.

Holstered now because of He who is the Holy One.

By His Grace